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I haven’t done a blogging link up in a while.  After a couple of more personal posts this week (Living YOUR Life and Personal Beauty), I wanted a random post. I’m actually not sure the last time I did a link up.  It seems like people normally talk about random thoughts on Tuesday and Thursday so I thought I would join Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud.


  1. I’ve been on the move all week. It’s not that I’ve been overly busy, I just haven’t been home much this week. It always feels busier when you aren’t at home.  Most of it has been driving though.
  2. On Tuesday I got to have lunch with Sarah. We didn’t take a photo (because I’m spacey) but it was nice to catch up with her while she moves back to Baltimore.  The waitress knew that I was a regular (at the Vincentown Diner) yet still asked me if I knew the coffee with whipped cream was an extra charge.  It seemed like everything there was an extra charge that day…

    An old photo of Sarah and I.  I will take a photo next time.

    An old photo of Sarah and I. I will take a photo next time.

  3. On Wednesday, I spent a good amount of time at the NJ DMV. It wasn’t awful but who really wants to spend a thousand hours at the DMV (hint: Not me…or probably you).  Sometimes in life there are things you don’t want to do.  Spending 4 hours at the DMV and getting my car inspected was not one of them.  Oh well, things off my to do list.  I was going to get my license plate as LOLZ but opted not to do that either.
  4. I also was able to finally schedule an MRI for next Monday. I haven’t been talking a lot about running but I’ve been logging a fair amount of miles (no where near a 70 mile week…obviously) without any pain or anything getting worse. It doesn’t feel bad but it doesn’t feel amazing.  I’m having a hard time explaining exactly how I feel.   I’m not in pain running but I’m aware something is off in my foot.  I cannot foresee an MRI finding a torn muscle or an incredible injury because I don’t have any sharp pain and my gait doesn’t change. I am hoping it will be able to provide answers that the doctor cannot with a naked eye.  It will also allow my doctor and I decide the best course of action.  Is it to continue to run?  Is it a cortisone shot in the exact point of injury (did the other cortisone shot miss?)?  Graston?  ART?  Only time will tell.

    At least my xrays said no broken bones.  (We weren't surprised but it's good to rule that out)

    At least my xrays said no broken bones. (We weren’t surprised but it’s good to rule that out)

  5. I haven’t gotten coffee at the gas station in two days now. I don’t quite know what is going on in my life, who I am anymore…or even what my blog is about.
  6. My music for working out lately has consisted of Black Widow, Change your life and Work by Iggy all on repeat. It should be more embarrassing…
  7. Tim leaves in less than two weeks. I just found out that he will be gone on more flights or busy almost the entire time.  So this means I have approximately two days to see him before he leaves for a couple of months.

    Then he goes flying..

    Why don’t you live on one of these instead.  (kidding)

  8. I’m eagerly awaiting our engagement proof photos so I can show you guys more. I need to start working more on the wedding.  I’ve slowly (slowly being key) started asking people for addresses….but other then that I have no real big exciting news.  I still don’t understand how people plan weddings in a month.
  9. This cool weather has been fabulous. After talking with someone about the fake polar vortex…please it was still 80+ degrees, this cooler weather has been a blessing.
  10. Finally, I need to start venturing around to try new diners in NJ. Does anyone have any suggestions or want to meet up?

I guess I’ll end on an even number.

Questions for you: What’s on your mind today?  Any big weekend plans?


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  1. I’m glad you are getting an MRI. I know they aren’t fun and can be expensive but I think it’s worth it for your piece of mind. The last thing you want to is to run on something serious and if nothing serious is found, you’ll know you aren’t holding back any progress.

    Thinking of you as Tim gets ready to leave. Just keep asking if you can sneak in his bag for the trip. I ask Steve that 100 times before he leaves. It hasn’t worked yet but I still ask 🙂

    • At this point I think an MRI will just help figure out how to completely heal me. I would just prefer to know a definite answer.

      I was thinking I could literally sneak into his plane…(no of course I wouldn’t) but they fit multiple cars, trucks and cargo (it’s about as big as a 747) so there is plenty of room for LOL. Not sure I could go that long without internet though.

      That and apparently they don’t allow treadmills on the plane…something about being too dangerous to use when in the air…ha.

  2. Yes, cooler weather = blessing! Yaaaay! It looks like you’ve had a good week so far!

    Weekend plans: ZOOMA Half (where I can practice marathon pace; it definitely won’t be a PR), and post-race pancakes. Food counts as “plans”. Always. ❤

  3. So about that cooler weather…it only reached 60 yesterday here and has been raining for over 24 hours. This is unheard of. Since when did I move to Seattle??? I busted out the flannel plaid shirt for work.

    Thank you for the card – it was very sweet. I love snail mail. And yes we definitely need to be pen pals now.

    • That’s it…now we have to pen pals…now I have to keep secrets from my blog so I can write you with surprises hahahaa.

