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Yesterday was national coffee day,  a day dedicated to coffee.  When people think of LOLZ they associate my blog and I with coffee.  Until August of this year, I posted a photo of my daily coffee.  I “streaked” up to 1000 days of taking a photo and posting it on Instagram.  As with most things in life,  nothing lasts forever and I stopped posting the infamous #coffeeaday at 1000 days. So thank you everyone that wished me “Happy National Coffee Day”…no it’s not my birthday or a day dedicated to me.  No, I didn’t go crazy and drink enough coffee to kill a horse…

I didn’t drink full led coffee everyday (I am known to drink decaf) but I did have some form of coffee everyday. 

It made me think about some interesting benefits of coffee, the history of coffee and just everything about coffee.

First, to answer why I drink decaf:

Not that I feel I need to justify it but I like the flavor of coffee and at 8pm, I don’t want a pot of full led coffee with caffeine.  There is a time and place for decaf coffee because not everyone can have full led.  I’m never embarrassed because I truly enjoy the flavor.

Some fun articles about coffee:

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The WEIRDEST coffee experiences (This is so fascinating and interesting)

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Coffee and Athletic Performance

Coffee and Athletic Performance (a second and very interesting article)


coffee meme 1

coffee meme 2



Questions for you:

What is your favorite coffee? 

I enjoy wawa coffee (pumpkin spice or the caramel) but the blonde roast starbucks (on the clover) is also good.   Honestly, I sound fancier than I am.

How did you celebrate National Coffee Day? 

I got my favorite diner coffee with my inlaws at the Vincetown Diner.  It was good.


Workouts and 1 mile of Running

After Monday’s one mile run, this was not the training post I had in my mind.  So we are back to that again right?

After I ran on Monday, my foot felt off.  It wasn’t the off of “I haven’t run in over a month so I will be sore”.  It was the off of “Too much, too soon”.  So I nixed anymore thoughts of running again for another week.  I don’t have another follow up appointment with my doctor until next week.   Realistically I’ll take it by pain level (as he said).  If I feel injury free before next week, I’ll try another mile…if I don’t…I won’t run until I feel comfortable running.  I have big goals for 2015 that running a mile now to cause me to wait another month or two, doesn’t really fit into line.

So what felt off in my run?  During my one mile run, I felt good.  I’m not sure if it was adrenaline or the fact it was about 10 minutes of my life but I didn’t feel pain.  I started to feel discomfort over night.  I know I didn’t rebreak the bone but I know my bone shouldn’t feel like that after a run.

I’ll be the first to admit I was really hoping to be in the clear injury wise, but I’m not completely there yet.  There isn’t a point in lying to anyone (including myself) that I’m fully healed.  I’ll just skip that step, admit I need more rest and keep cross training.  I’m upset but no need to dwell on it.

Monday 30 minutes elliptical and 1 mile run
Tuesday 1 hour AMT
Wednesday Off
Thursday: 30 minutes elliptical
Friday: 1 hour Arc trainer
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 1 hour elliptical


Saturday I had planned to work out but I ended up needing to go to work early.  We had a group run from the store.  It was a lot of fun to meet and chat with local runners (as well as two coworkers) so I didn’t mind waking up (drinking more coffee in 2 hours than I should have) and helping out.  I cannot wait to get back out there and I’ll probably do some group runs when I’m able too.

My elliptical workouts were kind of boring.  I just watched TV and chatted with whoever was on the elliptical next to me (I didn’t bother them obviously.  If they wanted to chat, we did).   This is a complete 180 of my last injury (2 years ago).  I just want to rest right now because I know my body needs it.  I don’t set my alarm in the morning.  This means if I sleep in too late to go to the gym before work, I don’t go and move on.   If I wake up early, then I go.  As you can see it’s a rather structured plan.

My plans for next week are pretty similar to this week.  I’ll take it day by day and see how I feel. I’m typing this with minimal pain (if any) when I walk.  Walking and running are two different motions for me, so I am still giving it plenty of rest.

Questions for you:

What was your best workout?

Do you do a program on the elliptical? 


Park Nine Diner (Freehold Township)

Park Nine Diner (Freehold Township, NJ)

This week the owner of the website, NJ, isn’t boring and I went to try a new diner. A quick introduction but I found the website after someone mentioned a website that has a complete list of diners in NJ. While I utilize website the most for diners, it’s opened my eyes to how much we have going on in the state of New Jersey. Our state isn’t just home to 90 in the right lane drivers and people down to GTL. If you live in New Jersey or want to see what’s going on in our state I highly recommend checking her website out.

We decided to meet up at the Park Nine diner in Freehold, NJ. The Park Nine Diner is located in the heart of an intersection that made it complicated to get too. Prime location to see!

Park Nine Diner Atmosphere: A
The outside atmosphere was cute. It is an irregular-shaped building with plenty of room to park. The inside has been redone rather recently. I’m not exactly sure when but it’s modern. It was cute, clean, and I have no complaints. There were plenty of booths and tables. It wasn’t crowded at all.

Park Nine Diner Coffee: B
I ordered coffee with whipped cream. It came in a small mug. I never have an issue if it comes in a small mug but a small mug that I can’t get refills with, I do. The Park Nine Diner had reasonably good coffee, and my only complaint is that I would have liked more.


