When I’m Injured I Learn Things…

I feel like every time I get a serious injury, I post something along the lines of “things I learned while being injured”. Each post is normally a set of reminders to myself. The post normally centers around “existing in real life”.

It includes having other hobbies that don’t include running (or working out).  I don’t have a dog and I don’t have children but I do have other nonrunning related hobbies.

Anyways, I seem to learn a lot about myself when I’m injured.

I do like to paint.   I call this wall  "Wall of cats".
I do like to paint. I call this wall “Wall of cats”.  It’s a hobby and something I do for fun.

This particular string of injuries took the longest to heal. That is essentially because I had two separate injuries that kept me out of any solid running for 3-4 months.

Last year I did a nice long buildup (excluding the last) of my injuries.

I don’t know exactly who has been with me the longest so I added links of my running history if you are interested.  (I also know my blog is PITA to find old posts (and that is something I’m working on…).

I’ve been blogging for over 4 years now and have followed and unfollowed people along the way.  Not many (if any) people have followed me since college and through 9 moves.

First, I began running (seriously) July 2010.  My full running story is here. 

Tibia Stress Fracture July 2011-early September
Positives: I learned my body was not indestructible. I cannot run training runs too fast.  Before my tibia fracture, I was running every run at a 7-7:15 pace.  I didn’t know that was foolish and dumb.  I thought in order to race faster, I must train faster.

That is not the case.  From my tibia fracture, I learned that doing that day in and day out would cause me to get injured. The injury developed me physically and mentally as a runner. I learned how to train smartly.  I learned that I liked long easy miles that I wasn’t worried about pace.  Honestly that injury developed me more as a runner than any race or training run.

On my 21st birthday rocking a knee wrap when really I had a stress fracture (but no one knew...).
On my 21st birthday rocking a knee wrap when really I had a stress fracture (but no one knew…).

Rampant Cyst Growth Injury (September 2012-October 2012)
Positives: I learned I existed in real life. I learned that I had multiple hobbies that had nothing to do with running (like beginning my wall of cats).

I was left injured and had recently moved to a new location. I didn’t know many people and felt I had lost my identity and myself. I eventually met two of my best friends: Laura and Heather.  I learned that I did have other hobbies and did enjoy other things outside of running.  I also learned that running fitness stays for a very long time…after I PRed in my 6k (with one week of actual running under my belt). 

At least my xrays said no broken bones.  (We weren't surprised but it's good to rule that out)
At least my xrays said no broken bones. (We weren’t surprised but it’s good to rule that out)

Minor case of Plantar Fasciitis and Second Metatarsal Stress Fracture (Late June 2014-Early November 2014)
I think this injury seemed worse and longer (then others) because I was getting over a minor case of plantar fasciitis before my stress fracture. Along with an injury I faced my first deployment with T. It’s like a snowball began rolling down a mountain and picked up multiple issues and set backs along the way.  Then eventually the snowball slowly halted exploded (because it hit a tree and fell apart…my story…my rules about how the snowball ends).

injury cycke

I learned I have a lot of people who truly care for me. I learned that taking a step back and not really forcing recovery is just as solid of approach. While I’m no where near where I was, I’m growing closer and closer.  Each injury has taught me something about myself, about my life and that is still have a lot of growing as a person.

What’s the point of this post?
I guess it’s to show me and whoever else that injuries (however serious) can teach us something whether we know it at the time. I’m still the same person whether I’m injured or healthy.  I’ve been blessed (knock on wood) with injuries that last a maximum of 2-3 months. That is short in the grand scheme of things. I’ve never had an injury that takes half a year, full year or a very long time to heal.  I’ve also always been very proactive to help speed up my injuries.  Anyway you look at it having to stop doing something you enjoy stinks.

If you added advice in the LOLZ facebook post about what you learned from being injured, it will be up tomorrow!

Questions for you:
What have you learned from an injury?
Have you ever had a serious injury?