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Injury Updates

I have a running blog and have failed to talk about my personal running all week.  I even went for a (painless) run.  This is going to be a giant pile up of everything that has happened to me relating to my foot.  Maybe it will make sense, maybe not…I’m just going to ramble about what I know (and probably what I don’t).

I guess I’ll start from the beginning of the week though because it’s not sunshine and butterflies.  On Monday I got my fourth deep tissue massage.  It was painful and unenjoyable.  It was more painful than my cortisone shot.

I don’t know much about adhesions or weird things that happen in feet and muscles.  I do know how to use the internet to google things though.  I also know that the masseuse found an “adhesion” in my foot.  After poking and prodding, my foot spasmed out and then cramped worse than anything I have ever experienced.  I have a high pain tolerance but I can honestly say this was more painful than both the cortisone shots as well as a spinal tap.

It was brutal.

I took the next day off of working out and then attempted to run on Wednesday.  It felt okay.  My foot pain was not as strong as when I stopped running a few weeks ago.  A few hours later it was a bit more painful. I stretched and went away.  Honestly I was hoping all of my pain was from that adhesion my masseuse had worked out on Monday.

I just remained the same level of sore as previously.  It felt exactly the same whether I had run or not.  I can walk normally, my gait cycle wasn’t effected and after I stretched I felt fine.  There was no sharp pain.  It just felt…sore.

On Thursday I went to the doctor and we discussed everything. 

This is exactly what I told him.  

My foot doesn’t hurt more in the morning.  It doesn’t hurt really at all, it’s just a dull ache in my arch.  It hasn’t gotten any worse in the last month and only a little bit better.  I don’t think it’s plantar fasciitis.  It doesn’t hurt to walk or move.

The boot doesn’t help me and if anything it aggravated a lot more.

The cortisone shot didn’t work.

Resting didn’t make it any worse (obviously) but it didn’t magically cure it either.  Running didn’t make it worse.  For a brief period of time (think 1 hour) it felt a little more sore and then it went back to it’s usual self after I stretched.  It doesn’t alter my gait cycle and I don’t feel it while running.

Where does this leave me?

To be honest, I don’t know.  It’s becoming increasingly clear that I don’t have plantar fasciitis.  (The only reason we suspected PF was because it was in my plantar fascia and arch). I have a problem in the arch but no one can tell me what that problem is.  Is it soft tissue damage still healing from the adhesion?  Are there more adhesions waiting to be flushed out?

In reality, I think only an MRI will be able to tell me my exact problem.  After getting an X-ray from the doctors yesterday I was cleared to schedule an MRI.  My doctor told me what he has told me all along…you can run and do anything that doesn’t hurt.  When it hurts, don’t do it.  To me that is the vaguest most unhelpful advice.  Just give me a yes/no answer.

I guess the cliffnotes version to this post is I really have any really exciting news.  I don’t think it’s plantar fasciitis and my bones aren’t broken.  It’s a muscle issue and I’m fair certain it’s not plantar fasciitis…past that I don’t know.  I’m scheduling an MRI for sometime next week.

Questions for you:

Has anyone ever had an issue in the arch of their foot and plantar fascia that wasn’t plantar fasciitis?

What are you doing this weekend?

Work for me but I have no complaints.


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  1. I hope the MRI can give you a better answer. It’s so frustrating when a doctor can’t give you a clear answer.
    I’ve been having a bit of pain in my arch lately. I’ve been stretching it out and using a lacrosse ball. It hasn’t gotten any worse but it’s still there as a friendly reminder.
    I have my kids this weekend so I will have to squeeze in my runs when I can.

  2. It sucks having an injury but no exact diagnosis!! I had a calf problem last year that no doctor/physio could diagnose, and it was as aggravating as hell! I ended up taking two full months off running until it fully healed, but still had no idea what the problem was! At least if you have a diagnosis, even if it is bad one like a stress fracture, you have an idea of how to deal with that. I hope your MRI shows up something useful, or better yet, your PF heals up!!

