A Change of Shoes…

New shoes?

I’ve completely changed my running shoes. I’m no longer running in Newtons at all. Right now I’m training in both the Asics Nimbus and the Hoka Clifton (neither have sponsored this post).


Both of these shoes are extremely cushioned which is exactly what I need right now. Looking back at the last 4 months of my training, I’ve been injured for three out off out of four months. I was in a weird limbo stage for the other month. So I can sum up the last four months as my running did not go well.  However, I’m not changing my shoes because my running left a lot to be desired.

First, I’ve never been a minimalist shoe person. With the exception of racing flats, I like a nice cushioned shoe.


Why leave Newtons, a shoe I’ve run in most of my running career?

But really...this was only a few pairs I went through...the orange model was my favorite
But really…this was only a few pairs I went through…the orange model was my favorite


For most of my running career that shoe was the Newton Gravity. In few shoes, Newton has gone through multiple shoe design changes. Newton went from 4 lugs to 5 and narrowed the toe box. Long story short, I haven’t run successfully in them.  I was getting away with running in the shoes but it didn’t feel as good to me as before.  Realistically, the changes they’ve made have been so drastic (for me personally), it’s a change of shoe anyways. (I hoarded a bunch of previous models when they were on clearance). Anything I begin running now is going to be different from the shoe I spent three years running in. Nothing lasts forever and while this shoe design may work for some, it doesn’t work for me. (I’m not blaming any of my injuries on Newtons, I’m just explaining my reasoning to switch shoes).

So that takes me to now is a perfect time to switch shoes. Why?

I haven’t run in almost two months and I have to progress into running slowly anyways. If I jump into miles too quickly, I’ll get injured. The same thing that would happen if I decided to run in different shoes at 70 miles per week.

So this is a good time for me to switch shoes.

Another random point, since my bone broke, my foot has gone up about a half size. My feet now measure at an awkward 9.5 WIDE. (My runner store nerd talking) But going up a half size to a full size in running shoes won’t hurt or injure you but too small of shoes will.

All of my current shoes are too small and my shoe of choice has been modified anyways. Things in life are not forever and it was good timing to switch shoes anyways. Lucky for me since I haven’t been racing, I was able to buy some new running shoes. New running shoe cost will take precedence over racing anyways (at least for me).  You can’t race without shoes…well some people can I guess.

Via my instagram (Asics Nimbus)
Via my instagram (Asics Nimbus)

So after running for a couple of weeks in both the Asics nimbus and Hoka Clifton, I’m happy with the cushion in both. The Asics nimbus is a little heavier and dense which I like. I’ve been running more of my Alter G miles in the Asics. I’ve been running more of my outdoors shoes in the Hoka Clifton.  I like both shoes a lot and so far I’m happy with both of the shoes.  It’s tough to say which pair I like better since I’ve put about 15 miles on each.  As my running (hopefully) picks up, I’ll be able to make more concrete thoughts.

Once I run another week in the Hokas I’ll have a review about them (I’ve gotten a lot of questions about them!)

Awkwardly trying on the clifton at Fitblog
Awkwardly trying on the Hoka clifton at Fitblog

I alternate each run in opposite shoes.   So far I am extremely pleased with both and I’m glad I have decided to switch shoes.   At work, we always preach don’t fix what ain’t broken.  (Don’t change your running shoes if you have stayed injury free).  That applies to the majority of cases in running but when a shoe goes through a drastic change or you are getting injured, it might be time to fix the shoe.

If you have any questions about either shoe feel free to ask and Ill try my best to find an answer.

Questions for you:
Have you changed running shoes completely?
What is your shoe of choice? 

45 thoughts on “A Change of Shoes…”

  1. Glad you made the right change for you Hollie! I’ll be interested to see how the Cliftons do for you – we’ve had quite a few returns because while people love how light and cushioned they are, they are technically more of a racing flat from Hoka and the soft EVA doesn’t hold up for everyday mileage that well.

