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What have I done this week?  Ha, that is still a mystery to me.  As I was saying yesterday, I’ve stayed relatively busy with work.  That being said, on Monday I got to hang out with two of my favorite NJ friends Jen and Greta.  I hadn’t seen Greta in way to long, let alone Jen.  We don’t have an excuse for that.  We ended up hanging out in Princeton on Labor Day (as the college students were coming back).  It was really nice and nice break from normal schedule.  We even took a photo so you know it’s a big deal.   That was the highlight of my week and the rest of the week was work, sleep and work.

oiselle date

Yesterday I was able to go to the beach on my day off.   It’s actually nice sometimes to have random weekdays off because the beach (or wherever) is never crowded.  For instance since it was a weekday yesterday we were able to get cheaper parking and a less crowded beach.   It was really relaxing to just hang out and relax.  I haven’t had a day off as enjoyable in quite some time.   I should be more embarrassed that this was my first trip to the beach (except Atlantic City) the entire summer.


That being said, it seems like it’s been a pretty busy week for everyone.  Students and teachers going back to school and September being a pretty big work month for a lot of people.  I enjoy reading various interesting (and funny article) to detox my mind.  I have read quite a few interesting and funny articles (as well as good videos) so I thought I would share those to kick off the weekend. 


8 Tips for taking better photos with a smartphone

How to be a Grown Ass Woman: Friendships (Post College) Great read on making and keeping friends after you graduate college.


How to make your own Pumpkin latte (Honestly, I only wish it was how to make your own wawa pumpkin coffee)


Why men should run with women

The truth in Injury and a doctors visit

Things Every Seasoned Knows that Every New Runner Learns the Hard Way


11 Honest College Course Descriptions

18 Female Friendship facts (as told by the Movie Bridesmaids)

19 Reasons you should sign up for the Buzzfeed Cat Newsletter (I might have after reading this…)

Artist Creates frustrating versions of several products

Fun Facts and Weird Facts About Your Home State

What’s like to out of the shape at the Gym

From LOLZ:

August Training

Strangely at Peace

Wedding Updates

Enjoy!  I always enjoy reading what others are reading so hopefully other people enjoy these too.

Questions for you:

What are you up too this weekend?

What are articles are you enjoying reading lately? 


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  1. Thank god for that pumpkin latte recipe, I already spend way too much money at Starbucks! This weekend I’m meeting up with some old friends, and going to some new gym classes.

    • I’ve been spending a lot at starbucks lately because it’s right down he road from work. Although I get a “free coffee” for every 12 I buy…it’s still not worth it LOL

  2. Thanks for sharing the articles, I definitely see a few I want to check out. I haven’t been to the beach all summer but it’s packed here on weekends. The weather here will be warm for awhile so hopefully I can get there before it gets chilly.

  3. Hahaha. Love the dr visit one. I decided last night my tight calf needs to heal since it takes like 3-5 miles to loosen up. That’s not normal right ;). So I’m back to the pool…
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I used to work Tuesday-Saturday, so I’d always have Mondays off. I loved being able to do things on Mondays because there were always fewer crowds or lines were easier to deal with.

  5. Love all of these articles, and have thoroughly enjoyed your posts this week (I have been a ‘comment slacker’ this week due to crazy schedule 😦 ) … I am stealing some for a post tomorrow (referencing back to you, of course!)

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