We’ve been busy.  Really busy. 

It’s not a secret that Tim got back on October 9th. On October 10, we found ourselves meeting with someone about a house.  On October 11, we found ourselves signing a lease and then on October 18 we found ourselves completely moved.   Then on October 20th, Tim left again.  Move and dash, is that a thing?

I moved 4 times in 2013.  Living in four states last year was an experience I’ll never forget.

As most people know (because I have too much social media) we  moved because we found a house in a perfect location for us.  We ended up moving about 45 minutes west of where we previously lived (staying in NJ).  Unlike my moves from last year, this was something that wasn’t necessary for the military or for our relationship.  This was something we wanted and chose.  It was something we decided to do to better improve our quality of living.  Originally we had thought we would wait another year but when this house came on the market, we knew it would go very quickly.

And it did go quickly…but it went to us.   

My favorite part of the house is the retro diner kitchen.

My favorite part of the house is the retro diner kitchen.

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind but we are moved.  It’s a beautiful area close to Philadelphia (on the NJ side).  It’s roughly a 10 minute drive to Philadelphia or 2 mile walk to the train station.  It’s very close to my work as well as a lot of other fun activities for us.

We absolutely love our house.  It’s in athletic friendly community.  Every morning I wake up and see dozens of runners lining the street.   I creep on all the runners, walkers and bikers. It’s absolutely fabulous.   The town itself is located on several park lakes.  One Lake Loop is 3 miles and another close by is 6 miles.  Most of the streets are also lined with sidewalks (which is something we didn’t have previously).

The Garden that overlooks the lake (hashtag cliche)

The Garden that overlooks the lake (hashtag cliche)

Positives of the house:

  1. It’s very centrally located to everything (From Philly, to other areas of NJ to work).
  2. Oddly enough it’s closer to both my parents house in VA Beach and Tim’s parents in central PA. It’s also located near the highway which means it’s closer to NYS and North too.  I just want to chant location, location, location.
  3. Diners…diners everywhere! Diners within walking distance….my house even looks like a diner.


  1. Unpacking is hard.

Once I get unpacked I’ll upload some more photos.  (You’ll get to see my bookshelf dedicated to coffee mugs). I am excited to make our house more “homey”.  We both felt as if we never really moved into the previous house….we were just living there.

Questions for you:

What are some of favorite house decorations?

Where do you buy your furniture? 


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  1. Love that retro kitchen! I’ve always hated furniture shopping and no matter what it just doesn’t interest me! I used to get things from Ikea but everything broke, most of my current is Pottery Barn but it’s pretty overpriced and generic. I’m not creative in a design way.

  2. I love that kitchen – how cool! Moving is super stressful, I moved a bunch of times last year too so I can totally empathize with how much work it is. Hopefully once you are unpacked this time, this becomes a place you can settle in to and really feel is home for a while.

  3. yayyyy so happy for you!!!! location really is SO important. We spent a long time last year scoping out locations before we started applying for places.. and i’m so glad we did, because every day we’re like “wow, thank god we chose this area and not the other!” haha

    • I wish we had been able to do that before. Honestly we had about a week to move and pick out a house in a foreign state. So it was crazy. I liked our previous house a lot but this is a much better location for us. 🙂

  4. Congratulations! Locations is everything! I’m so happy for you that you’re close to work. Less time in the car is a win in my mind.
    I am moving in 3 weeks and dreading it! It is so stressful. Just bought my dream house and it is scary and fun. Doing major renovations and hoping to not have a nervous breakdown.
    Good luck, Hollie!

  5. That kitchen is so fun! My biggest house pluses are open floor plans. I like having one giant living/dining/kitchen because you can entertain and not have to leave the room. Oh, and bathrooms. Preferably one more than the number of people living there.

  6. I love your kitchen and especially the retro corded phone! My grandma had that kind of phone in her house when I was a kiddo. So awesome. Like that one, it wasn’t touch-tone, but you had to put your finger in the slot and pull to dial, haha. Love it.

    I’m glad you guys got moved in. Our last residence was a lot like yours- we never really moved in, we just “lived there”. It wasn’t home, it was a place to stay for a year between homes. You and Tim deserve a great home and it looks like you’ve found it.

  7. Love the retro kitchen!! So cute!
    My favorite house decorations are definitely thrift store/garage sale/flea market finds. Unique things that aren’t in everyones home.

  8. That kitchen is seriously the cutest thing! And I’m probably the worst person to ask about furniture, because 3 years later, and there are STILL things I need to pick up for my place. But I’m indecisive and have commitment issues, so I put off buying anything unless it REALLY catches my eye, which seems to happen in the most random places…

  9. My favorite house decoration is my whiteboard calendar. I put everything on there from my schedule to meals I want to try to places I want to go and when I need to take time off. It replaced my mural of post-it notes. I cannot decorate fully because my apartment is tiny. I live in a running community too and it’s great to see people who live very healthy and are also very happy. The other bonus is having trails and bike friendly routes everywhere!

    If only people didn’t j-walk so much…

  10. how exciting!! I loved moving. BUt I also didn’t move a few times a year. THe kitchen looks adorable. I have found a lot of furniture at thrift shops and yard sales. Then you can finish them or just paint them 🙂

  11. You are a trooper for having moved so often, but this one sounds like the perfect locale! I love Phila so I am envious that you are so close. Enjoy the unpacking and getting settled process. It’s so much fun to start fresh once you get past the downsides to a move.

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