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Is it just me or is this week going by slow?

That line actually has nothing to do with my post…I’m just putting it out there. 

Another Thursday and another week of thinking out loud.  I have come to enjoy writing these posts.  My life has been rather lackluster lately and I can reflect on it by typing a random bunch of thoughts together. I’m just a boring adult, getting back into running and living my life.  I wish I could write college rager recaps but college was a few years ago.  I wake up, run, work, eat, sleep…with some blogging and media using in there somewhere.  I like it that way though.  I don’t need anymore crazy events in my life and sometimes boring is good.

I have gotten a few questions to go into more detail about getting back into running. I answered those and then asked twitter if anyone had anymore..Here are some questions I received:

Are you running with people or alone?

I’m currently running about half my runs with Tim.  It has worked out that our schedules have matched up and we can.  He has also been a really good sport to run at my pace.  I would love to run with other people but my schedule has been rather hectic with work.  I ran once with my brother as well.  I’m at a point right now that I am not ready to push myself to run at a faster pace (to run with people).  I’m sorry but I can’t think of one person to run with that is worth another 8 week stress fracture.  (Maybe Ryan Hall…maybe…just kidding).  I guess the short answer is, I’ve run half my runs with people.  I’m not picky and avoiding people but no one wants to come to my house early am.

But maybe not with these headphones anymore.  #sweatcity

But maybe not with these headphones anymore. #sweatcity

Are you running for time, pace or distance?

I am running for me!  Just kidding, the majority of my runs are time orientated, I’ve found myself falling into a pretty consistent cycle.  I run 4-5 mile runs Mon, Tues, Friday and Saturday.  Longer runs Wednesday and Sunday and rest on Thursday.  Easier to explain:

Monday: 4-5
Tuesday: 4-5
Wednesday: Long (Right now 7 last weeks LR)
Thursday: OFF
Friday: 4-5
Saturday: 4-5
Sunday: Long (goal 85 minutes)

My main goal for getting back into shape is consistency.  I am going to consistently train versus running when and how I feel like it.  It won’t be exact or precise by any means but I will make an effort to stay consistent.

As far as pacing goes, I’m just running for what my body says.  I’m listening to my body (the imaginary talking it gives me).  Basically I’m just running with how my body feels.  It’s not complicated and I’m thankful to be running.

Taking in the sights....

Taking in the sights….

Do you have any winter or spring races in mind?

I don’t want to make any concrete long race plans (long being anything more than a 10k) until I feel comfortable at shorter distances.  In NJ or Philadelphia, I can find a 5k any weekend so when I feel comfortable to race I will.  I want to do something in the next month.

Are you listening to any music and if so what are some of your songs?

I listen to music on my runs that I’m running solo.  This has always been the case and I enjoy music while running.  (I hold my otterbox iphone with the stock headphones).   I’m a top 40s type of girl.  I currently listen to the Pandora station titled “top hits” as well as Taylor Swift.  I love listening to music (even if that makes me a fake runner).

Do you think you’ll run a marathon in 2015?

I hope so.  I have plans and have scouted out a few I like.  I know I won’t be running any marathons between March-May (sorry Shamrock full) due to my wedding in April.

What is one thing you will change during this training cycle?  What is one thing you will keep the same?

I don’t consider myself training yet.  I haven’t had the moment where I think “wow, I’m completely injury free and ready to train”.  That being said, I plan to keep my long easy miles (base building running) the same.  I like running high mileage but easy mileage.  While chatting with a potential coach, I’ve found that long easy mileage has been working for me (with speed work being races).  Speaking of coaching, I have actively been looking.

Something I plan to change is that I want to be more consistent.  I want to have a direct plan.   This go around I’m going to pick a goal race and have a rough plan to get there.  Will I be upset about running 1.23 miles versus 1.25 miles?  No.  Instead of taking a rest day when “I feel like it”, I’m going to schedule my rest days every week.  Right now it’s Thursdays.  I feel good today (good enough to run after yesterdays long run) but I’m taking a rest day to keep with consistency.

If you have anymore questions, always feel free to ask.

Questions for you:

What are your goals for 2015?

When do you make a goal post injury? 




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  1. I definitely think having a plan and sticking with it for the most part, or at least the most important parts will be really helpful! For me to avoid injury I have to be very deliberate with well placed rest days and not doing more than planned.

  2. Right now I have no plans for 2015. I’m trying to decide whether to train to qualify for Boston or go a different route and do trail races. My motivation to run is low these days, just don’t have the willpower to go. The road to Boston is a long one, it’ll likely take me 2 years to get fast enough to qualify.

    • I hope you are able to qualify Paul! I think Boston is such an awesome goal. I found my motivation was terribly low right before my string of injuries (not that I’m telling you to get injured LOL)

  3. I love your posts – for me the most helpful thing post injury is to keep easy days easy and hard days hard. Prep for the hard days but stretching, ice baths, massage and make sure your recovery is done properly. I always make the most of the hard days so that my recovery days feel like a reward 🙂

    • Thank you Charlotte! Since I have no hard days, it’s all easy. I do agree, I think as runners and athletes we struggle with hard being hard and easy being…well easy!

