Because I am a Material Girl…

With everything that has been going on in my life lately, someone told me last week I should do things to treat myself every week.  This doesn’t have to be food, money or workout related.  Chances are whatever I choose will probably involve spending money but it doesn’t have to be like that.  Is that to say I can justify spending 300 dollars on a new pair of shoes? No.  But I do enjoy treating myself whether that is getting my nails or hair done or just enjoying some personal time or a few wardrobe pieces.

That being said I think everyone has something (material wise) they want.  I don’t think that makes you materialistic…what do I know though?  HA. 

I was thinking during a run this week, I’ve always wanted to know what type of material items people buy outside of running and working out.  What kind of clothing or accessories do you want?  What kind of fashion interests you?  What kinds of things are on your wish list?  Somehow it escalated into my wheels turning of actually creating a wish list for myself.  Maybe checking some off soon… maybe not…

I don’t go out of my way to spend a lot of money.  I would rather get something on sale, clearance, etc.  I think most people are like that though.  Why spend 1000 dollars if you could spend 600 on the same thing?  (That’s just a huge example; I’m not actually sure what I would spend 1000 dollars on).

I would rather spend 100 dollars at various restaurants or activities catching up with friends versus 100 dollars on a new purse.  To me treating myself means catching up with friends, going out to eat or getting my nails done.  Occasionally treating myself includes purchasing new material items (if only that meant a new car 😉

That being said, I have been eyeing a couple of things lately (I tried to save the photos on both items but it’s one of those 3D views so I can’t). 

These rue21 jogger pants. Not that I could see myself going “jogging” in them but they are cute and I love the patterns.

I haven’t updated my party pants collection in a while.  Back in Oswego, I loved to wear printed party leggings. when appropriate).  The only reason I haven’t actually bought any yet (because they are so cheap…) is because the closest one to me in NJ is about 25 minutes away and I’m lazy on days off from work.  I’ll update you on instagram when I do.  I want to make sure they aren’t see through but I’ve had leggings from them before and they haven’t been.

This fossil purse.  I’ve been in desperate need for a new purse to carry things to work.  I only use a purse on the way to work but I would rather not stuff everything into a plastic bag.  Plus on the very rare (once per year) occasions I need a purse this would be nice.  I love rose gold and I love fossil so it’s the perfect blend.  The unfortunate thing about this is that facebook saw I visited the fossil website and stole my cookies (or whatever).  Long story short, facebook keeps adding sponsored ads of fossil purses to my minifeed.  It’s so tempting.

Seriously facebook?  I don't even know what my friends do at this point...

Seriously facebook? I don’t even know what my friends do at this point…

So right now that is on my random wish list.  I’ll probably see how much I end up spending this month and buy the fossil purse soon.  The leggings are inexpensive so I guess I just need to motivate myself to get over to Cherry Hill.

Question for you: Is there anything material you are wanting right now?


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  1. I have a list of material items that I currently want. I like the finer things in life (ha) and would rather spend $200-300 on a classic pair of heels that will last then a cheap pair. I also want a new purse and I want a particular designer, lol. I also want another hoodie from Lulu, they are so comfy.

  2. I’m not sure this is really “treating myself” but I really need to buy new jeans. This hasn’t happened since like freshman year.

    ALSO, I just wanted to let you know yesterday at work I helped 2 ladies who were from NJ and I had a total omg do you know the LOLZ moment. They kinda looked at me like I had lost my mind. Anyways, they live in the Cherry Hills area so when you go buy your party pants you should stop in and meet your new BFFs.

  3. I also find it hard to treat myself. I think sometimes trying NOT to be materialistic backfires on me, and lots of times I use the fact that I work at my house as an excuse to not buy clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc because I don’t go to a job to show it off (and when I’m out with friends 90% of the time we’re wearing running clothes). BUT… I am really eyeing a Vera Bradley bag I saw at Dillard’s the other day! They’re not super expensive and I get paid on Friday so I may get it :).

