The Boring Real Life

It’s not a secret that I’ve been working a lot more than usual lately.  I’ve said that a lot.  My work is anywhere is from 30 minutes-1 hour from my house.  Working more days gives me less time to blog and less things to talk about via blogging.  With a 40 hour work week, I’m also driving between 5-10 hours a week.  That means I’m outside of my house (work related) around 45-50 hours weekly.  That doesn’t count time hanging out with friends.  

I haven’t been blogging any less (nor do I really want to stop blogging) but I often times find myself with less things to say.  I mean I could talk about waking up, working out, driving to work, coming home, playing around on the internet and then going to bed.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  That doesn’t seem that exciting to me, nor does posting my daily eats.  Sorry that’s not my blog flow. I guess if posting about my daily food intake and food payed my bills I might be more inclined.  Changing my blog to create more content seems like a lose for me and a snooze for readers.  That’s my humble opinion though and if you like posting your daily food intake, good for you.  I digress.

On my (work) off days, I’ve found I like to hang out with friends and relax.  I don’t like spend more then an hour or two blogging.  So I don’t like to spend all my free time blogging.  I really enjoy blogging but I don’t live to blog.

I’m not sure exactly what I’m saying, I guess more or less that while I’m having a social life and exist outside the internet, it’s not life riveting or things I feel are necessary “blog worthy”.

Do you really care what kind of food I ate today?  (Only if it’s a diner).

Do you care my favorite color is yellow?  Not really.

So anyways what have I been up to outside of boring, adult things?

Last week I got to hang out with a good friend Melissa.  It was a really good time and really nice to catch up.  Melissa has been a huge support system for me and our help and advice is untradeable.  It seems like so long ago and it was only last week.


Say "Smile so we exist in real life"

Say “Smile so we exist in real life”…no…really.

I also got to hang out with Danielle and Amelia who led me into the city.  (PS: Danielle just PRed in her 5k on a hard, hilly course in the middle of marathon training..).  Last Tuesday, I started a pretty rigorous schedule where I went to NYC and then drove straight to work Wednesday in South Jersey that morning.  I worked from Wednesday to Monday (around 50 hours).  Outside of meeting Kate Grace, I didn’t talk a lot about my time in NYC.  I really surprised myself with how much fun I had.  We walked around NY, tried a cool foodie truck (my first foodie truck ever!) and then headed to the Brass Monkey to meet some Oiselle teammates.  While I was nervous to physically go into the city, I had a lot of fun.

Train selfie

Train selfie

Foodie truck: A goat cheese wrap thing and glass noodle salad.   It was really good.

Foodie truck: A goat cheese wrap thing and glass noodle salad. It was really good.

Then I worked, worked, and worked.  I am glad I did and I enjoyed each day but it was tiresome for sure.  Those days consisted of work, sleep, work sleep (and two workouts I believe).

I’m now reaping the rewards of just relaxing and getting my house straightened up.  I was going to plan more events with friends but found I just needed some time to just relax.

I think as a blogger, there is an unseen pressure that “my life is so exciting, therefore I blog”.  That certainly isn’t the case and I have several weeks of being “boring” or just lather, rinse, repeating.

I wish I could post more exciting life moments but I don’t have any.  My biggest life update is that I’m just continuing living my life. 

I created an anonymous question box so if you have any idea’s or questions feel free to ask below.  


Questions for you:

What are you up to this week?

Any big plans this weekend? 

It’s RnR Philly so I’ll probably be watching and cheering with that.  Since my work is partnering with Brooks we have a lot of cool things going on.  Let me know if you’ll be there!


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  1. Love that you keep it real! Day-to-day life is fairly mundane, no? So why sugar coat it?

    I love NYC–and spending time live with friends! Glad you got to go. I spent the weekend with friends, too, and didn’t bring out my phone or computer once. That’s the way to go!

  2. I get sooo bored with reading people’s “what I ate” post on a regular basis. I don’t mind once in a while but when it’s every day or week I switch off. And when they put “and I had a banana, but forgot to take a photo sorry” as if we’d never seen a banana before or the sheer fact they hadn’t photo’ed it discredited their post completely. I’ve probably done it when I was really into WIAW so I can hardly criticize but now after blogging for a while it gets very tedious to read all the time…
    I really enjoy your diner review posts. Not because I find them helpful – I’m British and the likelihood of me ever going to them is slim but because in Britain we don’t really have diners. They’re so quintessentially American and it’s nice seeing a bit of your food culture!

