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Another week, another Thursday.  Last week was Thanksgiving so I skipped posting a Thinking Out Loud post…I didn’t stop thinking though…ha (That was such an embarrassing joke…forget that I said it).

Anyways speaking of Holidays, this will be my first Holidays working in retail.  It’s certainly a difference experience.  I actually don’t mind at all and it makes the day go by quickly when you have dozens of people at the store.

On the blogging front, as the Holiday’s come closer I’ll be the first to admit several companies have reached out for promotion on LOLZ blog. 

Does this mean I’ve made it in the blogging world?  No, probably not but the Holiday season brings lots of businesses to advertise and have more of a budget.  Working in retail I can see that first hand.   I don’t even know what “making it” in the blogging world means.  Is it making it a full time job, becoming twitter and Instagram famous?

blogging meme

While I’m still a member of the Sears Holiday blogger team, I have been approached by a couple of other companies I genuinely have liked beforehand.  I’ve also turned a few companies down that don’t mesh well with my personal believes.  (I won’t be promoting anything I haven’t t tried before or wouldn’t buy myself).

Since I could not make money (this month) without blog readers, I am going to stay completely honest with you!  And as most of you know I don’t rely on blogging for money.  I also work at a local running store.  Blogging will never be my full time job for three reasons.

  1. My spelling and grammar are both awful. It’s important to know your weaknesses and those are mine.  I would need to hire an intern or an editor.  My writing is exactly like my personal voice (in real life).  I write like I talk versus in a professional manner.  (Think if a chicken got it’s head cut off and is running around crazed…that’s how my brain operates sometimes).
  2. I am boring 75% of my life

blogging meme 1

3. I can’t sit still for more than an hour so typing hundreds of posts is not my interest. I would not be able to have a job staring at a computer screen all day.

Kudos to those who use their blogs as full time work but I love my running store job and wouldn’t give it up.  I think I’m doing awesome because I might make 200 dollars from blogging this month.  That’s 200 coffees!

Speaking of Holidays, I haven’t really even started my Christmas Shopping yet.  Sorry family.  I’m waiting for 200 dollars so I can buy you things.  Kidding of course…I do feel like family is the hardest to buy for.

This weekend we are going out to get Holiday lights to decorate.  I’m pretty excited for that.

One thing I’m trying to do on the media front is grow my facebook page.  It seems like facebook pages are their own separate communities.  A lot of people have facebook pages but not blogs, etc.  I normally post daily memes that share my sense of humor, blog posts links (mine or someone elses)…so if you want that to spam your minified (or if you want to link it and then unfollow posts) that would be awesome.

I guess this kind of turned into me thinking out loud with blogging.  I’ve always been completely honest with myself, readers and lurkers.  To me it’s seems silly not to be honest, if you are making money from blogging it wouldn’t happen without readers.  They should be the first to know!  I’ve debated doing a monthly post about it but we will see.  I always enjoy reading about “big blogs” and how they turned it into a full time job (mostly because I’m nosy into people’s lives…).

On that note I’m off to work. 

Questions for you:

Have you worked in retail before?

What is one random thought you have today?


30 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Mostly Holiday Blogging”

  1. I love that you stay honest and keep it real. With your Sears partnership you made it very apparant vs bloggers that act like they simply adore a company and then throw it in at the very last minute.

    1. Thank you Angie and your support means a lot. I would like to think (and hope) someone would call me out if I wasn’t being honest (and it has happened before when I’ve made mistakes!)

      It seems silly not to be honest with readers about making money via blogging (since it’s a lot harder to do that without readers!)

    2. Angie’s words are EXACTLY what I was thinking – you were promoting a company, but you weren’t a shill … it was all pure LOLZ. And if someone from another company was reading your blog, and saw the comments, they would note that your readers engaged the exact same way when you did your Sears stuff. Regardless of your grammar issues 😉 I think that makes you a good choice. Seriously, many blogs that have awful, pandering sponsored posts lose engagement or even get hostile comments! Or they are like the ‘mommy bloggers’ who get visitors only for coupons and giveaways … so good job!

  2. I like your writing style and feel it’s very readable and has a great conversational tone. For what you want from your blog I think you’re doing really well. The whole idea of sponsored posts sort of freaks me out, but if I love a company it totally makes sense. Appreciate the honesty 🙂

  3. Oh – and I worked my way through high school and college (vacations) in retail at a now defunct chain called Bradlees. So yeah, I totally get the ‘retail holiday world’, and it impacts me as a shopper today.

  4. Hollie–I’m sticking around no matter what direction you take it. And there’s no shame in making a few bucks from your blog–sorry to any who think there is. Stay true to your voice; that’s what blogging is about.

    I have worked retail and it was not a good fit for me!

  5. I am worried about promotion and things like that on my blog because I never want to “pimp” myself just to make money. My blog is me, as imperfect as it is. I know i will rub people the wrong way, and in a sense, I am happy to do so–let’s have a dialogue. But I never want to be a lesser version of myself.
    I haven’t been paid to work retail, but I have been in retail positions as a volunteer at events. I was a server at several restaurants–that is my claim to fame.

  6. Don’t ever change your writing style…when I read one of your posts (or heck even your tweets) I feel like we’re sitting down for coffee and talking. Your personality shines through.