    1. It is extremely light. I think by my history, post injury I might hold on to the nimbus. I’m not exactly sure about the Clifton yet.

  2. I’m a huge fan of Brooks. I began with the Adrenaline GTS model and have now switched to the Pureflow line. A minimal drop shoe of 4MM… As of now I am very happy with them but have thought of going back to the Adrenaline for training as they do provide a bit more cushioning and stability.

    1. Have you considered the pure cadence? The pure flow has no stability (but light), the cadence is almost as light but provides some stability. A new model comes out before Christmas 😉

      1. I have an older pair of the Cadence and loved them… Actually more than the Pureflow… I did not low they had a new one coming out. Where did you see that?

      2. I will look for the new Pure Cadence and give them a try… Our running club hosted a run with Hoka one evening. I really enjoy the comfort of running in their shoes but they just look weird.

  3. I am probably going to go try the Cliftons. My feet felt really good in the Bondis for long, slow stuff, but they can feel clunky during speedwork, so I’m hoping the Cliftons strike a better balance. Turns out that the running store down the street from my office carries Hokas now!

  4. After my injury I had to switch shoes to get a lot more support from what I was. I need a shoe with support plus kind of a “heel” because my feet are on the flat side and I just can’t do the low drop shoes without an injury. I now run in asics kayano and have been for almost a year, although I’ve switched it up with mizuno inspires but like them less.

  5. I just got my first pair of Hoka’s and am very interested to see how they work out for me. I’m struggling to find the perfect shoe as I am about to retire my final pair (of 6 pairs haha) of Mizuno wave 16’s.. (hated the 17’s and am skeptical about the 18’s. so fingers crossed!)
    I’m looking forward to reading your review!

  6. Well we all know I’m a diehard mizuno fan, and I still am, but I’m also realizing there are other shoes I like too. For right now, dealing with calf issues, the mizunos are still one of the only shoes that seem to help, but I’m adding the Hoka Cliftons into the rotation as soon as they come (so hopefully this week). I’m not really a big fan of a minimalist shoe but I also don’t like heavy shoes. Whenever they switch the model I’ve been wearing for a long time- aka the last mizuno model- it feels like I have to start that entire process over of finding the very select few shoes that actually seem to work for me. I’m glad the Nimbus and Hoka have helped you come back stronger post-injury 🙂

  7. When I came back to running after dealing with my thyroid issues, I needed new shoes and since I decided I was going to run a marathon (never ran a race in my life before 2012) … so I got the ultralight Nike Free 3.0 … then after a couple of pairs of those fiddled with the New Balance Minimus and Merrell minimals, but my faves ended up being the Saucony Kinvaras … I had the 4s, then the new 5s, and just got a clearance pair of 4s that I have in rotation. The ultralight 4mm drop shoes with at least a bit of padding work well for me. Zero drop isn’t my thing (though I put 1300+ miles on Saucony Virratas).

    I think the important thing is to do what is right for YOU and not worrk about some trend.

  8. One thing I’ve always been curious about is using a different shoe to race in. It seems odd to me to train in one shoe and use a different one for racing. Maybe its because I’m usually in a very supportive shoe (Brook’s adrenaline) so if I switched to a racing flat it’d be such a drastic change. I’d love to hear more about how and why you change shoes 🙂

  9. I changed shoes when Asics drastically changed their Kayano, I wore that shoe for years and LOVED it and then they made it way too narrow and it just didn’t work for me. I switched to Sacouny Hurricanes and absolutely loved them, but when I bought my next pair, they had changed the heel drop and that didn’t work for me. I recently switched back to Asics, but now I’m in the GT-2000. I really like them, I have always loved the cushion Asics provides and I don’t mind a little weight. I’ve tried out a few other stability shoes in the store, and none of them seem to provide the same cushion and comfort as the Asics. (But feel completely free to suggest another type of shoe, I’ve been interested in trying to alternate shoes).