    I’m off on holiday tomorrow, which means I have to get my long run in before I leave in the early morning…should be fun 😉

  3. like I said on the twitter yesterday, MRI or bust. Hopefully that will give you some insight (oh the puns..)

    This weekend I have Saturday off so I’ll probably run and then be a lazy bones at the pool, and then work on Sunday – we’re doing a Sunday Night Series with Newton Running, so I’m excited for that.

  4. hey, i had this in college- i had no pain in my heel, wasn’t necessarily worse in the morning, and could end up doing everything but running (elliptical wasn’t 100%). i thought since it wasn’t heel pain it wasn’t plantar, but ended up being a weird case where it was up in my arch (towards the ball of my foot). an ultrasound showed i had a partially torn plantar fascia. i got a PRP injection- bad news is that it was ~4-5 week recovery from that, but it HEALED me after months of orevuis pain.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Jenny! I have a feeling I have something similar. Maybe a minor tear. Was yours painful while running? Like a sharp pain?


      1. oops- posted this belowhaha

        Yes! felt like a knife was going into my foot- location was a little lower on then the ball of the foot, on / above the arch. the doctor said it was a much rarer type of PF. i had 100% success though with PRP, and despite some scar tissue have been entirely pain free there for 3+ years

  5. I have been dealing with arch pain for almost 3 months now. I was diagnosed with posterior tibial tendonitis back in May. Initially taking time off didn’t make it better, but once I started strengthening and took time off that helped a bit, but it’s still not back to normal. Mine stems from a problem with tightness in my calf that won’t go away. I haven’t tried a sports massage yet, but that is next on my list. It seems a lot of people I know are having issues with one of their arches and I am beginning to wonder if running shoe companies aren’t paying enough attention to arch support. Then, of course, there is the whole issue of every day shoes where I just cannot find supportive flats that don’t look like old lady shoes! I have tried a couple that are cute that others have said were supportive, but it just didn’t do the trick for me. My plan now is to ease my way through HM training, run my race in October (which won’t be a PR race by any means), and then likely take 2 months off from running and just stick to swimming/strength/other cross training to maintain my fitness. Good luck!

    1. Yes! felt like a knife was going into my foot- location was a little lower on then the ball of the foot, on / above the arch. the doctor said it was a much rarer type of PF. i had 100% success though with PRP, and despite some scar tissue have been entirely pain free there for 3+ years

    2. Speedy recovery to you! I’ve been dealing with PTT for over 8 months now, but wasn’t officially diagnosed until ultrasound back in April or so. It really sucks because it’s not something that goes away with rest, but you actually need to correct the issue it stems from. Hang in there — I’m finally starting to almost feel normal but I know it’s a slow process 😥

  6. I had plantar fasciitis (that really was plantar fasciitis) last year, but it’s gone now. When I got an MRI a few months ago for my stress fracture, I found out that the plantar fascia on my left foot is actually torn now. The doctor said it was fine and that some people actually have surgery to cut it so the tension is gone, but it still sounds like a bad thing to me. When I asked her about it she said that they treated symptoms, not diagnoses, and if it didn’t hurt, it didn’t matter. That was frustrating, but it doesn’t hurt anymore, so I can’t complain too much.

    Good luck with the MRI, and fingers crossed that your foot sorts itself out soon.

  7. I do know that after I go to my chirporactor for ART I am pretty sore the next day or two but then all of a sudden the pain goes away. It can be tough to tell the difference between feeling sore or in pain because its usually in the same spot, but I know that when its sore from the chiro it usually loosens up over the course of my run and is better (never worse) after the run and the next day. Best of luck, I hope you get more answers soon!

  8. I wish I could do something and give you like a magic pill that will make you run again pain free/normal. The MRI will probably help and I hope it does.