  4. I found that the best thing for me post injury was to keep my easy days EASY but my hard days HARD. I never worry about pace on easy days and just run for a set time.
    On hard days make sure your recovery is good by eating well, having ice baths, stretching, massage – this really helped me 🙂

  5. I want to run a BQ marathon this spring, but I don’t know which one and I am a bit /really concerned about training and doing speed work through the Chicago winter. I only have to knock 5 minutes off my time to qualify, but I don’t want to “just knock” them off, you know? When I registered for Twin Cities earlier this year I was injured but I had about 6 months, It felt tight at the time, but ended up being plenty of time.

  6. You have such a sensible head on your shoulders 🙂
    I’m kinda of in a similar place in that I’m not training for anything right now so the majority (heck, all!) of my runs are easy paced with no proper training sessions. I’m just casually base building ready to gear up to my training for the London marathon. Thankfully I have a coach who knows what he’s doing and I just do what he says. At the moment I’m not racing anything, not doing any intervals or speed sessions. I’m just running and it’s GREAT. After a year of training and racing, it’s just nice to stop and just run without intent.

  7. I’d like to PR in the marathon in 2015 – hopefully in February! I’ll also do 3-5 other marathons next year for fun. I personally set goals before I’m even done recovering, but then modify as needed along the way. It helps keep me motivated!

  8. Smart approach – consistency is king in making long-term fitness gains. Not going on 2-week workout binges and then sitting on the couch for a month.

  9. 2015 might be the year that I run my first 5k. Crazy lofty goal, right? 😉 But it kinda feels like it for someone who’s not really much of a runner. I’ve heard racing is what gets people hooked, though, so maybe the same will be true for me.

  10. I agree the week is going by super slowly, and I’m with you on boring adult life. I don’t have much to say these days and doubt anyone wants to read about me getting my car serviced or going to the dentist which is what I’ve done this week besides work/write.

    I think you have a really good goal to be consistent for awhile and then pick a goal race and train later. Races are not going anywhere, if anything more and more are popping up so there’s really no hurry or rush to do one. I have missed a few I wanted to participate in but they will occur next year, maybe I can run them then. Plus you get to share the runs with Tim and with your brother and sometimes it’s fun to just run without the stresses of hitting a pace or goal distance. It’s mentally refreshing :).

    My goal for 2015 is the Charleston Half Marathon. I don’t have a goal time yet; I don’t know if I’ll even think about that, but I want to run my best, finish injury free, and still love running when it’s over with.

    • I feel like we can all look back our training and think…what can I do better? I’m glad consistency is something you want to work on too! 🙂

  11. Nuts to music snobs. I like a variety of entertainment when it comes to running – sometimes I’m perfectly content to run with no additional media at all, but in bad weather in particular I will damn well listen to my Stephen King or metal playlist and enjoy them 🙂

    My plans for 2015 are pretty up in the air. It’s really hard to predict what state of injury I’ll be in, so I’m just waiting to enter races until the last possible minute unless there’s a huge early bird discount on them. I would like to run a lot of half marathons though (I really hope they’re not such a spectacular failure as this year…) and one or two marathons if they pop up and I’m in a fit state to do them.

    I think you’re making great progress and it would be fantastic if you could find a good coach. If not though, you have a sensible head on your shoulders and I’m sure you’re more than capable of writing yourself a brilliant training plan.


    • Haha, I didn’t realise Anna has described you exactly the same way as me further up the comments! I swear I hadn’t read any of them…great minds must think alike 😛

    • That really means a lot to me Jess, thank you.

      I agree that it’s definitely hard to think that far out. I hope you are injury free soon.

  12. Ugh. I want to be more consistent in 2015. This year has been so busy, and hopping from one thing to the next, that I’m hoping January will be a good time to slow down and regroup.

    More tangibly, I’d like to be more flexible too. 🙂

  13. I’m struggling with goal setting as well after battling runners knee for almost all of 2014. Its been frustrating to not be able to run with any sort of speed, I feel like I’m totally stuck in a rut.

  14. I’m planning to run my second marathon in 2015……..and maybe try to BQ? But right now I’m slowly getting back into running after being diagnosed with a stress response so I’m taking it really easy and trying not to freak out too much with ever new ache/pain.

  15. The person who would get a stress fracture if you ran with Ryan is Hall himself hahaha
    My goals for 2015 is a marathon and a boyfriend…yup haven’t made any progress on either… 🙂

  16. The shorts over sweatpants look is classic, Hollie. I think planned rest days are the freaking best. I always take Mondays off, and usually Fridays unless I’m training for a marathon (and then I sometimes still take 2 rest days). But I’m old.

  17. 2015 will be the year of “aging up” for me–new triathlon age group, which means much more competition. Which is a good thing. 🙂

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