I’ve gotten several requests over the last few months about what I eat daily (And by that I mean maybe 3 in 2 months).  As a self proclaimed walmart foodie shopper I can’t say I’m that thrilling of an eater but I did go out of my way to remember to take photos.  By going out of my way I I wrote on my hand: take some photos.  I knew breakfast wouldn’t be an issue but remember to take photos for lunch and dinner?  That’s a whole different ball game.  I’m really scatter brained throughout the day so if I don’t write something down, I don’t remember.

My hand writing is so lovely!

My hand writing is so lovely!

Lately I have been eating a lot of pancakes again.  I went through a phase a while back (around 3 years ago) where I ate pancakes for breakfast nearly every day.  They were fast, easy to make and simple.  In fact about two years ago, I posted a new pancake recipe on my blog every week. I got sick of them, moved on to eggs for a while, then bagels and now I’m back to pancakes.  It will probably change again  I normally just add ¾ cup of flour, an egg, baking powder and if I’m feeling cocoa powder then cocoa powder too.  I used to post a lot of recipes about it but then realized that was not my style and some recipes were weird.  So I stopped doing that…

Breakfast 6:00 am

Some pancakes

Some pancakes

Then I went to the gym for about an hour, did some elliptical as well as lifted weights.  I showered and headed to work.

Coffee: 9 am.  I stopped at Wawa and got my coffee.  Since you’ve never seen a photo of coffee, here you go!  20 ounces is the following: 16 ounces coffee and 4 ounces cream.  I think I like my cream with a few tablespoons of coffee.  I also had a cliff bar.  They were on sale at the grocery last week so they are my “bar of choice” this week.

Coffee and cliff bar.  Mint was okay, not my favorite but not the worst.

Coffee and cliff bar. Mint was okay, not my favorite but not the worst.

12 Lunch It was craving a roast beef sandwich and the deli makes really good wraps.  It was exactly what I was craving.  I really wanted roast beef.


Then I continued to work and I continue to stare at people’s feet.  I truly enjoy working so normally it goes by pretty quickly.  There wasn’t too much of interest this particular day.  Many new runners came in for a first pair of shoes, a few people wanted a pair a new pair of their favorite styles.

By 5:00 pm I grabbed a cliff bar.  I have been enjoying them lately and I needed something to hold me over.  I don’t normally get home until between 7:30-9 (depending on our closing hours) so I couldn’t wait that long between lunch and dinner.

This one  was better.

This one was better.

Then at 7pm it was time to head home.  So I drove back home and was exhausted.

7:30pm I decided to make some boring dinner.  I normally just decide on the way home what I want to eat.  Depending on my day (was it a stressful day at work…am I just lazy to cook?).  It all depends on what  I’m craving.  Since T has been gone, I don’t have to worry about judgement about what I eat for dinner (kidding, he doesn’t judge).  I ended up having some left over salmon that I made the other day so I just had a salmon salad.  It took me about 5 minutes to reheat.  So I get home at 7:33 and I’m eating by 7:38.  That is pretty much that.

Salmon Salad


After I’m done eating (and while I’m eating) I tend to just watch TV, catch up on news, blogs, current events and whatever else I feel like.  I pretty much give myself until 9pm to just relax and do whatever.  Around 9, I like to turn off my internet and just relax.  Whether that is just watching some TV or whether that is just going to bed.  I’ve noticed I sleep a lot better when I turn off technology and I sleep with my cell in another room.

I guess this turned into a day in my life and what I like to eat.  I can see why food bloggers are always so busy and have no free time.  This post took forever to do and it was a real pain to remember to take photos of my food.  It’s a lot harder then blogging about running.

Questions for you:

What is a day in the life like for you?

What did you eat today?  What are some good lunch suggestions?  (Or am I the only lazy person who enjoys the classic peanut butter and jelly).



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  1. The only thing I’ve eaten so far today was a bowl of raisin bran and some vanilla soymilk. I also had coffee (2 cups). I woke up late. I’ll eat lunch in a bit but don’t know what that’ll be.

    Somehow I knew a salmon salad would be on the list of things you ate :). Even if it wasn’t at a diner. I love salmon and salads too, as well as clif bars and pancakes. And I love PB&J!

    My store had the Snickers Marathon bars on sale so thats what I have been eating but we go through Nature Valley as well.

  2. I’ve been eating horribly lately! All I’ve had today was a banana scrambled in 2 eggs and part of a cinnamon roll from yesterday. I like your daily happenings!

  3. I still remember the days where you used to post pancake and waffle recipes. And even one time where you did a vlog about it 😉 And I’d definitely never turn my nose up at an [almond] butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. Usually I just have a snack plate, though, so I can knock out any taste and/or texture craving that I might be dealing with that day.

  4. Mmm I love roast beef sandwiches! Today I didn’t have much time to eat between classes and joining my new running group (!!). I picked up some sushi and coffee (obvs) for some pre running fuel and refuelled via chocolate and mini donuts, I know – super healthy!

  5. i can’t find the time to blog these days let alone a daily recap! clif bars-the banana nut bread one is scrumptious.

    my eats are boring but delicious these days.

  6. I had a spinach salad for dinner too – fast, fast – but with rotisserie chicken. Am I the only one who pretty much carves the chicken directly into my mouth, while standing at the counter? Please say no. I was so hungry.

  7. I am all about the pb and j! I usually switch off with that or an oatmeal bowl for lunch. These two just seem to really hit the spot for me. I feel like I am constantly eating all day…food blogging would be really hard!

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