Something I’ve always struggled with is blue jeans.  I always find myself trying on multiple pairs of blue jeans and saying eh, no thanks.  Or another scenario is I’ll buy them, wear them once and then never again.  Oddly enough, I just cleaned out 5 pairs of good blue jeans that way.  I enjoy moving because I enjoy getting rid of things I don’t use (like half of my blue jeans collection).

I wore jeans was awful.

I wore jeans once…it was awful.

It wasn’t until I really realized the reason I hated blue jeans.  I hate denim because I was buying the incorrect size.  My blue jeans are either too big or too small.  I wasn’t taking the time to see how different cuts hit my hips and how they would stretch over my calves.  I wasn’t taking the time to look at different brands and how they fit my body shape. They aren’t leggings; it is not a universal three size system.  Each company makes blue jeans for women differently.

Yet here I was (for the last 10 years) buying blue jeans based on a random size I assumed worked for me. It’s like when you find out your running shoes are way too small and you need two sizes bigger.

A new (to me) company that I have grown to like is NYDJ blue jeans.  They have a lot of different styles from flair, to skinny jeans, to colors to prints.  As most people know I am a huge fan of printed party pants.  As I grow older and need to be taken a little more seriously, I have transitioned from wearing leggings to jeans, trousers and fitted pants.

Buying jeans reminds me of a running shoe store if you will.  They have taller cut jeans, wide leg jeans and my personal favorite trouser style jeansLike running shoes, every shoe style fits a little differently.  A Saucony shoe fits differently from a Brooks shoe.  An Asics shoe feels completely different than a Hoka shoe.  Different brands have a different cut, feel and style.  The same has held true for blue jeans.

There are two things I (personally) like about NYDJ blue jeans as opposed to other brands.  The first is many of their jeans don’t have a direct and easily noticeable pocket design.  The general public knows the back pocket clothing designers such as Abercrombie, Hollister or American Eagle.  I am a fan of the more modest and less apparent back pockets.  I honestly don’t need anyone looking at my butt to see what brand I’m wearing.  That being said they do have interesting and unique pocket designs for those who want it.

The second reason I like NYDJ blue jeans is they fit at the natural waist.  For me, I don’t have hips.  I wish I did but I don’t.  These sit a little bit higher and give the illusion that I do.  So I like that there is more of a rise to these jeans.

All in all, I’m glad I have put more time and effort into finding blue jeans that fit me well.  In my personal situation, I find that more people take me seriously when I’m not wearing leggings.  I feel more put together.

I was contacted by an outside source to promote NYDJ jeans.  All opinions and writing is my own.

Questions for you:

Do you like moving? 

What are your favorite jeans?



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  1. I haven’t heard of this brand! Where did you find them?

    I’m unusual in that I feel pretty comfortable in jeans, if they fit properly. I agree with the noticeable logo thing, too. Not my style. And trouser jeans are awesome.

  2. i need to get new jeans so bad…I haven’t bought any since probably freshman year in college (aka they’re all abercrombie). That being said, I only wear them about once every 2 months anyways, but still I probably need some jeans that don’t scream “i’m off to get coffee at the library and then pretend to read my econ book while flirting with Jimmy”

  3. I absolutely hate moving! But I do like purging when I move and I need to do that because we don’t plan on moving for many, many years. I got rid of lots of things both times I moved in the past few years, and I don’t regret getting rid of anything ;). I do need to get rid of some jeans though.

    I wore jeans 2 weeks ago because I had a work function where running shorts or yoga pants were not appropriate. I was a jeans girl every day when I worked in the corporate office because it was allowed there. My jeans choice is American Eagle, mainly because we have an outlet and I can usually pick up a pair for $20 or so and I don’t want to spend a lot on jeans that I only wear a few times a week for a few months out of the year. It’s a challenge to find nice jeans that flatter my body and aren’t all ripped up, because obviously I can’t wear those into the office.

    And you’re so right about the back pockets, although I think AE, Hollister, and Abercrombie are tape compared to the Miss Me jeans that bling out your butt ;).