  10. I have a wide toe box, too, and I wear men’s shoes. Even then, some are too narrow for me. I’m currently in the Brooks PureCadence, but I don’t love it. I was (and still am) obsessed with the Kinvara, which always felt amazing, but I worry that it isn’t stable enough for me.

  11. I feel like I’m still trying to find my shoe. I started in a Brooks Adrenaline, then was switched to the Brooks Ghost. I bought the Asics Cumulus on my own, and when I had my last knee injury I was told to not run in the Ghosts without orthotics. So I’m probably going to stick with the Asics, maybe try out another nuetral.

    1. It makes sense to run in the adrenaline and use a ghost and orthotic (or neutral and orthotic!). I hope you find what works!

  12. I’ve been a huge Newton fan too. I have been through several pairs of the Gravity and Distance. I just recently switched to the Motion because I needed a little more cushion while I was pregnant. I’m still loving them and actually may even like them better than the Gravity (my former fave). Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the Hoka!

  13. I think you’ve made a very wise decision with regard to your shoes. I always favour cushioned shoes because my bones are like tissue paper, but I’ve switched around a bit over the years. Because I have small ankles but extremely short, wide feet, I started out with New Balance neutrals. Once I started running longer distances (over 10 miles) I changed to supportive Asics Kayanos, and I’ve been pretty brand-loyal to Asics for the last five years, aside from brief flirtations with the Nike Pegasus. When I ran with orthotics I wore alternated between the Cumulus and the Nimbus for the sake of saving money (the Nimbus is SO expensive!) but sadly they changed the design so the ankles are far too wide for me now for the size I have to take to accommodate the width of my foot (only when wearing orthotics because they elevate my feet – my shorter leg is basically half falling out of the shoe…). In the end I had so many ankle and foot problems as a result, I ditched the orthotics (they weren’t helping my dead leg anyway and were causing more injuries than they were preventing) and went back to Kayanos.

    That said, I love Hokas to bits. I’m hoping to eventually run more in them, but it’s taking my clumsy self ages to get used to picking my feet up off the ground a bit more and it might be a while before I’m completely comfortable in them. My feet love them though – it’s like running on pillows!

  14. I’m having problems with the redesigned Newtons too. I still love the Distance Elite, which still has 4 lugs, but the new shoes give me issues. I kind of feel like Newton will add a lug to the Distance Elites. I have a pair of Mizuno Sayonaras to try out and I’m hoping the Skechers GoMeb Speed 3 work for me (I love the Speed 2)

    I’ll be eager to read how your shoe changes work out since we both were Newton fans.

    1. I know a few people that the new newtons have been problems for. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one. What else have you tried? I def find the nimbus to be more like the newtons.

  15. It’s interesting to read your change of shoes from Newtons. I did notice in your pics you weren’t wearing Newtons, but I wasn’t sure if that was a running switch or if you just got those shoes from the store and were wearing them mostly casually (the employees at the store whose team I run on wear running shoes at work and try different ones out because they have to recommend shoes and are on their feet all day at work so they need cushioned shoes anyway).

    I’m glad you found a shoe that works for you. A lot of my friends really like Hokas, especially friends who have been through injuries. I haven’t tried them yet, but I hope they will be at a demo/group run soon so I can test them for a couple miles. It seems like Hoka has really grown in popularity here. A year ago I only knew maybe 2 people who wore them but now I know a lot more runners wearing them.

    One of the smartest things I did after my injury was to get re-evaluated/re-sized because I found out I didn’t need stability. I don’t know if that contributed to my injury or not, we’ll never know, but it’s smart to think about shoes when you come back from an injury… I didn’t even realize the size of your feet could change after being injured, either. Thanks for the informative post 🙂

  16. I’m wearing the HOKA Clifton right now (from that same blogger meet up!) but have yet to take them out for a test run. They are super comfy and I know I absolutely need support. I’ve never been a minimalist fan either!

  17. I changed from Nike’s to Saucony’s a few years back and it’s been huge even just brand differences let alone types of shoes! Lord knows you are probably saving a ton of money when not buying Newtons!

