The Morning Everything Went Wrong…and I made it through the day…

The end.

It’s great when the title is the entire story of the post right?

grumpycat meme

Have you ever had one of those days?  It seems like everything is going wrong.  Little things are piling up and suddenly you cannot think of a single thing that has actually gone right.  As more things go wrong, the frustration increases.  Suddenly it’s the worst day ever and you don’t even know how you got to that point.  If you haven’t had a day like that then you are living the dream.

That’s exactly how last Saturday started for me. I had slept awful the night before. I woke up before 5am and it was that type of wide awake that I wasn’t going back to sleep. So I sat there staring at the ceiling for a few minutes then ultimately decided I might as well wake up.  I stumbled out of bed making more noise than I thought was possible.

For more clarity, this was last Saturday. I was working on Satuday and we were moving that weekend. Tim and I had a solid agreement that he would load (old house) and unload (new house) the truck on Saturday (so sorry, so weak). I ultimately have been unpacking boxes this week.

So anyways, I still felt guilty I was leaving him and his dad to load a bunch of heavy items (despite that being the agreement). So as I sat there packing for work, half tired but unable to fully think straight,I decided to go for my 1.25 daily mile run. (1.25 because that was a measured an easy loop near my house to be).  The run went well and I felt great (that was possibly the sunshine of the day).

After that I got home and began packing for work. I seemed to drop everything, with each drop become increasingly louder. Then each thing that went wrong became increasingly more frustrating for me. It was one of those mornings that each small issue seemed to lead to bigger one.

In summary before I left my house all of the following happened:
I burnt my tongue on coffee (blistering burnt). 
I dropped 2 plates.
I fell down the stairs. 
I left 3 things inside.
I left 5 minutes late.

Upon getting into (Tim’s) car, I spilled coffee all over the interior including my work clothes.
I cleaned it up and went back inside to grab new clothing (with the door slamming).  After getting back into his car, I realized I had grabbed the wrong keys.
So after grabbing the right keys frazzled and looking a mess, I left for work 15 minutes later than I would have liked. I remembered that it was better to be late versus get into an accident or get a speeding ticket.  Then I would just be later.

I took my time and abided by traffic laws. The drive seemed to be going by extremely slow. I found myself staring at the clock every minute. Each progressive minute seeming to frustrate me for no reason (other than I was stupidly stressed).

After getting on the turnpike I realized I was making pretty good time. My day was getting better after a rougher morning. Despite being before 8am, my commute was actually going well.

I got to work and began my day again. I was fine, my day got progressively better.  There wasn’t a lot of excitement at work and after a few hours I gathered myself (with coffee) and realized my day had gotten a lot better.  All of the little things that stressed me out were done with.  The only thing I’ll remember about that day was leaving a full house and coming back to an empty one.

We all those mornings.

bad day meme

When I was leaving for work at the peak of my stress, I assumed  my day would just get worse.  I had assumed that it would be an awful day.  Honestly it would have only been an awful day if I had let it.  I put on my positive hat and grabbed my party pants and made my day a good one.  When life feels like it’s getting out of control, remember in most circumstances you can make your situation better,  There isn’t a need to stress over the small things.  It’s a lesson I try and remember in life as well as in running related injuries.  I often ask myself…what will I remember in a year or two years…

Questions for you:

Have you ever had one of “those” days?

How do you deal with stress?