  4. All my money goes to either running/work out related items (I just bought a new bike…ouch!) -usually race entries and the associated travel expenses- or to trips that I want to take. I don’t spend a lot of money on much else. Every once in awhile I will buy new clothes, but my mom buys me a lot of clothes as it is and I have a pretty extensive wardrobe, so I have to “need” something now to buy it. I do always have my nails done, though. I started doing that when I quit my job last year and was constantly meeting new people and having to shake their hands. It was embarrassing because I’ve always bitten my nails and I felt so unprofessional! Now I can’t imagine not getting them done every few weeks.

  5. I’m always wanting new workout/lounge clothes and I have to seriously restrain myself from buying! This is definitely my weakness. To justify i try to sell old stuff on ebay but let’s face it – I don’t make all the money back! Of course things that I really DO need (like office supplies) I put off forever. Also I need new compression socks, sigh!

    • Right now, I can currently justify buying workout clothing since (if appropriate) I can wear a lot of it too work. That’s not saying I go crazy but I can justify it more than a new bag or wallet…

  6. I used to spend as little as I could on a purse as I could without having one that was totally ugly, but I splurged and spent a little more on one a year ago and it’s held up really well, unlike my cheap ones. So sometimes it’s okay to spend a little more on a quality product. 🙂 Things I’m wanting right now: new running shoes in pretty colors (hello, Brooks shoes in ombre!) and a ton of books I learned about during my running coach training.

  7. I REALLY want a new purse! I found one I like for $300 but don’t want to spend money on it! I told myself for Christmas I’d buy it since I’ve been using the same one for the last 2 years. I also want a green Lulu shirt (the kind I like to run in) since I like green and wear mine all the time. And new work shoes. But I can’t find any that I like. And a hair cut. Oh, and I need to find some real hiking boots. Those things are about it!

  8. this is a drastic example but this morning i saw a Free People leather jacket i adored. somehow i can’t spend $498 on it though 😉

    treating myself every couple of weeks, big or small, has been really helpful in this deployment! i encourage it. next up is a massage!

  9. Hahahaha I always say the same thing to Facebook or any of the number of emails I get each day telling me what I want. Sure! That’d be great. send it my way after you buy it for me! I would love to update my fall wardrobe a bit with a few oversized sweaters and shirts. And another pair of boots. A girl can never have too many of those 😉

  10. My entire fb feed is trying to sell me diapers right now! I haven’t even looked at diapers, just baby gear. Believe me, I don’t need a reminder of all the diaper changing that awaits me!!! Anyway, I really want to get a new pair of running shoes… but I’ll probably wait until I can actually run again and/or December since I think that’s probably when Brooks will come out with the latest releases (based on previous years). Also, I love that choice of color for the purse you like — I had shoes that color once and they went with EVERYTHING.

  11. First, I love Fossil. I have one of their bags, watches, and a handful of accessories.

    When I treat myself, it’s usually a pedicure, massage, or a meal out. I don’t really like shopping–except for workout clothing of course. 🙂

  12. All my money goes to my kids! haha Aside from college tours and back to school, we just dropped a deposit for them to go to Disney with the marching band in February.

    I am buying a new phone … tired of small-screen iPhone, and big iPad Air (total ‘first world problems’) so I am getting a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (5.7″ screen). We’ll see how it goes, and if I decide I can’t stand Android (again), I will likely buy whatever Apple releases next …

  13. I saw a Fossil wallet I really liked when I went to the store to get my bracelet replaced (it broke while still under warranty). I put the wallet on my Reminders list in my iPhone so I wouldn’t forget about it. xD I don’t know if I will ever buy it though.

  14. Love those pants! And the purse. Fossil’s stuff is always so nice, and I think it’s pretty high quality, so it lasts a long time. I always justify purchases like purses by how many times I wear it. Say it’s like $100 … if I wear it 100 times, then it’s only $1 per wear.. haha!

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