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I’m not sure if I have an excess amount of time right now or I was legitimately into the VMA’s this year.  My gym has a “current music videos” section on the cardio machines so I had actually seen all the nominees.  Since I had nothing better to do on Sunday night, I decided to watch.  While watching I jotted down my thoughts of the night.  I’ve always thought the VMA’s was more about entertainment versus music quality.

Then I went to bed because it way past my old lady background.  Imagine my joy when I got to read it back on Monday morning.

Incase you didn’t know, the Video music awards gives awards to various artists based on their video’s corresponding to recent hits. While their music must be decent, this award show is all about the videos and how interesting, crazy and entertaining they can be.

Is the song “Anaconda” the greatest song you’ve ever heard?  

No, but is the video probably one of the most interesting?

These days a lot of songs are more visually interesting than musically creative.


Just to preface: I have no musical experience.  I am tone deaf and all of these opinions are my own. I have no credentials to be judging music videos or music…

Some thoughts I had while watching:

Gosh I just love Swift more and more.  (I’m currently obsessed with her newest song: Shake It Off)

I loved her onesie (I think I was the only one who did) but I loved her performance outfit too.

It's so bright I forgot my pants...but I'll shield my eyes.

It’s so bright I forgot my pants…but I’ll shield my eyes.

My exact thoughts during her performance:

Oh my gosh, did she mean to panic like that mid performance.  Quick, ask the twitters what is going on.  Oh okay good she did to not jump off the stage and take a dig at Nicki Minaj.  #womancrush

VMA Taylor swift

During the VMAS, I concluded Taylor and I must be twins because…well she dances like I dance…Really awkwardly and all the time. .

Thoughts during Nicki Manaj’s performance

OH. MY. GOSH. I guess Anaconda was real life.

I don't think they sterilized this waxing cream at the nail salon...

I don’t think they sterilized this waxing cream at the nail salon…if you know what I mean. 

She has really pretty hair but I guess no one really looks at that.

Oh no, I bet she totally meant to have to hold her dress…yeah I don’t believe you didn’t have time.

WTF is that white thing she is wearing (With Usher).  Nicki, no, just no.

Thoughts about Miley Cyrus winning best overall video:

She really did come in like a wrecking ball.  I mean I do have to say, there isn’t anyone that hasn’t seen it.  I think it’s well deserved.

I had no idea she was so involved with that but that is truly great.  She has grown up from the twerking of last year.  Good for her.  (I was sad she said she was retiring the twerk.)

That is really awesome she wanted that guy to accept the award for her.  My views for Miley changed a lot during that video.

Beyonce closing:

Personally I think they gave her too much time to close the show.  It was at least 1/3 of the actual aired portion.  I’m happy for Beyonce and I do think she is an incredible performer but I would have liked to see other awards being given out.


Lastly some fun links to VMA information:

Woman dominate VMA’s (I have to agree, there was little information about male awards this year)

Best and Worst Nominees

VMA Recap in Photos (Great quick celebrity gossip)

15 Most Crazy VMA Moments of All Time

Enjoy and I hope I have caught you up on your current celebrity gossip for the week.

Questions for you:

What is your current favorite song?

If you watched the VMA’s what were your thoughts?


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  1. I didn’t watch, because I don’t have a TV (gasp, I know right?) so I really enjoy your recap 🙂 I’m 99% sure the song Anaconda should have stayed back in the 80’s.

  2. my grandma self couldn’t watch this so I fully appreciate this, I really really really do. I need to go watch some of the performance. Also, never heard of that song so adding that to my list

  3. I was bored most of the time, honestly. I was more intrigued by what was going on in the audience than what was going on onstage. That being said, Iggy’s performance was awesome. I’m not a huge Beyonce fan (yeah, go ahead, shoot me) so I actually fast forwarded through her performance. Oops.

  4. I didn’t watch, but I love Taylor Swift. And I may have danced around to Shake it Off to get myself energized for the day this morning. Maybe 🙂

  5. Gah, that onesie was so awful. And this is coming from a staunch Taylor Swift supporter for five years. But her performance was great, I really REALLY loved when she wouldn’t jump. That pretty much sums up the whole point of the song/video.

    I still have issues with Miley’s cultural appropriation, but I think how she accepted her award could a very small but positive step towards actually grasping that there’s a world outside of Miley and isn’t all there for the taking.

    I think Beyonce’s performance was amazing, if even just for the fact that she stood there on stage with the word “feminist” bright and huge behind her.

  6. I do love me some T Swizzle. I actually just added her new song to my playlist. I’m a little late to the Iggy Azalea party, but I love that her Fancy video is a throwback to Clueless – one of my all time faves!

    Nicki Manaj is a little much for me. I get it, your butt is huge, but I don’t need a song about it and I don’t need you rip off a song from the soundtrack of my life. (Yes my husband and I played Baby Got Back at our wedding reception and we don’t care!)

    In my mid-thirties, the VMAs just make me feel old. I remember it being the talk at the water fountain in middle school – my life revolved around MTV. Now I’m lucky if I ever see a music video.

  7. i never really watch award shows; i just refer to the tweeter to get all the highlights. this year it was namely the queen B’s ‘sexual’ performance that i heard about.

  8. I was just talking about the VMA’s at the gym today. I love music, more alternative than pop. Nikki’s performance to me was just way too trashy. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or the sexual stuff is getting more and more outrageous.

  9. I didn’t watch this year, so thanks for the recap. I mean, I appreciate how Nicki Minaj owns her body and reverses gender roles and all but the Anaconda music video was just a bit… too much for me?! Oh well.
    I’m loving Shake it Off too – good ol T Swifty – it’s a great running song coincidentally!

  10. i can’t get myself to listen to all of anaconda… love taylor & beyonce! obsessed with t-swizzle’s latest! ps: i liked that onesie, too! miley = eh, sometimes.

  11. You’re so right – women totally dominated this year! People are obsessed with Beyoncé right now so I’m not surprised about that. And Miley has a good heart for sure. I’m glad she’s growing up a bit

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