Things that are worse than not Running

Not running stinks.  Not doing anything that you normally enjoy doing stinks period.  While that is true, there are many things that my injury has left me that are more annoying.  I’ve always found that you can be in a worse situation than you might think.   Over the last two weeks I’ve compiled a list of things I miss doing almost as much as running, or just things that are more of a life hassle.  That being said, there are way worse things that have annoyed me the last two weeks than not being able to run.

Things that are more annoying than not being able to run:

1. I miss not being able to drive a manual car.  I enjoyed alternating between my car and Tim’s car.  Since my stress fracture is in my left foot, the clutch is more of a hassle.  It would probably delay my healing as well.  So I’m stuck driving my car.  I guess that’s why I bought my car (to drive) but T’s car gets better gas mileage.  Refracturing my foot because I decided to drive a manual car would be pretty dumb…almost as dumb as refracturing my foot because I decided to run on a stress fracture.  #hashtagdumb #patienceisvirtue #IShouldntGiveAdvice this isn't T's car.

Wait…no this isn’t T’s car.

2. I miss walking at a pace you are compared to the 90 year old crowd, a turtle or a baby taking it’s first steps.  I am getting better and in the last two days, I’m pretty much walking normally (just not fast).  #grandmapace 

3. I will be glad to not be woken up in the middle of the night.  Yeah that just stinks…I keep my foot elevated awkwardly and sometimes it gets random pains in the middle of the night. #nightcrawler 
4. I will not miss people asking how this happened and after two weeks I still have no story.  I’ve been saying I karate kicked a wall…it seems most appropriate.  So from now I am going to say I karate kicked multiple walls…#karatekicker
5. One thing I do enjoy is chugging that milk, cheese and yogurt. No I’m not going overboard but I’ve traded my coffee for the leche. I like milk so I’m not sure why I’m even complaining. #milkkeg 

Or muscle milk...that's okay too.

Or muscle milk…that’s okay too.

6. I don’t think I will miss the pool. As much fun as swimming is, there is a reason I stopped in college. It’s been a nice change of scenery (you know from looking at grass and turkeys to a black line) but I’ll be happy for running and open air again. #BlackLineBoredom  

Aren't I cute under water?  #sooldsorecycled

Aren’t I cute under water? #sooldsorecycled

7. Speaking of swimming the chlorine has served to matte down my hair during this time of oppressive heat,  I will not miss this heat and it’s something I haven’t been too upset I can’t run in.   #ChlorineStrawStyle

In reality, there are far worse things. I wish I could walk at the pace I wanted and could drive T’s car to get a change of scenery. If you need a milk-keg partner I guess I’m your girl.  Other than that, I’m making the best of my situation and moving forward.  If I can bring the LOLZ then you know I’m doing just fine.

Questions for you: 

Have you ever had a foot injury?  What did you find most hindering?

What kind of car do you drive?

I drive a Firebird (fondly known as “Lorraine”.  I’ve had her since senior year of high school in 2007).  No one can tell if she is blue, black or purple and I’ve gotten speeding tickets with all three.


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  1. I had an awful foot injury during training for my first full marathon. I got diagnosed with sesamoiditis when I went to the doctor after my race. Had a real bad flair up after my second full and was sidelined for almost five weeks! I feel your pain!

    I drive a black MINI Cooper! Her name is Penny =)

  2. While technically not in my foot, I had a stress fracture in my lower tibia, just above the ankle during my senior year of college. The worst part, outside of missing most of cross country, all of indoor track, and all but the last three meets of outdoor track obviously, was that I had a lot of difficulty with stairs – an issue seeing as how I lived in a fourth floor apartment at the time.

    My car is a 2007 Hyundai Accent which I have named Stuart Little because it’s tiny and gray and the side mirrors look kind of like ears.

    • My only other stress fracture was in my tibia (right below my knee) so I feel your pain. Stairs were such a struggle, I cannot imagine living on the fourth floor. Was there an elevator?

      I loled about naming your car Stuart little, after googling it I might have to agree a bit. :p

  3. I drive a 2001 Honda Accord coupe and since my injury was in the left foot and it’s an automatic car, I was able to drive it. Clay has an 08 Honda but I don’t drive his because mine has more power (hehe) and his is newer and he just doesn’t trust me. I’ve never named my car but it’s only my 2nd car I have ever owned.

    When I was injured someone told me “oh, you just needed a break”… the person was not a runner and no, a broken bone (err, well, almost) was NOT my idea of a break. I think what was so hard for me for the first 2 weeks was just not being able to move like I wanted, I’m a pretty active person and bounce around the house, we have stairs, I go from room to room and just move a lot and that was a hassle.

    • YES this is totally what got me with my stress fracture. I live in the city and you pretty much have to walk to get anywhere. I was like, trapped, in my apartment. And I couldn’t even stand for that long to do work around the house because I was supposed to stay off my foot. Obnoxious.

  4. I injured my foot finishing a half marathon 2…3? years ago. I thought it was a stress fracture and when it hadnt healed 6 months later, I went to a couple of doctors. Turns out I tore/ruptured a ligament in my arch. It never healed properly or at all so I can’t run anymore, so I bike now like its my job…love it!

    I drive a Ford Expedition (gas hog!)