  4. Oh that’s fun that you were able to meet up with Sarah for lunch! I’m glad that you’ve been able to run relatively pain free, too….that’s kind of how my foot felt for a long time this year. It didn’t hurt (unless I raced without orthotics), but it usually felt pretty stiff at random points, and I never knew how to get rid of it. Makes me doubly glad I go the shoe thing worked out. I hope the MRI tells you what’s going on hun!

  5. I’m in the midst of a bad cold today; opting to work from home rather than go and infect everyone in the office. It’s a long weekend here in Canada, so we’re heading to Niagara to a cottage. I’ll be spending some time on the beach, as well as disc golfing in the Buffalo area.

    I’ve thought about getting vanity plates for my car. I don’t know how much it is in NJ but here in Ontario it is expensive! $261 without a graphic, and $336 with! That’s a lot of race entries! But still, it would be cool to have vanity plates.

    Glad you’re getting your foot checked out via an MRI before it becomes a painful injury. Hopefully it will show you what the issue is.

    Good luck with the wedding planning! I was lucky in that my wife wanted to do everything herself! The only thing she gave me to do was book the DJ, and even that she stuck her nose into! Still, I was involved as much as she’d let me. (ha ha)

    • Oh wow that is so expensive! I’m actually not sure what the price would be here…in VA the cost of a unique plate was 20 dollars but I believe it has gone up!

  6. Yikes about Tim leaving- and those planes are huge! I know it must be really hard to be away from him and also with the wedding planning going on. I am glad that you can run a bit, even if it’s not what you were usually doing, just being able to get out there is a great stress reliever, and hopefully the MRI will let you resume training or change your training and racing plans accordingly, if you go that route.

    If you’re ever in Charleston, SC, the Early Bird Diner here is the best! We have a few tasty options, though.

  7. Love the cooler weather too! I love Iggy – I need more of her music so I can become obsessed too. Hopefully the MRI will go well and you will get answers one way or another.

    Can’t wait to see the engagement pictures! (Can’t wait until I do mine either)

    I am going to a wedding this weekend. It’ll be the first one Michael and I have gone to together!

    • This might be the only thing I’ve done that you haven’t wedding wise. I know you are going to love it Lauren and I know you are going to look gorgeous.

  8. hopefully the MRI provides some answers to get you heading in the right direction!
    i’ve been busy yet i feel i have nothing to show for it either if that makes any sense.
    kudos to you for doing some major planning while Tim is overseas; J and I are trying to figure out where we’re going to live, where we’re going to work and all that crap while he’s over there which is difficult with the time difference.
    this weekend involves SLEEP, coffee, farmers market, beer and the gym. a good one in my eyes 😉

  9. Glad that you are getting your MRI soon – I have no idea how long I would have to wait for that here in Canada-land. It has taken over a month to just get an X-ray and Bone Scan done with my leg.

    Only weekend plans I have are travelling with the track team for a track meet – so essentially hanging out with teens all weekend! Yay!

  10. I hope the MRI brings you some relief with a diagnosis (of something small, of course). I know it’s never fun to not know what exactly is going wrong in your body.

    I will meet up with you!!!

  11. Haha the extra charges… so ridiculous. Yes, I can read the menu where it says “additional charge.” As soon as I got in the car I was like, shoot, we forgot to take a picture. Oh well, blogger fail. I really hope you get the answers you’re looking for with the MRI and I can’t wait to see your other engagement photos! The few you’ve already posted came out great so I can only imagine how the rest of them will look 🙂

  12. Once you have the caterer, cake, DJ, and person to marry you, there’s not much else to plan in a wedding! So you just go crazy till it all gets done! I hate extra charges, especially if they’re insanely ridiculous ($2 to add cheese. REALLY?! You can buy an entire thing of cheese for $2). I’m liking your more personal/random posts this week!

    • Exactly. At Vincentown diner, it’s 9.99 for salmon for your salad. I find that so steep. Though the cheese was only 50 cents thank goodness.

  13. Black Widow is insanely addictive. I first heard it about a week ago and it’s pretty much been on repeat ever since. So good. I’m really hoping I don’t kill it by listening to it so often, though. And I was once standing in line at the DMV for about an hour before I finally got to the counter only to have them tell me that they don’t take passport photos anymore. That was a fun day.

  14. Yeah, DMV visits are one of those unpleasant necessities. Fortunately our local one has yet to take too long …

    Good luck with the MRI – uncertainty stinks, at least knowing makes things actionable.

    • I agree. If it is something serious I would rather know that too. Though I cannot imagine how it would be at this point!

  15. How to plan a wedding in a month: You need a mom or MIL who really likes planning things lol. Actually, I suppose it all depends on how big/small your wedding will be.

    And speaking of DMVs… just wait until you’re married if you decide to take his last name. That was the most painful DMV experience of my life. Be careful to check that they spell your name correctly too in order to avoid a return visit (and my last name is VERY common!!).

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