Adulthood Report Card

I saw this post on fellow Jersey runner Angela’s blog and I felt myself nodding to almost every single answer. It’s probably the sole reason people created the praise emoji. It’s a good thing that adults aren’t graded with day to day life tasks. I might never “pass” to certain ages and be stuck at age 22 forever. I guess that wouldn’t really be a bad thing either.  That is an interesting concept…what if you had to pass a test every year to be promoted to the next age or life stage? I digress…

I do most of the laundry in our house. That being said, I have about two weeks worth of running and life clothes.  I try not to let them pile up. If I can get laundry done once a week I think I’m doing well. It ensures I’m wearing different clothing and staying hygienic.

Paying bills=C
Tim pays most of the bills. Most of them are set up automatically. That being said I pay off my credit card every month on the 1st of the month, so I’m doing decently.  I’m doing about average.

Here is a photo writing my first check ever...somewhat relevant to bills.  I'm on check 47 now.

Here is a photo writing my first check ever…somewhat relevant to bills. I’m on check 47 now.

Dressing nice in public=D
Do leggings count as pants? I work at a running store and I also like leggings. I wear appropriate clothing but only break out my glamour clothes for certain occasions. Most of the time that’s when I’m hanging out with Danielle because she always looks fabulous.

No really...Danielle and Amelia always look so cute....and I look  Awkward...

No really…Danielle and Amelia always look so cute….and I look like…me. Awkward…

I can cook simple and easy foods but don’t ask me to cook anything that takes more than 2 minutes…I will probably burn and ruin it.

Keeping the house neat=D
It isn’t like there are roaches and bugs crawling around my house but I’m not a neat freak at all. At all…my house isn’t nicknamed the LOLZ LOLZ LOLZ frat house for nothing. That being said I live in sanitary conditions and a healthy house but cleaning ranks in one of my top five least favorite things.

Grocery shopping=D
Unless my next meal depends on going to the grocery store, I don’t just go for fun or to browse…I also go in, get 1-2 items and get out. I could plan and make big trip but I could do a log of things that I don’t.

Handling door to door salesman=F
I’m just awkward and they normally don’t think I’m 18 anyways…

Wearing makeup=C
I wear makeup to ensure I don’t look too busted but ask me to do anything remotely fancy or cute, the answer is probably no.

I wore make up once...and then I wore a Russian hat and sipped on a latte.

I wore make up once…and then I wore a Russian hat and sipped on a latte.

I have actually gotten a lot better with this one. I used to suffer from very bad social anxiety (I nearly dropped out of college at one point) but I have found hanging out with a few friends weekly has been good for me. I still struggle with large parties but it has gotten a lot better.

Does this horse count as a friend?

Does this horse count as a friend?

Gifts and cards=C
I like to give gifts and I especially love cards but I always second guess my decision.

I don’t find babies precious or adorable. Realistically I think I’m being the best parent I can be by not having children when I’m not excited to have children.  I am 100% happy for those who want children but right now that isn’t for me.

Meeting people for brunch=F
Going back to my social anxiety, I don’t do well in crowded places. A restaurant at brunch is about as crowded as you can get.

Having a business card=A
It’s funny, I just ordered “blogging business cards”. Look mom am I legit now?

Looking like my age: 
I get ID for lotto tickets on occasion let alone alcohol.  So no I don’t look like the 24 year old woman I am.

Throwing dinner parties=F
I’ve never hosted a dinner party but I invite people to my house frequently…no one wants to drive to the forest.

Having an established career=C
I could write (and have) multiple blog posts about this. I’m very happy where I am in my life. Do I technically have “an established career”? No. Am I happy and do I feel successful in life? Yes and honestly I’m in the best years of my life with no complaints….but to answer the question no I don’t have a successful career.

I give myself an overall C at adulthood. I’m about average in my life moving like a blind chicken running free.  That being said, I completely enjoy my life and couldn’t be happier.  In my opinion, if you are enjoying life and successful on your terms then you deserve an A.  I’m from the era that everyone deserves an A and medals at every race though.

Question for you: 

What would you score highest in adult points?  How about lowest? 


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  1. Funny! I guess having 3 kids I have that dept down but I will never get used to cleaning. Cooking, paying bills I have down. Everything else I guess I’m lagging! Although at this point if it’s not happening it’s probably for a reason! Good reminder to get business cards. Although I’ll probably put that off too 🙂

  2. Ha I love this Hollie – I might steal for later this week…and of course have proper blogger etiquitte and link back 🙂

    my highest score would probably be grocery shopping…I’m pretty good at that. Lowest would be looking my age/having an established career – I have people at the running store ask me all the time “oh are you still in college and this is a part time job?’ …grumble grumble…no I actually choose to be here and it makes me happy.

  3. Well I’m barely an adult, but I don’t live with my parents and I have a lot of a lot responsibility.

    I do good with keeping my dorm clean, laundry, cooking, and grocery shopping. I’m a neat freak and have always liked cooking.

    I never want kids! People think it’s crazy, and that I’ll change my mind, but I really don’t think I will.

    I’m pretty bad at socializing, looking my age, dressing nice, and makeup. I’m often mistaken for 12, and someone thought I was 8 last week. I don’t like to take the time for makeup or dressing up.

  4. Having gotten a card from you I believe you get an A+++ for cards. Especially if they involve artwork.

    Also I think I’d get a D at being an adult based on these criteria. And I’m 34.

  5. If I give myself a pass on the ones that I don’t find to be important to me (children, makeup, dressing nice), I’m not doing so badly. I do, however, need to make progress on the brunch and dinner parties. It would also be nice to look a little closer to my age, but I don’t really have any control over that (even if I were to dress nice and wear makeup, I still look young).
    My best areas would probably be keeping the house clean/neat and grocery shopping.

    Btw you win QOTD with “I think I’m being the best parent I can be by not having children” I love it.

    • Thanks Sharon and I will always stand by that. If you don’t think you’ll be a great parent…then the smartest thing you can do is acknowledge that.

  6. I think you’re pretty much a normal girl in her twenties! 🙂
    I’m pretty good at the whole cleaning, buying food, laundry business, bill management…but I’m rubbish at anything light bulb orientated or anything that involves some form of electricity – or anything to do with my car. They are firmly blue jobs in my eyes! 😉 Plus why steal those jobs from my husband who loves stuff like?? Hehe.

  7. I completely agree on children. Although I’d grade higher than F because I can tolerate them if they’re well behaved and I don’t have to take them home at night. We’re pretty similar on a lot of these.

  8. I am great with all the household chores and have to look presentable daily because, work. But other things like being social and children (at 33 most of the time no, I still don’t think they are cute) I am set in routine and really love my down time. But you are so young, I think of myself at 24 and you are way more an adult than I was, I had moved back home and was working on my masters. My maturity wake up call came at 29 🙂

  9. This is so excellent! But I think some of the grading scales should be reversed. For instance: I think we should get an “A” for NOT wearing super-glam makeup all the time! Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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