Training: 20 Miles

This was the week of running confidence. I’m building my confidence back with each injury free mile I run. I’ve been waiting to write this training post for eight weeks now. It might seem dramatic but I’ve been injured for so long I didn’t know if I remembered how to run when the time come.

Each run felt good. I don’t feel “in shape” but I don’t feel injured. The most important aspect for me is that I’ve begun craving running. I have begun WANTING to run again. That is honestly a feeling I haven’t had in a long time.  Currently I have no focus on pace at all.  I am just running by feel…since I like to keep a decent idea of time/mileage I am running with my garmin watch.

I’m not following any “plan”. My goal was to run roughly 30 minutes very easy most days of the week. If it felt weird or off,I wouldn’t run. I’m not pushing the pace and I’m not even worrying about the pace. From what I’ve gathered, I’m running anywhere from 9 to 11 minute miles but the fact is I’m running pain, issue and worry free.

My fitness is definitely not there. After taking nearly 8 weeks off, I’m out of shape. I’m fine with it but it will be a long adjustment period. Plus it isn’t as if I have a bunch of races I desperately need to get ready for.

Monday: 3 miles
Tuesday: 3 miles
Wednesday: 3 miles
Thursday: OFF
Friday: 3 miles
Saturday: 3.25 miles
Sunday: 40 minutes (around 4 miles)
Total: 20 miles

All in all I felt good during each run. I didn’t have any injury discomfort during my runs. I just had breathing and OMG running is hard discomfort.  Since I’ve started running again (This is my first real week of running in 8 weeks), my foot is adjusting to that.  Each injury I’ve had, I’ve never come back feeling good.  After taking time off and rest I normally feel awkward and sore.  My body has to readjust to running.  This really hasn’t been an exception and I can feel my foot readjusting to running again.

My doctor told me to try and run most of the runs by myself.  I have done that for the most part although I did run with Tim a couple of times.  He was good to me though and slogged my 10 minute miles and never pushed the pace.

My plan for next week is something similar to this. I want to keep my weekly mileage the same of doing the 3ish mile loop around my neighborhood.  If everything goes smoothly, I’m going to try and run 45 minutes next weekend. If it doesn’t, then I won’t try 45 minutes. I think because I played on more of a conservative side with recovery, it will have more benefits in a faster recovery now. I was telling a friend this is the first injury I’m coming back with almost no aches or pains so that is motivating.  I see myself around 20-24 miles next week if everything goes smoothly.

Other things I’ve been doing to keep my recovery strong: 

1. I’m taking salt baths to keep the muscle feeling loose.

2. I bought a pair of compression socks.  I’ve always used sleeves but decided to buy a pair of socks to get blood to my feet/metatarsals as well.  I am really glad I did and I’ve found I’m getting a lot of blood flow without constricting my feet (or feeling as if I’m causing damage).

So as always thank you for your support!

Questions for you:

Do you like compression socks or sleeves (what brand):

I alternate between CEP, Injinji and Zensah.  I might be in the minority but I have found Pro Compression socks to not work.

Did you race this weekend?  If you dressed up for a Halloween race, post a photo here (and a link to your blog/website) and I’ll include it in my Halloween post.  If you don’t use Facebook, send me an email!  

New Ewing Diner

New Ewing Diner (Ewing, NJ)

There are many hidden diner gems located in New Jersey.  The New Ewing Diner in Ewing is one of those hidden diner gems. When Melissa and I were looking for diners in the Trenton area, the New Ewing Diner popped up.  With quick research, we determined (by the photos) it would be pretty good.  Since I’m still new into my diner quest (this is number 36 that I’ve been too) have the option to pick and choose.

Melissa and I taking a selfie in front of the diner. #sofancy
Melissa and I taking a selfie in front of the diner. #sofancy

New Ewing Diner Atmosphere: A

The New Ewing Diner is located directly next to a large psychiatric center with a 10-foot barbed-wire fence. You also drive by a state prison within a mile of the New Ewing Diner. I was worried I would make a wrong turn. The diner itself comes up quickly, though.  It’s a cute, very picture-perfect diner located in the heart of Trenton.

