So Many Articles…So Little Time

When I save articles throughout the week, I always feel like I’ve saved more than I actually have.  It makes sense and I think they are a good length now (not to long and really only articles that I’ve found important or relevant.  Not #allthelinks).  I always enjoy when people share what articles they are enjoying so hopefully others feel the same way.   For me, there is nothing like waking up and reading morning news and interesting links with my coffee.   It’s how I like to take some personal time for myself and set myself up for a good day.

I have found if I have a relaxing and nonstressful morning (sometimes it’s unavoidable) then I set myself up for a good day.  If my morning is stressed and chaotic, then generally the rest of my day is as well.  I digress and here is what I found the last couple of weeks.


8 Things to Live by When Everything Goes Wrong  (I feel like this article was speaking sweet songs to me and my life ha!)

9 Habits of People Always on Time (IE: Not me)

50 Ways to Be Healthy

A Graphic Description of Life With An Eating Disorder (This is a really shocking description of someone who lived with an eating disorder and overcame it).


The Term “Sugar Free” 

Ten Perfect Pumpkin Recipes (The only “perfect” thing would be if they were premade for me. I’m not obsessed with pumpkin but I do enjoy the taste)


Run the mile instead of a marathon 

10 Habits of Insanely Passionate Runners

For the LOLZ

How to plan a wedding in ten 10 easy steps. (The more I watch, the more I laugh)

7 Terrible Themed Race Ideas

From LOLZ (Apparently I decided all of these are “important” posts I wrote the last 2 weeks…apparently. 

The Day I met Kate Grace and Made her Choke on a Hot Dog 

Things Worse then Not Running 

Running When Injured is Stupid 

Halfway Done

Running Vs Racing 

Happy Friday and enjoy this weekend!

For me, I’ll be supporting and helping out those running RnR Philadelphia.  It was a race I really wanted to do but my injury knocked that option out.  My work is partnering with Brooks and the race so we are working most of the time.

Questions for you:

What articles are you enjoying this week? 

What are you up to this weekend? 


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  1. You know what I realized from reading this, some of your posts have been going to my spam folder…terrible! It makes no sense, but I’m glad I figured it out. I ca’t believe I’ve been missing half the LOLZ. Can’t wait to hear about you working at RnR this weekend. It’s going to be an amazing race to spectate. Have fun!

  2. I like to spend my morning catching up on news too, but sometimes this does the opposite of relax me. For example, there are several HUMONGOUS wild fires burning in California right now, and this morning I was reading about how they arrested a man on arson charges for one of the fires. It made me so MAD…what the hell is wrong with this dude?! I had nowhere to place my anger because I obviously can’t stop the fire or go confront this man, so it was a rough emotion to feel first thing in the morning.

  3. I commute to uni, so I spend my time on the train catching up on some reading (and blogs). It really is a great way to start the day, even better if you have a cup of coffee by your side!

  4. God do I need to learn how to be on time haha. I also love those things to remember when everything is going wrong…that’s all little nuggets of wisdom I learned over the past few months and even though they seem like cliches, when bad things actually happen to you, you realize that they’re cliches for a reason – because they’re TRUE 🙂

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