It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted articles I’ve been reading.  I guess that is a good thing since it gives me more articles to post.  I think I say this most times I post but I really enjoy reading what other people are reading.  Hopefully you enjoy it too! 

This previous weekend, Tim’s parents made a quick trip to visit and see our new house.  We had a great time.  We didn’t do a whole heck of a lot but just enjoyed the company!  We enjoyed a new diner, went for a run and just enjoyed having visitors over.  We have had a lot of visitors lately to our new house.

I always enjoy reading random articles and events.  Hopefully you enjoy some as well.


Your Kid/My Kid Are Not Playing in the Pros   (While I don’t have children I think this is a really interesting piece in general for anyone.  A lot of people take their sport far too seriously.)

Why Chivalry is dead (man’s perspective)

8 Hairstyles Every Woman Should Know 

Maps that Describe the USA (This is one of my favorite articles and filled with fun facts about individual states!)

Upgrade Household Items


Top 10 weirdest food pairings  Have you tried any of these?

6 Foods for Hair Growth

Will it Waffle?  Make deep fried churros in a waffle maker (This website is like a dream come true)


Why you should ignore some of those time saving tips 

5 Signs Your Inspiration is Negative 

5 Ways to Decrease Inflammation 

10 Signs of Stress You Ignore but Shouldn’t 

Uses for Coconut Oil (I seriously have 3 jars and have no idea how to use it…such a blogger failure I am)



28 Cat Halloween Costumes 

What your Eyebrows Say About You 

From LOLZ:

Physically Recovering 

Mentally Recovering

How to Grow Your Blog 


As most people know I really enjoy my memes and this is my new favorite (from yesterday): 

monday trutg

That’s all I really have.  It seems like whenever I post links, I have more than I really do.  I guess that is pretty typical though.  I am always amazed at people that can find hundreds of articles!  Rock on.

Question for you: What articles/blog posts are you enjoying lately? 


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  1. Will it waffle might be the best App idea ever. Like, input ingredient and go. There have been some good articles out recently about “dealing with the overwhelm” that I have found interesting. In short, just how not to feel like your hair is on fire. And ain’t nobody got time fo dat.

  2. I don’t even live in America and found that map article interesting. I’d like to see one for the UK counties but obviously on a smaller scale! There’s always a talk of a north south divide in the UK so I’m sure that would be highlighted.
    I know about three hairstyles: ponytail, straight and plaits. I have advanced no further.

  3. I really like the ‘your kids are not playing in the pros’ article. I kind of alluded to that in a post the other day, which also alluded (not so subtly in my mind) took issue with a fellow blogger who I had a bit of ‘a debate’ with last week.

    Through the years I have seen and heard it all – the 4 year old who was done and bored with the entire Nintendo catalog and all E rated games on all platforms and THAT was why they were playing M rated X360 shooters (hmm .. still no), the genius / artist savant / whatever who is reading adult novels at 3 and designing their own costumes at 2 and fully computer literate in spite of not even being able to read or write at 1 or so … (yeah … puh-leaze!)

    In the blogosphere everyone’s kids are above average in EVERYTHING … in real life, not so much. My older son’s greatest soccer skills were telling jokes on the side-line and being so much bigger than the other kids that at least once per game one of the kids would try to steal the ball and push through and would literally bounce off of him and end up on the ground. I might run a ton of miles but I am no great athlete … and my kids inherited all of my skills 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’m glad Tim’s parents were able to visit you guys! That’s always fun with a new house!

    I can’t wait to check out these articles. I LOL’d about the eyebrows one!!

  5. Okay, I really want to try that avocado and coffee pairing — that sounds oddly genius. I think, at this point, I’ve been reading blogs for so long and coming across so many “strange” combos that turned out to be really good, that nothing really surprises me anymore. I -might- draw the line at chocolate and fried onions though 😆

  6. Not really a direct answer to your question, BUT seriously…Coconut Oil. Everyone seems to know what to do with it but me. My daughter uses it in her hair. My mom cooks with it. I just stare at the jar. My latest thing however,is beet juice….lol

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