  18. *Really* curious to hear your take on the Hokas. More and more of my teammates have made the switch and absolutely rave about them. Since I’m running more these days (because I’m a runner!), I definitely notice the benefits when it comes to training in a more cushioned shoe. (For me, it’s the Ride/Launch for “normal” runs, and the Triumph for long runs.)

  19. I started in the Newton Gravity’s but since they changed the model in the spring, I’m not a fan. I have a pair and nearly every time I run in them I end up with shin problems, but I’m fine in the Motion and Distance S (and I have a pair of Kismet I’m trying out). I’m not exactly sure what they did, but I’m glad I’ve found other shoes of theirs I love 🙂

  20. We are such opposites when it comes to sneakers! I’m curious how you like the Hokas though. I still am a fan of flat, zero drop, and minimal cushion. Too funny!

  21. I am a 9.5-10 WIDE as well so I’m really happy for this review. I currently run in Brooks Ghost 7 and have been LOVING IT! I will remember the Asics the next time I go to the running store and see how they feel. Thanks!

  22. I have a friend who swears by the Hokas after a whole bunch of injuries. I still can’t quite get over their looks. I’ve been wearing the PureCadence for the last couple of years and really like them. But I want to have a second shoe to rotate. I got a great deal on a pair of Altras so they’re my next shoes to try out. Do you think you’ll make a permanent switch to more cushioned shoes? I’ve had a few injuries but not sure if I can attribute any of them to shoes or form/muscle issues.

  23. Everyone is so different with shoes, which is why there are a million models to choose from (and the fact that it’s how shoe companies make money!). But I hope you find that one or both of them work for you. As for me, I tend toward less shoe but can’t say I am loyal to any one make/model–I am always changing and trying new!

  24. I used to wear Brooks Ravennas and I miss them so much. I loved the 3s, the 4s gave me awful blisters, and I got injured before I could try the 5s.

  25. I switched from the Nimbus to Adidas Energy Boost and won’t look back. However, I do love the Hokas! I haven’t really run in them because I hate confusing my feet when they are happy but I do wear them to walk around or when I am on my feet a lot and they are terrific in the cushion department!

  26. I always love reading about shoes!! I used to be a big Asics fan, but I switched over to Brooks a few years ago and never looked back. I don’t know that there’s a big difference, because I don’t think I run enough miles to really be worried about shoes (if that makes sense?!) but I really like Brooks (especially the Ghosts and Pureconnects)! I’ve always been interested in Hoka shoes because they seem like they’re new in the shoe game, so I’m interested to hear your opinion because I know you’ll be straight up! I love that about you!! Hope all is well with you and that wedding planning is going well! Woo!!!

  27. I’m not sure I could ever be a Hoka person, though I know a lot of people who run in them and love them. I feel like I’d trip on them or something.

    I switched to my current shoe, the Saucony Mirage, after an injury that was caused by running in the wrong shoe.

  28. i am thinking of changing shoes myself! i wondered if you could give me some advice…. a few years ago i developed a bad case of patellar tendonitis, and after a lot of rest/physical therapy, i totally changed my running form and shoes when i got back to running. i run on my toes and outsides of my feet (an unusual combo, so i’ve been told?) i have been alternating the saucony kinvaras (most runs) and the altra intuition (longer runs/races) and feel like they’ve been good for me. however, i recently have been having some knee pain return and i have also increasingly been getting blisters on my baby toes. i think the knee pain is because my IT bands and hips have been superrrr tight, but i wondered if you have another recommendation for shoe that might be a good fit. i do like the minimal drop, but am willing to consider others. i also should say that i am pretty petite and have fairly long, narrow feet

    1. Honestly Heather I’m not really sure. It sounds like you run a lot like myself (supinate and on your toes) but I like the complete opposite type of shoe as you! Kinvaras as well as many minimalist shoes don’t last as long so maybe it’s that?

  29. I’ve never even heard of Hoka’s! I’ll have to look them up even further. I’m definitely a brooks girl – my favorite are the pure flows.

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