Life is Always Moving

A lot of my blog posts come from personal life lessons or thought provoking statements. They are topics that I’ve thought about for a while and decided I want to expand upon on my thoughts.

Have you ever had a day that has seemed rough? You are late to work and now everything and everyone seems to be moving to slow. Last week on my way to work, they were doing huge construction projects. The roads desperately need the work to be done. The pot holes are dangerous, there are no sidewalks and the cornfields border millimeters from the road. This project is very much merited and needed. The construction project, however, has the roads backed up for miles.

I sat in a complete dead stop for about 20 minutes while I waited (no moving at all). Of course it was extremely frustrating. I knew I was now pushing my limits to get to work on time. Not only that but my coffee stop was taken away. The drive was getting progressively worse and my mood getting increasingly more foul. I was frustrated but there was nothing I could too. There were 100 police cars in the police station across the road and many patrolling keeping the construction workers safe. I didn’t think it was in my best interest to plow through grass and cornfields to go around the construction site (all joking aside, of course I would never do that anyways).

After our direction was cleared to move my first instinct was to drive quickly to get to work. I was stressed to make it to work on time. I didn’t drive any different and drove normally. That road has multiple stop lights and every car that sped by me 20 mph faster was only stopped at the next red light. I drove normally and made it to work at 10:02. My normal day starts at 10. I made it to work safely and by 7pm, those 2 minutes were meaningless. My life, my safety and my clean driving slate was (and is) not meaningless.

That night I drove home and saw a big police commotion on the other side of the road. It looked to be a terrible accident.

The next day I decided to take a different route to work. It was longer than my normal route but less time than waiting. I easily made it in my normal time, coffee stop and all. Work was fine and I drove home again. Last Saturday evening, my side of the road was bring rerouted in a similar spot as Friday. I thought perhaps I had been mistaken and they were doing construction at that area of the road too. When I drove by the firetrucks I noticed they had the stretcher and AED out.

Another serious accident.

I made it home once again safely. I reflected on two days of driving past pretty significant accidents (both of which I later found out had deaths).

It made me really think about is it worth it? If I sped down the road trying to make those precious two minutes up would something happened? Something to myself, to someone else and something regrettable? It could have. It seems we all have busy lives to live, things to do, people to see and places to go. There are always going to be outside factors we weren’t planning for. These are the factors that it is the most important to think about how you react to them.

Life is a collection of moments. It isn’t an individual second, minute, day, week, month of year. It’s always important to look realistically at long term too.


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  1. People complain about traffic a lot, construction, bad drivers, etc… I try not to let it get to me. It’s only a few minutes and I’d rather stay safe. Most employers are pretty understanding here and know how traffic is… most good employers are understanding anyway and know that things happen. When my mom worked (she’s retired now), she had a weird nightshift and had to commute so she often saw wrecks. At one wreck in a rural area of SC, she saw it and knew someone had died. She even saw the white sheet. She was pretty shook up for awhile after that, I would be too… I hope I never have to see a really, really bad accident =/.

  2. I am the worst with traffic frustration, but then when you see a horrible accident it totally puts it all back in perspective. Yet somehow I’m a moron and don’t learn from that, and continue to be rushed, frustrated and stressed by any traffic jams.

  3. The traffic in Toronto where I live is brutal in the morning. A normal 20 minute commute is an hour or more in the morning. Lots of stop and go. I just put on some music or a podcast, sip my coffee, and creep along with everyone else. It sucks, but I won’t get crazy about it.

  4. I used to be impatient and frustrated often too Holly. After years of reflection, some yoga, some stillness, some talking, a lot of heartbreak – I’ve learned it’s not worth it. I’ve learned it’s actually egotistic. There are people out there in hospitals, sick or accidents, cannot walk/see/hear, etc. And yet so many of us complain and whine every single day. It’s sad and a waste of time/energy. We don’t have a Right to live in this world. It is a Privilege. Stop and smell the roses, appreciate it, show gratitude and get out of our own heads. Start helping others and showing compassion instead.

  5. After living in a tiny town for 18 years, it’s an adjustment having to take time for transportation. I would leave for high school 6 minutes before the final bell rang and was never late. Any appointments I had I could leave 5-10 minutes before and be on time. The gym was a 5 minute walk. Now it takes forever to go anywhere.

  6. This was an interesting post Hollie. It’s all too easy to be impatient (in just about any situation) but it does not get you anywhere, if anything it can be detrimental to yourself and others.
    I’ve really had to train myself to contain my frustration on public transport, I take the tube to university and it’s so incredibly unreliable. But at the end of the day, it’s just something that’s out of our control.

  7. My cousin died in a car accident and it changed my view on them so much. It frustrates me now to think about how many people are huffing and puffing because they’re putting someone into an ambulance. People who haven’t lost a loved one in a car accident have a hard time thinking about the other side of things… The hurt family and lost life. Whenever I am in a backup because of an accident, I no longer get upset about being late to something… I do need to work on my patience with construction, though. ha

  8. I think about this a lot, how the most minute of decisions can make the biggest differences in our lives. As for driving, I do tend to be more of a cautious driver (especially in NJ), but I don’t have to worry about causing an accident on my end. The times I have sped up, or needed to brake suddenly because I wasn’t paying attention, just enforce the need to be cautious and aware at all times.

  9. It’s very sobering to see situations like that and know that it could have potentially been you if you had chosen to act differently, you know? And it definitely puts things in perspective that being late to work or missing a cup of coffee (as much as that sucks haha) aren’t really a big deal in the grand scheme of things!

  10. I kNow that some days I am go go go. And my stress levels goes up because things arent going according to my time table. But learning to take deep breaths and just living in the Moment, will help a lot

  11. Every time I get caught in traffic, I always wonder if there was an accident and so often there was. To see so many in such a small window is pretty shocking.
    Some people say mountains, the desert, or ocean remind them that they are small and insignificant in the world, no matter how dire their issues. Accidents do that for me. I am so lucky every day just to make it to a stressful job, or situation or what have you. At the end of the day, I am just one piece of the universe, and what seem like huge problems to me just don’t matter and I am lucky to have those problems.

  12. My mum always says “better to be a few minutes late in this world, then years too early in the next”. We get complacent about how dangerous driving really is. I see so many accidents on the way to work because I drive a long stretch of motorway for 45minutes. It really makes me think and stops me trying to gain a few seconds by taking a silly risk.

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