Marathon Training?

I wrote several posts that if I wasn’t running by August 1st, I would defer my marathon entry. With only a few days left of the month and no clear logical explanation I still haven’t made up my mind.

I have been cross training the last month. I believe I have maintained a very solid base without injuring myself and without becoming obsessed with cross training.  I’ve maintained a balance between cross training and life.

That being said, I have a run a couple of times. Each run has felt uncomfortable but there hasn’t been a sharp pain. It has been a dull ache (and it was ruled out I have broken any bones or have any fractures). The ache goes away around mile 1. Then it comes back post run and resolves itself once stretched. Whether I’m resting or doing sporadic runs I have the same pain. I hesitate to use pain because it’s not a sharp pain but a general awareness.

Some cliff notes:

1. It goes away after mile one.  

2. It’s not a sharp pain.  It’s more of a dull ache that doesn’t interfere or change my gait cycle.

3. It feels like a month long bruise. 


So where does this leave me?

Ultimately I would like to run Wineglass marathon. I have roughly 8 weeks to become marathon ready again. I’m not going to pretend I’m comfortable with this plan. I didn’t plan to take 4 weeks away from running.  Honestly I ran a couple of 20 mile runs last month.  I could very well be prepared with a couple more in the next 2 weeks.  I could PR…but I could also fall flat on my face if I take it too far.

My decision will ultimately come from my MRI results. I’m hoping to schedule that for next week.

If my pain increases I will immediately stop training.

If the MRI shows a serious issue such as a rip, tear or something not fixable…I will stop.

If my doctor says not to run, I won’t.

But I’m hoping my MRI will provide me with a clear answer and solution to fix the problem. For now I’m going to slowly integrate some runs into training and see how my body reacts.

In all honesty, I feel no pressure in running a marathon either way. I won’t be devastated if they find something that puts a stop to running (because I will also have an answer). I don’t see that happening since I don’t have any sharp pain but you never know.  I have a post about the “pressures of blogging” but my marathon decision comes from me.  I don’t feel pressure to run a race “for the blog” or because “everyone is training for a marathon”.  I run for me, with or without a blog.

Anyways I guess in cliff notes version I’m going to attempt some runs.  If it gets worse, I’ll stop (just as my doctor advised).  Until my issue goes away I’ll continue to play it by ear.  Or until my MRI tells me not to run.  (Which I doubt it would because in that case I would be in some sort of intense pain…)

On another note, I rode my bike down to my town’s “Water Festival” yesterday.  Although it was exactly 1 mile, it’s been close to 3 years since the last time I got onto a bike.  I would say that is my best workout of the month.  (and no I did not ride it in that outfit…)



I don’t have any questions today but always appreciate thoughts both positive or negative.