Things that are worse than not Running

Not running stinks.  Not doing anything that you normally enjoy doing stinks period.  While that is true, there are many things that my injury has left me that are more annoying.  I’ve always found that you can be in a worse situation than you might think.   Over the last two weeks I’ve compiled a list of things I miss doing almost as much as running, or just things that are more of a life hassle.  That being said, there are way worse things that have annoyed me the last two weeks than not being able to run.

Things that are more annoying than not being able to run:

1. I miss not being able to drive a manual car.  I enjoyed alternating between my car and Tim’s car.  Since my stress fracture is in my left foot, the clutch is more of a hassle.  It would probably delay my healing as well.  So I’m stuck driving my car.  I guess that’s why I bought my car (to drive) but T’s car gets better gas mileage.  Refracturing my foot because I decided to drive a manual car would be pretty dumb…almost as dumb as refracturing my foot because I decided to run on a stress fracture.  #hashtagdumb #patienceisvirtue #IShouldntGiveAdvice this isn't T's car.
Wait…no this isn’t T’s car.

2. I miss walking at a pace you are compared to the 90 year old crowd, a turtle or a baby taking it’s first steps.  I am getting better and in the last two days, I’m pretty much walking normally (just not fast).  #grandmapace 

3. I will be glad to not be woken up in the middle of the night.  Yeah that just stinks…I keep my foot elevated awkwardly and sometimes it gets random pains in the middle of the night. #nightcrawler 
4. I will not miss people asking how this happened and after two weeks I still have no story.  I’ve been saying I karate kicked a wall…it seems most appropriate.  So from now I am going to say I karate kicked multiple walls…#karatekicker
5. One thing I do enjoy is chugging that milk, cheese and yogurt. No I’m not going overboard but I’ve traded my coffee for the leche. I like milk so I’m not sure why I’m even complaining. #milkkeg 

Or muscle milk...that's okay too.
Or muscle milk…that’s okay too.

6. I don’t think I will miss the pool. As much fun as swimming is, there is a reason I stopped in college. It’s been a nice change of scenery (you know from looking at grass and turkeys to a black line) but I’ll be happy for running and open air again. #BlackLineBoredom  

Aren't I cute under water?  #sooldsorecycled
Aren’t I cute under water? #sooldsorecycled

7. Speaking of swimming the chlorine has served to matte down my hair during this time of oppressive heat,  I will not miss this heat and it’s something I haven’t been too upset I can’t run in.   #ChlorineStrawStyle

In reality, there are far worse things. I wish I could walk at the pace I wanted and could drive T’s car to get a change of scenery. If you need a milk-keg partner I guess I’m your girl.  Other than that, I’m making the best of my situation and moving forward.  If I can bring the LOLZ then you know I’m doing just fine.

Questions for you: 

Have you ever had a foot injury?  What did you find most hindering?

What kind of car do you drive?

I drive a Firebird (fondly known as “Lorraine”.  I’ve had her since senior year of high school in 2007).  No one can tell if she is blue, black or purple and I’ve gotten speeding tickets with all three.