Personal Beauty.

You might have seen this going around facebook.  People tag each other to post 5 beautiful photos of themselves.  I don’t normally ever get involved with chain tags, chain emails or chain link fences but this was such a great idea, I had too!

I think finding 5 beautiful photos that you are confident is actually a great idea for a facebook post or a blog post.  I won’t create it into a blogger award and I’ll let you do it on your facebook, blog, instagram or twitter.

Anyways on facebook if you are “tagged” the instructions say to find 5 photos of yourself that you feel beautiful.

Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder.  In a society where we are constantly told to look like this, or that or change ourselves…it’s important to remember that every person is beautiful.  As cliché as that sounds, it’s true.  Each and every person has five photos they feel beautiful in.

If that is five selfies for you…great.

If that is five photos of you working out…great.

If that is five photos of you drunk at a bar…great.

Everyone has five photos.  Here are mine:




Left: My housemates 21st birthday.  Yes, I wear glasses and I love them.

Right: Swim team formal my junior year.  I had just dyed my hair black.


Left: The Nike Women’s half marathon last year.  I think that is my best race photo.

Middle: When I was on homecoming court in high school.

Right: Last year post college graduation.

So I challenge you to post five photos that you find beautiful of yourself.  I’d love to see some!