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After posting a couple of articles last week I do have a few more that have interested me.   Plus I haven’t posted about personal life in a while so I’ll do that too.  I always enjoy reading what other people have been reading, so hopefully some enjoy what I have been up too. 

As far as my life goes I’ve been doing well.  I don’t have a lot of excitement to post about since getting home. I guess that isn’t a bad thing, The next three days just consists of more work for me but I don’t mind.

Anyways this post is a collection of articles I’ve found interesting the last few weeks.

First, I am really excited to add Injinji socks to my sidebar.  I’ve been a fan of Injinji socks for a while now and they have kept my feet blister free (I wrote a post about socks in March actually).  I used to get the nastiest blisters on the side and in between my toes.  When I started wearing Injinji’s I haven’t gotten anymore.  As I said  before, on my blog I’ve gone the direct ad route to pay for domain.  This is beneficial because I can only have ads of products I like.   Personally I would rather have no ads then promote products that I didn’t like or use.  Anyways so I just wanted to welcome the Injinji into the LOLZ blog.  Plus they were really generous to give out a coupon code (fueledbylolz15) if you want to buy yourself a pair (or me too).


10 Habits You Will Regret Later in Life


Here is what Girls looked like in 1945

19 Beauty Tricks I’m pretty sure I could almost be a real girl all the time with these.

21 “Knock out” Beauty Products at Your Drug Store (This could be more for the LOLZ but since when is Trader Joe’s a “Drug Store”?


Mind Games Great article from Kate Grace about bouncing back and gaining your confidence.  Something I am currently struggling with!


Food Pyramid for Runners

5 Simple Diet Diet Changes

27 Ways to make your Food last Longer So many of these shocked me!


Things Servers wish restaurant customers knew

How to Recover from a Financially Hard Month  I’m pretty sure Ashley wrote this for me, last month I spent close to twice of my usual expenses.  Ha!

Wedding Related:

7 Reasons You weren’t invited to a wedding

Questions for you:
What articles are you enjoying this week?
What are your weekend plans?


15 responses

  1. Maybe one of these days I should try Iniji socks, but then I’d have to start wearing matching socks and paying attention to which ones I put on which foot…that’s a lot of work for a girl who never wears matching socks or pays attention.

    I’m dying at the reasons you weren’t invited to wedding post, alll sooo true.

  2. Weekend plans? Rest. Rest. Rest. I’m in a bit of a running slump and think I might need a break. Plus the kids started back to school and hubby work( he teaches) so we are all exhausted!

    Think I’ll read some of your articles suggested. I could seriously use the beauty tricks one. I joke that I am the worlds worst female. Running clothes, bun head, no makeup and showering is optional, no?

  3. i’m horrible at budgeting–i was going to sit down and make a new budget now that i’m settled in my new apartment. but now i’m leaving for 7 weeks so that goes out the window…

    tomorrow is my first CrossFit {team} competition. then sunday we’re all going hiking/swimming/relaxing at a nearby state park.

  4. Oh thanks for sharing the 27 ways to make food last longer. I have a problem with a lot of that stuff spoiling before I use it all, and that is incredibly frustrating to say the least! My weekend plans including running, a first bday party, shopping for something to wear for engagement pics, more running, and babysitting. Hopefully I can throw some naps in there at some point too 😉

    • Me too! Now that I’m cooking for myself, I need to make actual attempts to preserve food versus just throwing it into the fridge and hoping it lasts!

  5. i love injinji socks too! I always make sure to wear them for my long runs as well — they help my toe nails not turn black too which is always nice 🙂

  6. I love these types of posts!! I saw that one about beauty products and I was thinking the same thing about Trader Joe’s totally not being a drug store, haha!

  7. I have college orientation. It’s a four day event at Saint Ben’s. I’m also meeting new people at the gym and exploring the beautiful running and bike trails around the campuses.

  8. I love Buzzfeed and EliteDaily, but they totally threaten my productivity! I only allow myself to look at them on my phone so I can only have one screen open at a time

  9. Love this one – I have seen a number (and I agree on the ‘things you will regret’ – there are many people my age I look at and think ‘years of hard living’ … and generally it is true!).

    The one about the wedding … not sure what to think about this … maybe I am just glad I got married before there was widespread internet? haha

    What – Trader Joes isn’t a ‘drug store’? I am totally addicted to some of their stuff… oh, not THAT kind of drug …

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