Park Nine Diner Food: C
The menu at the Park Nine Diner wasn’t as big as most diners. (I don’t know if I have written that about a diner?) There are a breakfast including omelets served with home fries and toast, bagels or English muffins, pancakes, few seafood options, a couple of salads and salad bar, sandwiches, and a few dinner options too.

I ordered the Greek salad with salmon. This wasn’t my favorite Greek salad. It almost felt like they took some greens, added some feta and a few olives and onions and called it a day. The Salmon was good though; I felt like I could have prepared a salad like this in my own house though. It wasn’t great food but it was edible.


Park Nine Diner Price: $$
My salad and coffee was 18.

Would I come back to the Park Nine Diner (Freehold Township)? Overall thoughts:
It’s not too far from my house, and it’s not bad. I wouldn’t seek it out, but it was pretty good, and the price wasn’t terrible. It’s an excellent central Jersey diner. If you are looking for the perfect diner experience, the Park Nine Diner (Freehold Township) is a good stop.

You can see all diner reviews here.

Questions for you:
Have you ever been to New Jersey?
What is something cool to do in your state?

1 Mile Recap

I ran my first mile post stress fracture yesterday. 

On Sunday night I prepared appropriately.

I layed out my appropriate gear.

I carb and sugar loaded (I went to the Pop Shop in Collingswood…)

I charged my garmin, obsessively checked the weather and didn’t sleep a wink the night beforehand.

After jumping out of bed I was ready to run (but not too much jumping, I had to save my energy…This mile does not run itself).

After not doing any of those things except going to the Pop Shop, I went for my run.

I ran.  Insert ten minutes of running here…the boring part…

In summary I looked awkward, I felt awkward but I felt okay.

Then afterwords I cried.  I hugged everyone nearby (which was no one).  I cried some more but not before taking a selfie to document the proof.

that time i ran

I used map my run to compare with my garmin.  I meant to take a photo of my garmin but then I realized…it didn’t matter because my garmin has been dead for 2 months and have yet to use it.  One day I’ll charge it and use it for a run but not for another month. Then I documented on all my social media.  No platform left behind!  Instagram, facebook, twitter, everything!  I would link to them but I’m too lazy…I trust you to google.

Where does this take me next? 

I might run two more times (probably one more mile again) this week (granted I don’t wake up in an immense amount of pain tomorrow).  I will take tomorrow off from running, possibly run on Wednesday and then maybe another mile this weekend.  Only time will tell.

Injury Recovery: I Actually got to the Gym

This week I kept to my promise (to myself) to begin cross training to build some aerobic fitness back before I run.  With work being so crazy the last few weeks (I haven’t minded because it’s kept me busy), I’ve spent a lot of time sleeping versus going to the gym.  I’ve needed the extra sleep honestly.  I didn’t feel pressured to cross train before work but it felt good to get some cardio workouts in again.  Nothing was stressful or strenuous…just easy workouts to build up some base fitness.

Monday: 1 hour easy elliptical

Tuesday: 1 hour cross training AMT easy

Wednesday:  30 minutes elliptical and core

Thursday: off

Friday: 1 hour elliptical

Saturday: off

Sunday: 1 hour AMT and core

As you can see, my working out was kind of all over the place.  There was no rhyme or reason of why I chose to workout when I did.  I just did.  I didn’t set my alarm and if I woke up with extra time then I went to the gym. If I didn’t wake up earlier enough, I accepted it and moved on with my day. My goal this week was to actually get to the gym a few times and I did that.

I was talking to a coworker (who is trying to qualify for the trials).  She is also injured and we were just chatting about our injuries and our response to them.  We both chatted for a while about how this stinks but both of us have mentally let the injury go. We have both let the pressure of recovering quickly go. 

We both have no pressure to hurry back into fitness and let our lives revolve around running.  It was a really great chat. With every other injury I’ve had, I’ve felt pressure to get back into shape quickly.  I’ve come to realize that running is life long if you care for yourself.  It’s really awesome to hear the insight of such a high caliber athlete feeling the same way as I do. This general topic is something I’ve really been thinking a lot about lately and will post about soon.

This meme seemed appropriate for fall training.

let it go meme

That being said, tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment for my foot. If everything goes as well as it has been, I will get to run one mile tomorrow. One easy mile and if it doesn’t hurt my goal is to run 10 miles on Tuesday, 12 on Wednesday, get my long run on Sunday and taper for Wineglass full marathon on October 4th (kidding). 

If my one mile doesn’t hurt I might run another mile on Wednesday.  (Edit to add: My foot doesn’t hurt at all right now when I walk or stand on it).  When I do get back into running it will be on the conservative side.  If all I run next week is one mile then that’s one mile more then this week. I want to set myself up for a good spring season and getting back slowly is the key to that.

I don’t foresee myself running high mileage until December at the very earliest.  That being said, I could ramble about this and my doctor could tell me tomorrow I need to wait a few more weeks before running.  I’m not confident that will happen but I’m not a doctor.

Questions for you:

 Did you race this weekend, how did it go? 

If you’ve been injured with a stress fracture how did you get back into working out?  

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