I Now Pronounce You Man…and Runner…

To be honest sometimes the sport of running annoys me to no end.  Why do I even run?  It’s not an hour of my day…it’s basically the whole day and every day.  It’s a 24-7 commitment whether you think so or not.


Don’t get me wrong, I love running.  I enjoy running races and PRing.  I enjoy the friends I’ve met through running and I enjoy the sport of running.  I enjoy being able to push myself to new limits and to do things I never dreamed possible.  Who doesn’t enjoy doing that?

I don’t enjoy getting into shape with running.  I don’t enjoy the behind of the scenes, waking up before the turkeys, that cardiac arrest feeling or that feeling of heavy legs during a run.  I don’t enjoy those runs that just plain suck…because they do.  They are awful and there are some runs I don’t feel better after I started so I stop. (sorry motivation pinterest pictures, there are plenty of runs I wish I hadn’t done) I don’t enjoy any of that but honestly it’s less than 2 hours of my 24 hour day (a lot less right now)…so all of those things pass.

But running isn’t an hour a day commitment.  It’s not a 2 hour a day commitment.  It is a day long commitment trying to balance your life and running.  This is a life long, no escapes and every thing you do can effect your run type of sport. 

Do I want to eat that 24 ounce ribeye the night before a half marathon?  No

Do I want to wear stillettos and go dancing until 2am before a long run?  No but I probably still will.

Do I want to eat x,y,z before I got for a training run?  No, I’ll probably vomit.

Should I be on my feet or try or stay off of them?  Should I wear compression sleeves under my pants?

I’m injured from running so now I have to walk around (in real life…gasp) with crutches, a boot and the will power to not deck anyone that asked what happened.

I’m injured from real life and now it affects my running (like when I broke my arm!)

As you can see running is a daily commitment and your running affects your “real life”.  Your real life affects your running.

For me I ask myself, do the good times outweigh the bad times?  The answer is normally yes so I continue running.  When the answer becomes no, I take a break (and indulge in all those nonrunner things…like the gym, stillettos and sleeping in on a Saturday).

I’m not saying other sports aren’t like this I’m just saying I was able to go to swim practice hung over before and have some of my best practices.