  3. There are times I don’t know what to blog about – and other times I sit down to write and something else entirely comes out on the page. The best thing is to be you. Outside fitness, I’ve found myself writing about pet problems, work stress, family and other randomness. I think posts like that set you apart.

    How’s work by the way?

  4. My life is also incredibly boring, and like you, I wouldn’t blog what I eat daily (I actually eat the same thing most days). I do love reading your diner reviews though even if you always get the Greek salad with salmon, in fact that’s even better because that way you can compare that dish from diner to diner… and if I ever go to NJ I will find out all the best diners from you :). Your food truck eats look delicious as well, I’m glad you had fun in NYC and got to try a food truck, we have lots of them here as well.

    I also work a lot, although it’s at my house… that probably makes it even more boring. I don’t even have commute stories to tell. I think it’s good that you’re out and about and working and hanging out with friends though, always nice to stay busy and great that you’re getting hours at work!

  5. I cannot imagine blogging about my life on the daily. It is the same day in and day out, which I love, but that would make for some seriously boring material. I don’t blog too much about my personal life either but that’s just me.
    happy you enjoyed yourself in the city! yay for a food truck win!

  6. Confession: Sometimes I find myself saying “oh this is exciting! Now I can include it on the blog!” And then I drag out a quick moment in a post and act like it took up a lot of my weekend or day when in reality it was a snippet of time and the rest of the time I was totally and completely boring haha. There is a pressure to share new things when in reality usually we have a routine and we stick to it

    • Haha! Right. I feel like sometimes I’m more likely to try a new diner because I can “include it for the blog”. I have lost being a regular at several places.

  7. Get out of my head!!! I feel like I wrote this myself!! I don’t always think my life is that exciting, either. Who wants to hear about my boring salad for lunch! I barely want to eat it never mind tell you about it. I typically don’t read a WIAW post, and I don’t even feel bad about it bc they can be redundant.
    That being said I love this post!!:)

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it Nicole. Hopefully I’ll be more exciting sometime soon. I agree that I can only post WIAW every so often because I normally eat the same thing.

  8. As you know, work has picked up for me too (woohoo for marathon season!), and after staring at a computer all day, the last thing I want to do is go home and blog for hours. I’ve been more sociable at night recently too–meeting friends and going out with coworkers. It’s nice to be a real person!

  9. A appreciate that you are staying true to the tone/theme of your blog and not changing in order to generate content. I see a lot of the bloggers I read do this from time to time and you’re right – it’s boring (I came to read about running, not your lunch) and it’s obviously just filler, so it makes me more inclined to not come back.

    Your real life seems fun, though! And you’re so adorable. Glad you’ve been able to have some fun times with friends!

  10. I definitely feel you on the pressure to keep coming up with new and exciting content! But really… it’s life… and a big part of it IS rinse, repeat. For what it’s worth, though, I don’t find your posts or content boring at all. And I think YOU are wonderful, which is the real reason I keep coming back 🙂

  11. I so understand what you are saying- and it something I struggled with until I said that I’ll do it when I can, and I want to, and I have something to say! That being said, I always enjoy your posts (and social media), but we all find what works for us!

  12. I don’t care what people think about my blog! I still don’t even care if they read it! I like all of your posts, except I skip all the diner ones (I SAID IT! Haha). I actually always skip ALL reviews of restaurants on all blogs unless I plan on going there. I actually have read a few of your diner posts here and there and actually do like them, but just never click on them. I like posts about people’s lives though. I always have! I find it fascinating to see how other people live- not just how they workout and eat. We’re all adults. All our lives are boring.

  13. And by the way, you’re still one of my favorite bloggers, whether you’re running, injured, writing about diners, writing about whatever- I just like your personality and your blog!

  14. I really like that your blog is so YOU. Obviously, I like reading people’s daily eats 😉 (haha) but I read your blog because I like hearing what you have to say, what you’re up to, and how the running progress is going! I think what makes your blog so great is that you are always authentic!

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