Fall into Being Busy

I’m glad other people can relate to being boring and adult (IE: yesterday’s post). I feel like September is one of the most busy times of the year.  For students, you are getting back into the nitty gritty of class and courses.  For offices there is something about fall that screams “new and fresh start”.  For businesses like a running store, we are in fall marathon mode as well as cross country mode.  We are also busy.  It seems like most people are busy the month of September.

That means less people are on the internet.  I can see a reflection of that, not only with myself but with my blog stats as well.  Maybe I’m just getting more boring or something?  Or something like that anyways.  Blog stats aren’t something that I’m really concerned about but I always notice certain trends.  One being that I tend to get more page views in the summer and less in the fall.  YAY for people existing in real life and not worrying about my blog.

Across all of social media, I’ve seen more and more people indicate they are busy.  Too busy for this, too busy for that…and you know what?  That is completely fine.  We all go through periods of having a busy schedule versus having a less busy schedule.  It makes life interesting (kind of like that hill right in the middle of a run).

Like I’ve always stressed in my own personal life and blog space, it’s important to look at your big picture.  A novel isn’t written with one chapter and neither is your life. It’s important to realize that these times come and go.  For instance on Tuesday, I had a day off of work.  I thought I would really enjoy my day off. By 1 pm, I had already cleaned everything that needed to be cleaned.  I had gone for my workout and caught up on all my TV (while cleaning).  I had read some blogs.  I found myself at a loss of what to do.  Normally on my days off I try and make plans but most people were busy so it didn’t work out that way.  Personally I like to have something to look forward to daily whether it’s hanging out or treating myself to something.

I had finished everything I needed (and wanted) to do and it was now 2pm.  I honestly had no idea what to do.  Somehow I just zoned out and relaxed until going to bed.  I talked to a few friends.  I wondered what on Earth I would do on Wednesday I had two whole days off in a row.  After being so busy for the last two weeks, I didn’t know where to begin with a couple of days off.  I decided to work on some paintings and just relax.  Both I did

Then on Wednesday I woke up and got a call asking if I could come to work. It was something to do to fill my time.  I had gotten everything I wanted to do (For me right now I have come to the conclusion that back to back days off aren’t the best for me when I don’t make plans).  I need to have something to look forward in.  I do better with a little bit of structure and get bored sitting online after an hour (that’s really pushing it).

So with that I found myself even more busy this week than I originally planned.  That isn’t a bad thing or a good thing.  It’s just a change in schedule thing.  It leaves me with more free time and more things to do next day off.  Maybe I’ll even get some blog posts in.

My point is, September appears to be a busy month for everyone.  There isn’t a need to stress about it and life will eventually level itself out.  There is no need to stress about an individual day, month or year.

Question for you: What are you up to this September? 


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  1. september has been crazy. i actually couldn’t sleep at all tuesday night cause i couldn’t turn my brain off! i have a huge test at this course tomorrow, my crossfit certification this weekend, and still trying to get work done for work at this course. so busy & overwhelmed! but… busy bee=time moving faster, IMO. looking forward to a slowdown in October though 🙂

  2. It has been a busy month for us. Clay started a new job (he actually started the very end of August but is still getting used to the job), I have a few races, and we are taking a trip out of town next weekend. A lot of people I know are in marathon/half marathon training mode and the training programs here are picking up as well.

  3. I’m someone who love having days where I can just exercise and study. But I’ve been so busy and adjusting to college life and living on my own. Now if I get everything done on my to do list before 8 pm, I don’t know what to do. I go to bed about 9, so I like having a little time before that to not worry about everything I have to get done.

  4. September has been fine for me 🙂 Now that I CAN’T work overtime, I don’t worry about that! And I stopped doing so many trips and just enjoyed my time off! I am one of those people that always has something to do, even on my days off! ALWAYS! I have to go get cat food, grocery shop, cook (I typically like to cook for a few meals at once), try baking something new, spend even longer at the gym, go get my hurr did, CLEAN and do laundry, organize my pantry or clean out my fridge, clean my disgusting patio, go to my parent’s and clean out my car (apparently I like to clean), go have dinner with my momma, take a nice long walk!… I think I could be off for an entire month and fill all of my time (which I think because last summer when I worked 15 hours a week, I always felt SO busy- I wondered how I ever worked a full time job). I’m just soaking in my not busy time and loving every second of it!

  5. I agree, September always seems to be such a busy (and often stressful) month. I kind of life the busy stages in life though, it helps me feel like I’m being productive and actually accomplishing stuff! This september’s a big one for me, starting my second year of university and getting back into work! I’m pretty excited!

  6. Starting september the momentum doesn’t stop until after new year’s!(or valentine’s day). There’s back to school, thanksgiving, halloween, CHRISTMAS(My favourite holiday of all), and New Year’s, so when you do have some alone time, enjoy it!

  7. Agreed, very busy! Just getting the kids settled into their school routine plus driving to afterschool activities and playdates and birthday parties plus preparing meals and keeping up with laundry are enough to make me feel like there’s no time. And then there’s blogging and marathon training, of course 🙂

  8. Great post, Hollie! It seems like the blog world really is just.. dead right now because people are so busy with other stuff, haha. I know I am, and like you said, it’s all about the big picture!

  9. It’s definitely that time of year–time to do ALL the things. Even though it can be overwhelming, I’d much rather be busy than bored. And like you said, I never know what to do on my days off. I’ve got my “free time activities” (cleaning, doing laundry, etc.) down to an efficient science, so when I actually have downtime, I don’t know what to do! And that’s when Netflix comes in. 🙂

  10. I started a new job the last week of October, so September for me has been about getting used to being back in a 40 hour a week set schedule and overcoming the learning curve of some new skills I am expected to master. I feel like the month has been FLYING by – how is it the 18th?!

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