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Another Thursday, another Thinking out loud with Spoons.  I say that like I participate in a lot of link ups but considering this is my second link up with Spoons…that says a whole lot I guess.



This post is all over the place.  I feel like my brain has been all over the place as well.


It seems like the shortest weeks often go by the slowest.  Not that it really matters to me (honestly) because I work on both weekdays and weekends, so the days seem rather similar to me.  I worked all of Labor Day weekend but it was nice because it kept me busy and out of the house.

Other then that I have really kept to myself this week.  I go to work, I go swimming occasionally and come home and sleep.  That is the case of adulthood and working (not a bad case though).  I feel like bloggers tend to say “I’m so busy” when they feel overwhelmed to blog.  The truth is: I’m not in the house so I consider that busy.  Am I stressed about it?  No, but I’m not sitting at my computer screen eagerly awaiting to post multiple blogs…I’m just doing other things.  So I guess that is busier than blogging.  It’s not stressful though.

I’ve been trying to put together my thoughts for a ton of blog posts lately and honestly none of them have flowed how I would like.  I have tried to write a post about how I’m recovering, interesting life events, post college life, new job life (not really new considering it’s been 6 months…the list of posts is endless).  That sounds super lame talking out loud now but I have about a dozen posts that all seem important (to me at least), I just don’t have any that I like enough to press publish.

For some reason (well an obvious reason), grocery shopping kicked my butt budget wise.  I was doing so well with my budgeting (T and I are trying to save up for a fun honeymoon) but of course my hunger got in the way of that.  HA, there are worse things to spend money on….I guess.

Like I said above, I’ve been working a lot lately and I love it.  I have no complaints with spending my free time working and hanging out with friends.  I joined a pool right near work so I can go to the pool before work, shower and head to work (it’s about half an hour from my house).  I take rest days when I don’t work…because it’s a 30 minute drive to the pool and not worth it to me.  I’m choosing not to be miserable during my injury and honestly it’s paying off really well. #solazysosorry

Speaking of happy, I talked last night to both my brother and my parents.  It was one of the overall just good and happy talks.  I was having a rough day (my foot seemed to hurt more than usual) and I was tired.  Just chatting with them really lifted my spirits.  Yesterday at work I went from crappy mood (9 am), to okay to decent, to enjoying life, to chatting with new local runners (6:30) to coming home at 10pm and in a better mood.

My family is adorable.  I'm a weirdo.

My family is adorable. I’m a weirdo.

Finally now that I’ve “officially” been injured for two weeks now (which means at least 1/3 of the way healed), I’ve got some interesting come back ideas.  One includes a spring marathon and another includes a winter half marathon.  I should wait to see what my doctor says next week about how I’m healing though obviously.  Like I said, I’m strangely at peace with my injury and not willing to risk furthering my injury or pushing anything. I would think I’m recovering pretty well.  Honestly the last two weeks have really flown by so much I haven’t had time to think about missing running…and I love that.

I don't need to visualize myself running in the future...I can just search in my photos...

I don’t need to visualize myself running in the future…I can just search in my photos…

That’s all the rambles I have today.  I’m trying to collect my thoughts into some more productive and interesting posts soon.

Questions for you:

What are you most interested in hearing about? 

How do you stick to a budget?


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  1. Budgeting is a tough one. It’s really tempting when you get emails about sales or emails from restaurants (these always seem to come at like 11:30 AM bc I guess they want you to go to lunch there). I try to talk myself out of buying things because that’s just more stuff and think about the end goal. Like your honeymoon, Clay and I are saving for a trip to DC, we’ve paid for it but want spending money there. Food blows everyone’s budget and even though I coupon I still spend a ton of money on food because good food ain’t cheap…

    I’d really love to read about your job :).

  2. Totally random, but the Ocean Drive marathon is usually at the very end of March. Starts in Cape May and end 26.2 miles north (I forgot which town which is sad since I ran it a couple years ago lol). Mostly road, some boardwalk, a couple of those bridges that go up and down…weather is iffy that time of year but a pretty local marathon for you and depending on your comeback, could be perfect timing training wise. PS-can’t wait for Monday!