  5. Oh god being unable to walk properly and walking at a glacial pace is so annoying! When I was going through the worst of my tendonitis, it drove me crazy

  6. The black boot was awful. I that d how random people constantly asked me what happened. It got frustrating answering the same question for 7 weeks. It also really messed up my left hip.

    I drive a Subaru Impreza named Stu. I’ve also had Sweet Caroline, a Honda CRV, and Jimmie Thing/ Dr.Dick, a Bronco II.

  7. Few things are worse than having to drive an automatic! I hate it!

    I’m really hoping your door fully heals as quickly as possible. Stupid injuries.

    But hey, at least you don’t have fleas! 🙂

    • Maybe I will tomorrow LOL. I do agree though, one year my parents got cats so I understand your pain. I can’t wait to meet your cats tomorrow ha ha.

  8. Next up, the one gallon milk challenge! Kidding.

    I like that I know how to drive a manual, but sometimes I still wish for the carefree ability of an automatic. Even when I find myself reaching for a nonexistent gear shift and confuse the break for the clutch.

  9. I hate injuries that hurt even when your not running. It’s bad enough to not be able to run but then its like there is a constant reminder that you are injured. I hope things improve quickly so you can go back to doing all the things you are used to!

  10. My tendonitis had gotten so severe that it hurt constantly and would wake me up at night even. I had to wear shoe inserts plus wrap it for a while before it didn’t hurt to walk. I feel for you! The time it takes to heal will feel slow but it’ll happen!

  11. You’d don’t appreciate being to walk normal until you can’t. Also the people asking thing sucks if there really isn’t a good story. I sliced up my leg pretty badly shaving (rushing with a disposable razor in the morning!) a few months ago and there’s still a scar people ask about. No story, just I’m a big embarrassed idiot, haha.

  12. Wow I never really thought about driving a manual car being an issue. We’re a bit screwed in the UK as they’re pretty much all manual…
    I’m not a huge fan, but that being said whenever my husband has a big glass of cold milk I’ll always have the first sip. But then I do that with his beer too!
    I’ve never had a foot injury (touch wood) but my hubby had an ingrown toenail removed and he said that the threat of people *almost* stepping on his toe caused him to live in fear for the majority of his recovery time.

  13. I’m going to sound way nurse here, but don’t elevate your foot while you sleep! I just had a patient with a blood clot from elevating an injured extremity while sleeping. Your blood already is flowing way more slowly when you’re asleep, and if you elevate it, your blood isn’t circulating how it should so you’ll be more likely to get a clot. Elevate it during the day and just keep it level at night. Next thing, if you ever go to Europe, you will be able to rent cars WAY cheaper! I can’t drive a manual (I need to learn, especially cause Jon’s Jeep is a manual) and have to pay way higher fees when I go to other countries to rent cars. I’m jealous.

  14. Hahaha love the car and the name and the lack of known color 😉 my car’s name is tris and she’s a red honda cr v. I love her dearly, but I am super pissed at her and the library at the moment since the library stuck a sticker on one of the audio books I’m listening to, which got it jammed in my car and now I need to have the whole damn thing taken out and remove the cd. Needless to say, that will put on the back burner for the time being and I will be going to the library this afternoon to pay for it, which is cheaper for now, and I do still love my car….but she is in the doghouse for the foreseeable future and I will never borrow an audio book again

  15. This is nowhere near the same, but when you mentioned not being able to drive a manual because of your foot, I immediately thought of the time I was leaving the gym after a really tough leg workout and literally couldn’t press the clutch on my car 😆 Getting home was definitely an interesting experience.

  16. My right foot is the injured one, so I can’t drive at all! I live in a city and I don’t drive much, but I like knowing that I CAN. I also hate walking slow/not walking at all — a lot of the places where I do my errands are like half a mile away — so too far to boot-hobble, but not so far that there’s a train/bus or that I wouldn’t feel like an idiot getting a taxi!

  17. This is a great post! I know we’ve been chatting so I knew your foot was hurting but I never even put two and two together realizing it would hurt to drive. I can’t imagine! I’ve never had a foot injury before excpet for the time I stupidly tied my laces too tight. (I do this all the time) and bruised the top of my foot. It hurt for about 10 days but I was able to run.

    I drive a minivan. I’d say I’m embarrassed of my Mom van, but I’m not. It’s kinda awesome with the automatic sliding doors and tons of cargo space. It works. 🙂

  18. When I was having issues with my arches they would cramp terribly and wake me up – like every fifteen minutes! I’m very glad to be through with that – I’m sorry to hear your foot is annoying you even when you’re trying to rest. That really stinks! It’s like having a cold and not being able to breathe. Cheese and milk are awesome though! Eat/drink up! I really like Over The Moon chocolate milk so I thought I would recommend that to you – I drink it after races in large quantities and it has twice the calcium (40% of your DV) than regular milk! I get it at Walmart 🙂

  19. When I broke my foot, the sleep was ridiculous. Sleeping with it elevated and on muscle relaxers was pretty much the only thing I could do. The throbbing pain would wake me out of a dead sleep so I can totally relate. There was also an anti-inflammatory mint green tea I would drink before bed that would help

  20. Holy cow! I literally never thought about what people with a broken foot/leg/right arm so when they drive a clutch!

    I agree that one of the more annoying things (after being asked like 20 million times) is how your injury happened, and how much longer you’ll be out. It’s kind of people to ask, but occasionally I wanted to talk about things other than my injury.

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