The inside was very festive as well.  In fact, it is evident that the diner had been through some remodeling and was “new.”  Both the interior and exterior were my favorite atmospheres to date. They were very festive inside for Halloween.

New Ewing Diner Coffee: A

The coffee at the New Ewing Diner was excellent, and the whipped was cream was good too.  I wish the cups were a little bigger, but it was good coffee.

I think a whipped cream coffee and picture of the menu is a perfect diner review staple
I think a whipped cream coffee and a picture of the menu is a perfect diner review staple

New Ewing Diner Food: B

The New Ewing Diner menu is enormous.  In fact, the New Ewing Diner has 64 different omelet combinations.  Next time I come, I’m going to try one of their many omelets.

I ordered the Mkyanos salad.  It was their house specialty. It was a Greek specialty salad with chicken, (three) olives, onions, tomatoes, grape leaves, and feta. I also ordered a side of pita bread. In my opinion, the salad was a little lackluster. It was a good salad; I wish there were more salad (see the three olives). I will say I haven’t had better pita bread then this diner. It was pretty good, but the atmosphere led me to believe the food would be a lot better — another case of judging a book by its cover.

Ewing Diner Salad

New Ewing Diner Price: $$$
The salad and coffee at the New Ewing Diner cost 18. While it was a good salad and the coffee was good, I think it was a rather expensive meal for what you got. I’m going to give the New Ewing Diner the HUGE benefit of the doubt and say you are paying more for atmosphere than food.

Would I return/overall thoughts of the New Ewing Diner?
I think the diner is a bit pricey, but the atmosphere is one of the best I have been too in NJ. The staff at New Ewing Diner was some of the most friendly of any diner staff. I will be back soon, and I will try one of their 64 omelets.

You can see all of the diner reviews here.

Questions for you:
Have any restaurants you’ve too been festive for Halloween?
What is the most decorated restaurant you have ever been too?


The Morning Everything Went Wrong…and I made it through the day…

The end.

It’s great when the title is the entire story of the post right?

grumpycat meme

Have you ever had one of those days?  It seems like everything is going wrong.  Little things are piling up and suddenly you cannot think of a single thing that has actually gone right.  As more things go wrong, the frustration increases.  Suddenly it’s the worst day ever and you don’t even know how you got to that point.  If you haven’t had a day like that then you are living the dream.

That’s exactly how last Saturday started for me. I had slept awful the night before. I woke up before 5am and it was that type of wide awake that I wasn’t going back to sleep. So I sat there staring at the ceiling for a few minutes then ultimately decided I might as well wake up.  I stumbled out of bed making more noise than I thought was possible.

For more clarity, this was last Saturday. I was working on Satuday and we were moving that weekend. Tim and I had a solid agreement that he would load (old house) and unload (new house) the truck on Saturday (so sorry, so weak). I ultimately have been unpacking boxes this week.

So anyways, I still felt guilty I was leaving him and his dad to load a bunch of heavy items (despite that being the agreement). So as I sat there packing for work, half tired but unable to fully think straight,I decided to go for my 1.25 daily mile run. (1.25 because that was a measured an easy loop near my house to be).  The run went well and I felt great (that was possibly the sunshine of the day).

After that I got home and began packing for work. I seemed to drop everything, with each drop become increasingly louder. Then each thing that went wrong became increasingly more frustrating for me. It was one of those mornings that each small issue seemed to lead to bigger one.

In summary before I left my house all of the following happened:
I burnt my tongue on coffee (blistering burnt). 
I dropped 2 plates.
I fell down the stairs. 
I left 3 things inside.
I left 5 minutes late.

Upon getting into (Tim’s) car, I spilled coffee all over the interior including my work clothes.
I cleaned it up and went back inside to grab new clothing (with the door slamming).  After getting back into his car, I realized I had grabbed the wrong keys.
So after grabbing the right keys frazzled and looking a mess, I left for work 15 minutes later than I would have liked. I remembered that it was better to be late versus get into an accident or get a speeding ticket.  Then I would just be later.

