My Life is So Exciting so I Blog About It…

I wrote about this a few times but often times someone will say “I wish I could blog BUT my life is not that exciting…”

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For some reason I have the tune of Beyonce “Put a Ring on it” stuck in my head while typing this.  If you’re exciting, then you should put a header on it..or something blog related like that.

I can assure you I live a normal and unexciting life.  I don’t get paid millions to come up with short stories to entertain people with.  I started LOLZ (formally known as lolzthatswim) to document my personal life journey.  When I first started my blog in 2011, I was just beginning to run college cross country.  I was a typical college student. I enjoyed hanging out with friends, going out, swimming and just starting to run. I had never run before (in fact I nearly failed the mile in high school gym class).

I didn’t know where or how to begin a blog.  I just started a wordpress hosted blog and went from there.  I didn’t spend too much time blogging. I just jotted down my thoughts about life. As I hard as it is to believe, my blogging grammar was even worse back then. I can normally string some coherent sentences down now. If you know me,then you know I normally speak a mile a minute like I blog.  As my blog has grown, my writing and grammar has improved (a little bit), I’m nowhere near perfect but no one is.

So back in college when I started LOLZ, I was also doing a winter sport (swimming;  something I had been participating in since I was very young).  I wanted somewhere I could gather my thoughts…so I just randomly decided to blog.  It seemed like a good idea at the time (and I still think it was a good idea).

My college life was more eventful then my post grad.  In college, I could ramble away about college life, running, swimming and being busy.  I had a total of two readers (I think?).  As I aged, my life changed.  That’s normal.  My blog changed as well.  That’s normal. Unfortunately I needed to delete a lot of earlier blog posts because of an ex boyfriend.  I cleaned up and removed a lot of older posts but continued to blog.

After college, I entered the work force in the community health field.  I didn’t talk much about my previous job and that’s fine.  For the year of 2012-2013, I worked, ran and did my thing.  I still blogged along the way (as I have since 2011).  I choose to talk about running and interesting aspects of my life the most.  I don’t choose to talk about the days I went to work, ate and slept.  Why?  Because realistically there isn’t much to say about them.  I don’t live an overly dramatic or exciting life.  I live my life which contains stories along the way. Today I chose to blog about blogging. I didn’t choose to blog about my daily life…because it’s boring and I’m not doing too much today.  I don’t have much to say because I don’t live my life to blog.

My point is, you don’t have to live an exciting life to blog.  You don’t have to post everyday.  I like to post everyday so I normally do.  I don’t feel a sense of responsibility to post everyday, I just like too.  If I really don’t have anything to say, then I don’t post. Just as working out, blogging still exists the next day whether you posted or not.

Anyone can blog.  Anyone can share their story.  You don’t have to have any overly dramatic life or lifestyle.  Heck most of my Facebook friends post more interesting and dramatic Facebook statuses than my blog posts. You don’t have to go to the movies, go on friend dates (or relationship  dates) everyday and don’t have to be a world class athlete.  It takes time and effort to realize what you like to blog about. More importantly it takes time to realize what you like to blog about. Life is to short to do things you feel miserable doing.

My point is this: there are no rules for blogging. It’s your space to blog about what you want when you want. You don’t have to be exciting or live an extravagant life to blog. You just have to want to blog.


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  1. i love this. so many people get caught up in the competition side of blogging, trying to get more readers, more views, more comments, etc.
    my life is too chaotic and hectic to even sit down and compose my thoughts for a second these days. but when i do get back i’ll still post sporadically and i don’t care what people think about it 🙂

  2. I agree. I’ve been blogging since 2001 when I was in grad school (back then it was livejournal) and it’s seen me through a crazy amount of my life. Back then it was more of a journal than a blog and although my writing style has morphed as I’ve gotten older, I’m so grateful for each and every single blog post. (Even when I was acting fool…)

  3. So true. It is our own little soap box to do with as we wish.
    I’m tryng to get away from blogging every day and about mundane things. Do people really read my posts on my latest long run. Does it help them sleep?
    I’m in the process of editing over 500 blog posts, to update, improve and in some cases leave as “private”. Some posts just don’t need to stay out there.