    I’ve worked in retail several times through the holidays, and again this year. I think working at a running store is my favorite so far though – people aren’t going crazy and runners are happy people.

  7. I’ve told you this before, your blog is honest and the writing is raw. I would rather read that any day then the filtered “big” bloggers. More power to you for having companies reach out to you. Your a rare mix of speed & talented writing…. no shame in working that, as long as it’s not a daily thing and your entire side boards become bill boards 🙂

  8. I have had some weird companies reach out to me. One the other day was for special wipes you use after exercise so you don’t have to shower right away. No thanks. I really wish some coffee company would reach out to me because I’d love that, or pop tarts because that’s my pre-race food of choice and if pop tarts had a running team I would totally be on it.

    I did wear and review the pro compression socks though… but I love those socks. They’re great post-run and they keep my feet and legs warm which is good bc I’m always freezing :).

    I worked retailed throughout high school and part of college in a grocery store. I know it’s not the same as working in a specialty run store because it’s a totally different clientele. Our grocery store was not in a very nice neighborhood so most people I encountered were the working poor or people who were on government assistance. Still, they were some of the nicest people and I have some crazy memories of working there, it really showed me how much getting an education truly matters and to be thankful for what I have.

    1. I’ve heard of those and honestly I know they work for some people. I break out super easily so I know they wouldn’t work for me.

      I think people are often more frantic around the Holidays so I’m sure it spilled over into the Grocery store too!

  9. I had a peanut butter company approach me once asking if I’d like to write a paid review on my blog 😆 That would have been the day. But I do think that the realm of sponsored posts and reviews is a tricky one to manage. Making money from blogging is great, but not if it comes at the cost of losing the relationship that you have with your readers. That’s why I always appreciate your honesty and openness 🙂

    1. Ha, you are allergic to peanut butter right? That is crazy! I’ve seen it all too…although I’ve never had a cycling company contact me…that would be weird.

  10. I think if your blog doesn’t sound like you than you’re doing something wrong 😉 Grammar and spellings are part and parcel of who you and it makes you likeable and relatable – because we ALL make those mistakes! Keep doing what you’re doing – you have a great blog. I think it becomes very obvious when a blog gets too big for its boots and has too many adverts. Readers always notice. They’re not stupid! Personally I’ll do review posts of stuff I think my readers would be interested in (and me as well!) otherwise I just wouldn’t do it.

  11. I’ve worked in retail many times through the holidays, in HS and college and also in 2010. I love it! It’s so much fun to be at the mall when everything is decorated and Christmas music is playing. My husband, however, thinks I’m crazy and did not enjoy his time in retail. 🙂 Make the most of it!

  12. I agree that you have to be authentic on your blog otherwise, what’s the point? Stay true to yourself and the money will come 🙂 I think I would love working in a running specialty store!! I worked in retail in high school and I loved it. Not sure I could handle the holiday craziness though!

  13. I’m currently working in retail- it’s the best job I’ve ever had (working at a running store, wanted to be like you). I would never ever go back to teaching.

    Random thought of the day: every time I drive by Dunkin Donuts I think about donuts for at least 30 seconds (sometimes longer). Also I’m usually good with spelling but I refuse to fully type out the correct spelling for donut.

  14. I worked in retail and totally hated it. It sucked. Bad. But I worked at Aeropostale and Charlotte Russe, so a running store is probably 100x better! I’d love $200 from blogging! But I don’t want to dedicate time to typing out posts. I’m not actually GOOD at anything to blog about. Even my traveling is only temporary! I also don’t really want my blog on my Facebook or instagram cause I don’t want everybody I know reading it. So, I’m just going to keep doing it fo free, which is totally fine!

  15. I think you have the right idea- accept promotions from companies you like, but turn down the ones that don’t fit with your brand. That’s what I’ve tried to do, since some companies just don’t really make any sense for me to blog about, you know? But hey, blogs are a lot of work so I think sponsored posts are awesome!

  16. One random thought I had today was at the basketball game I just was at. Some of the girl’s calves were so muscular they could probably kick down a wall…other girls calves were basically non-existent but they could jump really high and were fast. It boggles my mind that people can have no legs but be great at explosive movements and others can have the biggest looking legs but nothing behind them. Just another reminded that you cannot tell the strength of a person based on their size/shape

  17. Never change hun. I love reading YOU and YOUR voice daily, so if that means you aren’t a big blogger, I hope you never become one…if that makes sense? Haha and oh yes…retail is quite interesting during the holidays. We had a treat of a customer on Sunday morning who incensed everyone (Lori and I since we were the ones actually there to interact with her and everyone else when they heard what she did), but overall we’ve been lucky…busy but with nice people who are kind and treat us with respsect

  18. The memes in this post are hilarious and so true, lol. I think it’s great that you’re able to make some money on the side through your blog. It’s always interesting and you’re so funny and honest. Love it.

    Random thought: I can’t believe it’s December!

  19. I feel the same way about my blog posts…it’s exactly how I talk in real life. I don’t know that I could ever do it as my primary job either. I’m pretty sure I’d just turn into a hermit. Although it would be nice to not have to work my training around my full time job!

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