    • I’ve heard that’s a really good one! I think if I were to do any spring full it would be Shamrock just because it’s hometown and I know the course and people really well!

  3. Ugh, don’t get me started on the grocery budget. That’s where ALL my money goes. But there are definitely worse “habits” I suppose. And it probably doesn’t help I go grocery shopping every few days. #sosorrysohungry

  4. I hear you on budgeting groceries! We don’t go out to eat at all ( with 3 kids it’s ridiculous $) but I still feel like I could be smarter with food money, but then everyone gets hungry and we have no food and so there the money goes.

  5. I’m probably the absolute worst person when it comes to budgeting my groceries, but since I don’t go out to eat or spend a tonne of money on clothes, I figure it’s fine. I can’t help it — I like food! And it sucks because a lot of the time, the allergy-friendly stuff that I can eat ends up being more expensive than normal. Bah. But like you said — there are worse things. And I know what you mean about having all these ideas swirling around in your head and not really being able to get them out. I’m currently in the same boat.

    • Really I was always so envious of your clothing budget when you posted about that 2000 dollar purse! It was so cute but god knows that is the cost of over a months of rent for me! Haha.

  6. As a new runner, I’d love some more advice related posts – especially as you are so speedy! I really like how your posts are about other things than running though, I love reading your wedding/life updates.
    I’m really bad when it comes to budgeting, it’s something I continually have to work on. The ‘treat yo self’ philosophy can backfire sometimes! Having a personal finance app on my phone does help however.

  7. Whatever comes to mind 🙂 I like your rambles. And if you figure out how to stick to a budget especially food wise, Joe would like you to inform me. Apparently I have issues with such things. I have a feeling it’s going to be even worse now that I’m working at the store haha. I’ve been so hungry the past few days it’s been ridiculous!

  8. I’m horrible at budgeting, we have monthly budget meetings and I still can’t keep it together. All the food begs me to buy it I swear. I always have half done posts that won’t come together for me. I still on them and then on an off day I revisit them and then they kinda come together and I publish them anyway 🙂 I hope you are patched up soon!

    • I’m glad someone else can relate to budgeting. I’m terrible Ag that and I swear half my money goes to food whether it’s the grocery or eating at restaurants.

  9. I feel bloggers who force out posts, it’s stark obvious to readers- it’s always best to just leave it in drafts until your ready to go gung ho.

    Great you had time to spend with the family even if it were by phone- and money on food = well fed and happy Hollie.

  10. Hey, I know that race course! I feel in the fall I am legitimately busy with kid stuff, work stuff, training stuff, life stuff. But in the spring I am not as much, even though I tell myself I am oohhhh so busy. I guess it’s a matter of perspective and how I choose to spend my time.

    I’m pretty awful about grocery shopping on a budget. I plan two weeks of meals at a time, and try to eat only those. But a large part of my budget seems to go to fruits and veggies, so I drive all over town getting the best deals. If you have a Sprouts, check out their weekly ads, they usually have great prices for their produce.

  11. I get too busy to blog at times (or sometimes I just feel like watching trashy TV and not typing) and I don’t care at all. I definitely don’t plan out blogs EVER. Clearly. They’re all random and have no point at all. And I care not at all about people reading my blog. I just actually really enjoy writing posts at times and talking about what I’m doing (youngest child syndrome). I NEVER put myself on a grocery store budget. Never ever. I will save money everywhere EXCEPT at the grocery store. I feel like good food is worth spending money on and it’s usually healthy from the store! So it’s worth it!

  12. You may not be able to run much lately but honestly I’ve been loving your posts! Not that I don’t normally 🙂

    Seriously family is the best sometimes they are just the only ones who can make me smile.

    When you put your injury in terms of being one third of the way recovered it sure makes it sound like it’s flying by! Obviously Its not my injury so that means absolutely nothing, but I hope it makes you feel like it’s going by more quickly!

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