  4. I completely agree! There is definitely nothing extraordinary about my life and I really never thought I would blog about it, but, it’s all in the writing, the thought, and the story you tell that makes the blog I think. I might not have a magical life but I DO think a lot throughout the day and my blog is a compilation of those thoughts, with an attempt to organize them so people will get it! It’s very similar to the journaling I did for years, but now people actually read it. It’s pretty cool!

  5. Thank you so much for this! Sometimes I think it is entirely pointless for me to blog, just rambling on about running/college/crazy thoughts. But it’s not about that! It’s about who you are behind the “non-exciting life” and your own unique opinions and ideas. 🙂

  6. I definitely agree that the most important thing is wanting to blog! Heck, I barely even talk about my personal life on my blog, but blogging is something I love doing so I don’t find it hard to come up with content on a regular basis. I think it mostly comes down to the blogger and their thoughts/voice… not necessarily what kind of life they live.

  7. Plus 100 to this. If I can blog and get a few people to interact with, then anyone can. I (happily) lead one mundane life!

  8. I think people starting blogs these days generally do so with a view to commercial success, whereas in ye olde blogging times a lot of us just decided it would be a nice outlet and a novel method of documenting our lives. It’s clear when someone’s blogging just for the sake of it and I find ‘commercial’ blogs ridiculously tedious to read. If anything, they are the prime illustration that most people DO have highly boring, tedious and mundane lives.

    I love hearing your thoughts and perspective on things. You’ve always had a quirky and unique blogging voice, and regardless of grammar and spelling I always come to your blog intrigued to hear what you have to say.

  9. I agree! My life isn’t exciting but I find things to talk about all the time! And I post when I feel like! I know nobody at home is dying for me to post.

  10. I like this! When I first started blogging and even now sometimes, I would feel like I had to post something new and exciting everyday but it’s so important to actually enjoy blogging and feeling forced to come up with something exciting to talk about every day is a sure fire way to suck out the fun of blogging, for me.

  11. I love blogging for this reason! sometimes I don’t have much to say, and sometimes I say stuff that other people don’t care to read about, but its for me and when I look back at when we first started blogging, we have come a long way 🙂

  12. Yes, Yes, Yes! I a, not one to talk, because I do not pay nearly the amount of attention to my blog that in my head I would like to, but honestly, I feel like 90% of the best bloggers out there are just…people. Shocking I know, it’s true!

  13. Absolutely love this! I’ve been “blogging” and graphic designing since I was 12. I fell in love and used to blog about my entire school life! I miss seeing those posts and honestly, I have 0 regrets. I love blogging, it’s such a nice way to document life and adventures and thoughts and ideas! It’s great and this post is even greater.

  14. Great post! I agree. You don’t have to have an interesting life, just interesting thoughts 🙂 the best blogs take a break from day-in-the-life, fitness and food posts to talk about their feelings and life experiences. That’s because usually most of their readers can relate and love feeling like someone else is going through what they are.

  15. I think it comes down to the blogger themselves- you could write a post about dandilieon soup and if you are a quality blogger, I’d read it. even if you’d spend your free time eating peanuts and brushing cats.

  16. I definitely don’t find my life to be supremely fascinating, but I love blogging and sharing it anyway. I blog more for my enjoyment and to keep a record of things that I want to remember than anything else, and I think it’s important that it doesn’t feel like a chore. Blogging should be a personal thing that you just do publicly.

  17. Thanks for this post. I really needed to read this. I love to blog, it’s just my place where I like to talk and share thoughts and ideas. I had a personal blog for years and years for family only. I loved sharing just everyday stuff, photos and updates. Nobody in the family ever said anything, I felt as if I was talking to myself, but I could tell they visited often by the hits I got. I stopped doing that and I just started my new blog. I love it, it’s like a baby to me and I love reading other blogs so much that I have to force myself to stop otherwise I would never get any sleep, LOL! But the thought keeps popping up in my head…Who in the world wants to hear what I have to say?!? There are so many huge blogs out there, why would anyone care what I have to say? But this morning I saw your post and read what others had said in your comments. That gave me so much encouragement to keep on blogging!! I also checked my analytics page and saw people are visiting. Oh my gosh what a great feeling! Thank you again, I really needed this reminder just about now to just keep blogging. 😉

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