Is it just me or is that title extremely boring? Oh well, get’s the point across. 

Anyways I feel like this week flown by.  I feel like I was writing articles from last week and sharing them.  I haven’t publicly said on my blog but T and I are moving.  It’s not job related but we saw a house we really liked (still in NJ).  For us it’s in a perfect location and a better fit for us.  We had to move rather quickly with it and we will be moved in (not settled just moved) by the end of the weekend.

I guess that could explain why this week has flown by.  I’e had a lot going on outside of packing too.  My future in-laws came into town and I also went to the Fitness Magazines Meet and Tweet.  It’s been a whirlwind of a week for me.  


15 Space Saving Ideas

How to Save People from Stealing your ATM Pin (video and must watch!)

1200 Calories (Such a great article that I truly cannot sing it enough songs)

Legitimate Ways to Sell on Ebay 

What the Cost of Your Engagement Ring Says about your Marriage

Life Tips Which Apply to A Wedding (Interesting…obviously I am planning a wedding with 6 months to go)

55 Cleaning Tips (I’ve been using several of these as we move)


5 Things I learned from Getting Proper Running Shoes (Working at a running store this is so true on every level)

Do I look like a man (Great Post by Lauren Fleshman)

Raunchy Things Runners Say (I was debating putting this in the LOL category too.  It’s hilarious!)

My Number One Run Fear and How to Overcome It 


Official meanings of Emojis  (If you know me then you know your text messages get a cascade of emojis every time)

10 Advantages of Having a Resting Bitchy Face (So true and I can relate)

Different Meanings of Words to Coffee Addicts

A couple of memes:

future bacon

jail meme

lol pancake meme


Questions for you:

What are your plans this weekend?

For once I have some…YAY moving.

What articles have you been enjoying this week?  (Feel free to add them to your comments!)


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  1. Aww, thank you for including my link! Means a lot to me….Sarah (from Picky Runner) told me you may be at the Meet and Tweet yesterday and I don’t think I saw you. I am sorry I missed the chance to meet you! It was so fun but went so fast!

  2. oh my gosh, the bitchy face cracks me up. I have resting sad face and everyone is always saying “Why are you upset?!” Too many years of explaining I’m not sad, I’m just minding my own business, listening, working, etc.

  3. That 1200 calorie article nailed it big time, and the coffee article gave me some good laughs. I’d agree with most of them, but decaf IS an option when you want the taste of coffee and also the ability to sleep later on. Good luck with your move!

  4. The 1200 post was really eye opening (and made me want to go box!) I also love the Walmart meme. Good luck with moving around the dirty Jerz

  5. Thanks for the link love!

    That’s awesome you found a house with a better location. After moving a zillion times I know that location is honestly my #1 priority aside from safety!

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