I took my time and abided by traffic laws. The drive seemed to be going by extremely slow. I found myself staring at the clock every minute. Each progressive minute seeming to frustrate me for no reason (other than I was stupidly stressed).

After getting on the turnpike I realized I was making pretty good time. My day was getting better after a rougher morning. Despite being before 8am, my commute was actually going well.

I got to work and began my day again. I was fine, my day got progressively better.  There wasn’t a lot of excitement at work and after a few hours I gathered myself (with coffee) and realized my day had gotten a lot better.  All of the little things that stressed me out were done with.  The only thing I’ll remember about that day was leaving a full house and coming back to an empty one.

We all those mornings.

bad day meme

When I was leaving for work at the peak of my stress, I assumed  my day would just get worse.  I had assumed that it would be an awful day.  Honestly it would have only been an awful day if I had let it.  I put on my positive hat and grabbed my party pants and made my day a good one.  When life feels like it’s getting out of control, remember in most circumstances you can make your situation better,  There isn’t a need to stress over the small things.  It’s a lesson I try and remember in life as well as in running related injuries.  I often ask myself…what will I remember in a year or two years…

Questions for you:

Have you ever had one of “those” days?

How do you deal with stress? 

Fitness Magazine #FitblogNYC

Last week I was honored to participate in Fitness Magazine’s “blogging meet and tweet”.  I drove up the night before and stayed at Amelia and Danielle’s house because it would have been quite the commute from South Jersey.  If they were not kind enough to allow me to sleep on their comfortable sofa (which I’ve decided I’m going to buy one exactly the same for my house…), I wouldn’t have gone.  I’m not commuting 3+ hours to get into the city.  I hate driving an hour, let alone driving, taking a train and then walking.

We got into the city around 9:30.  It was a bit overwhelming to head in during rush hour time. The Fit Blog NYC, was hosted inside a really nice (and made me jealous) fitness center.

I went into NYC during rush hour was terrifying.
I went into NYC during rush hour once…it was terrifying.

I met several awesome people I’ve been “following” for years such as Laura (Mommy Run Fast), Amanda (Miss Zippy), Erica Sara and Michele (NYC Mama).  Wow, I met so many people and learned so much…but where to begin?

Laura and I
Laura and I
Amanda, myself and Michele
Amanda, myself and Michele (Pretend I hadn’t just spilled coffee on my pants…embarrassing…but at least giving people a real glimpse into my life)

We were provided with breakfast.

Breakfast.  Danielle giving the thumbs up

After consuming half of the breakfast buffet by myself, I mingled and listened to several speakers.  The speakers were all interesting.  My favorite talked about the female athlete triad as well as running injuries.  (When she was talking about stress fractures, I resisted the urge to wave my hand).

As someone who has worked with those diagnosed with mental and physical health issues, it was so interesting to me. She talked a lot about eating disorders and their correlation to fitness blogs.

I plan to do another blog post dedicated to this very topic soon: but not having your period is not normal (no matter how athletic you are).  One thing I miss about working in a public health setting is educating people on overall health and wellness.  It is something I would like to get back too.

After lunch (so sorry no photos, such a blogger failure) we visited various booths and tables by the sponsors of the event.  We received a lot of great items.

I’ll be honest that my favorite booth were the Hokas.  First, we got a free pair of Hokas.  I’m a runner and free running shoes are awesome.  Second, I’m coming off a stress fracture and was going to buy a pair of Hokas to alternate with my Asics Nimbus anyways.  So when they said we were getting a free pair, I thought my next step was to get a lotto ticket (edit to add: I bought a scratchcard and didn’t win).

Lisa and I

With my moving I kept most things in the bag they gave us. Thankfully Laura took some great photos…I’m going to blame it on moving but in reality I am not as fancy to take great photos like these.

As well as the Hokas, there were also quite a few beauty and personal use items they gave us.  While I’m not a beauty blogger and don’t have any “beauty routine”, it was nice to receive these items too. If I find any products I especially like then I will be sure to share them!  They are all great products but I don’t have a lot to compare them too.