  4. i only buy jeans from seven for all mankind now – they’re so amazing and fit perfectly. if i do make exceptions, it’s for hunter, current elliot, rag and bone, or ag <3

  5. I used to love jeans, but now I just can’t find a brand that fits me well. I’m tall, and while not overweight, I have hips. Yoga Pants are my fave now. I could live in them. Need to find a job where I can wear yoga pants all day 🙂

  6. I love bling pockets! Miss Me Jeans are my favorite because they have bling pockets, and they make jeans in kid sizes that look just like the adult version. I’m so short that I can wear the kids version and save $30 per pair.

  7. moving is a royal pain in the ass, no doubt about it.

    I hate buying jeans because I’m not proportionate to most sizes. I have short legs, but big thighs from running, and a smaller waist. Gap jeans actually fit me pretty well though (usually just need hemmed), as do a few other brands that are of course $$$$$. But, I don’t wear jeans too often so I guess there are worse things!

  8. Jeans are such a huge point of contention for so many people haha everyone has “their” brand. I struggled for awhile before settling on my love of Gap jeans. They’re just great for taller folks I think. I also got a pair of Lauren Conrad jeans from Kohls and I loveeeeee them!

  9. I was a military brat, I hate moving.

    I wish I could like leggings, but I don’t. Too much work to get into them.

    For jeans, I love Old Navy jeans. They just seem to work well for my body. The only thing is, the dye takes FOREVER to wash out to a point where it won’t stain other clothes. I have to wash their dark wash jeans along for like 2 months.

    • That us super frustrating! I actually don’t think I have ever tried old navy jeans. Looking back, I really don’t think I have. Wow, maybe I will next time!

  10. I will always take the time to find a good pair of running shoes, but when it comes to jeans I really don’t care. I have 2 pairs of $10 walmart jeans because I have to wear them to work, but otherwise I hate wearing them.

  11. I love skinny jeans when I don’t have to take them off. I usually have the nearest person pull them off because my calf to thigh ratio is about 1:1. I buy jeans to fit my thighs…but they are too small for my calves. I also have to do the “pants dance” sometimes after my jeans come out of the dryer. My mom tells me to never dry my jeans…but who has a clothes rack? My apartment is the size of large closet.
    Ok, that rant was my jeans story…

  12. Jeans are the work of the devil. I try to avoid wearing them at all costs, and when Ido, I go for a looser boyfriend style fit. I think part of the problem is I don’t take the time to find a size and style that works for me either, but with how much I love shopping (sarcasm), I don’t see that happening anytime soon 😆

  13. I have found jeans from Loft fit me well, good quality and the price point is fine for what I am willing to spend. But that being said I kind of hate pants in general (hence I will not spend $100+ for top brands). Much more a girly girl and in dresses and skirts all the time. Whenever I wear pants to work people do a double take!

  14. I want to move now but we are stuck in our condo for a few more years. But before we bought this place in 2008, I think I moved once every year since starting college in 1998 – so that makes about 10 moves.

    I’m in such need of new jeans…I just have a problem finding pants that will fit my calves – I have tree trunks for legs. I tend to go for a trouser. I think I’ll have to try the NYDJ next time I’m out. I’m currently wearing Lands End Canvas jeans that I got about 4 years ago.

  15. I hate having to wear jeans lol. I hate pants in general. First thing I do when I walk into my house after a long day is take off my pants. I’m very particular about jeans though. I just bought my FIRST pair of Miss Me jeans from buckle (the 99 dollar price tag usually scares me off) but my mom really wanted me to get them. While they’re really nice and cute and obviously everyone knows what kind they are, I’m still way more in love with my comfy jegging type style that I only paid like 20 bucks for. I usually buy jeggings because I like that they’re stretchier but still hold their shape and fit me like a glove or I love Hollister skinny jeans. I only wear skinny jeans. I am so short (only 5 ft) and I have a small butt. Finding jeans is always a real struggle.

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