Beauty and Health Items
Beauty and Health Items

After browsing the booths a panel of bloggers talked about negative criticism, etc.  Of course not everyone is going to like you.  That being said just because someone leaves a negative comment doesn’t make them a “jealous blog hater”.  I think feedback (both good and bad) is important to blogging.  That’s just my opinion though.  One quote that really stuck with me was: “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach that exists but there is always going to be someone that doesn’t like peaches”.  I want to write a post sometime about constructive criticism and blogging.  Long story short, I don’t really think that people publicly bash you because they are jealous of your life. Going to Fitblog gave me a few post ideas.

We left with a very large gift bag.  To be honest, I felt both overwhelmed and excited by all of these “free things”.  The event was free and now they were giving me all of these items.  I felt guilty that companies were just giving me things just because I blog.  That being said I was extremely grateful too.   I am sure I will like most of these great products and I’ll share some of my favorites.  After I take more time to get to use some of these products, I’ll write a post sharing my favorites.

I had never been to a “blogging event” so this was a new experience for me.

Running and fitness Gear
Running and fitness Gear

So long rambling short, I had a great time and I will hopefully be back next year. I don’t even know who I am anymore…I’ve been to NYC twice in a month.  I honestly cannot take credit though because Danielle has led me into the city giving and allowing me to follow her like a lost dog.  I know for a fact I wouldn’t have made it into the city without her or Amelia.

Questions for you:

Have you ever been to a blogger meetup?

Are you a urban or suburban type of person? 

Training: The Week I ran Outside 3 Times!

When life gets in the way you work out less.  At least that seems to happen to me.  As most people know (and it merits its own post too), Tim and I have officially moved. It’s about 50 minutes from our previous location.  Securing the house caused us to need to move and have all of our stuff into this new house by today (Sunday).

Within this last week we have packed and moved everything.  This time last Sunday, we were living normally in our previous house.  We knew we were moving and had packed a few things but not much. Now we are completely in a different house.  A special thank you goes out to Tim’s parents who really helped us out. It’s funny how fast these things happen! Blogging and workouts took a backseat this week.

So yes, I’ve been busy and honestly rather stressed.  I wish I could tell you I made it to the Alter G at work (which is 50 minutes there) but I didn’t have the time to spend 3 hours for that (drive 50 minutes, run, drive home). I needed to pack more than I needed to workout.  That being said, I feel like I’ve done a lot this week even though I’ve worked out far less. As weird as this sounds I feel like this is the most productive training week I’ve had in 7 weeks (all due to essentially 30 minutes of running this week)! 

And I’m fine with that.  I ran outside three times this week and I would prefer

Monday: 5 miles Alter G
Tuesday: 1.25 miles outdoors
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: 1.25 miles outdoors
Friday: 1 Hour AMT
Saturday: 1.25 Miles outdoors
Sunday: 5 miles Alter G


Actually, realistically I got a lot of running in.  I didn’t feel bad when I ran.  Obviously I wouldn’t have run if I did.  I felt a bit of soreness after each mile outdoors.  There was nothing that felt uncomfortable or that changed my gait cycle. At this current point, I am very aware of my foot. Honestly I’ve never come back from an injury not being hyper aware of my issue or problem. This has been the longest road to recovery I have had from any injury. Between my arch problem and this stress fracture I’ve spent over 3 months down and out!

At this point I will take any injury free miles I can get. My plan next week is to take each day as it comes. I won’t run over 2 miles in one run. I will probably run between 5-8 outdoor miles if everything goes well and perfectly. I will also go to the Alter G when everything from this move settles down. While I’m not sponsored for the Alter G, I am very fortunate we have one at work. It is something I will continue to use when I’m healthy.

I’m very much hoping I’m finally recovering and starting a new chapter in my running. This has been my longest recovery from an injury.

Emoji fingers crossed and healthy foot emoji.

Questions for you:
What is your longest injury?
How many times have you moved?

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