  9. It could be a ligament or tendon too! I give the same advice as the doctor. Do whatever doesn’t cause you pain. It’s good to keep moving a lot of times. I totally freaked out with my thumb though cause after 3 months in a splint, it hurt worse to move it when it was off. Turned out, it was just stuff and after having the splint off for a few days or do, it loosened up and began feeling better. At least the MRI is coming up so you will know for sure what’s going on!

  10. That’s such a bummer 🙁 It must be frustrating not knowing what it is. I hope they’re able to figure it out soon so you can get pack on the pavement!

  11. I’m sorry – I know its frustrating not knowing the source of your pain. I have been having some heel pain recently. There is no consistency as to what makes it feel better or worse and activity doesn’t make it worse. Its not been bothersome enough to go to the doctor yet – so it’ll continue to be a mystery. Hopefully you’ll get some answers soon, or it’ll miraculously heal!

    I’m hanging out with an old friend this weekend – I’m very excited about it!

  12. That sucks, I’m sorry! I have the same issue with my groin/hip/back – x-rays and MRI didn’t show anything, but it hurt to the point of tears to walk or run. The doctors all said the same thing as your doctor – if it doesn’t hurt, run. If it does, stop. Literal pain in my ass!

    1. Oh gosh. Tim’s dad had something like that. He ended up having a pelvic stress fracture. I hope that is not your case too. 🙂 wishing you the best and please let me know if you find out anything!

  13. Oof. As much as I knew this already it’s still hard to read. I’m sorry you are going through this and hope that the MRI can offer some more insight for you.

  14. Hope you get some answers with an MRI – but it seems like a good sign that it’s not hurting specifically when you run. I have never had pain on the bottom of my foot and I’ve never had mystery pain. Various tendons have been a problem at different points and rest has always helped. At least you can run as long as it doesn’t hurt now.

  15. Ugh I hate those non-answer answers. It’s like, it’s not this, this, or this — and that’s fantastic — buuuuuut now what? So annoying — I’ve dealt with the same thing when it ams to trying to pinpoint some of my stomach issues. I do hope you get some answers soon though <3

  16. Ugh! Adhesions are awful! My wife has tons of them from c-sections and she naturally scars heavily so that makes for some very painful times! Not fun 🙁

    As for weekend, Lisa works tomorrow, so I will do a long run, probably some punishing hills … then we’ll go kayaking on Sunday with or without the kids.

  17. It’s great that you can do activities as long as they don’t hurt… and stop if it hurts… but I am like you, I’d want to know what the issue actually was, what caused it, how to prevent it from happening again, etc. I hope you can get an MRI and find out what is really wrong with it, I’m glad it’s not a break but I hope you find out what it is and can get treatment and back to running as soon as possible *hugs*.

  18. Ugh. I think not knowing what the injury is is worse than the actual injury itself most of the time. I’m really hoping you can get some answers and, more importantly, all healed up soon!

  19. Sorry, Hollie 🙁 An undiagnosed injury sucks. I hope the MRI will give you some answers so you can get the right treatment and start feeling better, soon. I still have an undiagnosed pain in my big toe, and the back thing is on going. Yay for us.

  20. I am so glad you are getting and MRI!

    They suck because they are so expensive, but are amazing in that they can actually give you clarity as to what they heck is going on with an injury! (Sadly I speak with too much experience).

    That’s interesting about the “adhesion” they found. I wonder what that could mean!

    Good luck!

  21. Ughhhh I hate to hear this. I hope the MRI gives you some answers… Have you had an ultrasound? That was the one thing that actually gave me a concrete diagnosis once we learned it wasn’t a fracture in MRI cuz it was really obvious to pinpoint the inflammation.

    I’m glad you’re being proactive about it… I really hope you have answers ASAP!!!

  22. Oh gosh so sorry to hear about this! I’m actually struggling with the exact same pain as you in my left arch. It’s incredibly frustrating… Here’s to hoping we get answers!

  23. I had a similar issue when I was running in college – long story short 5 stress fractures in my foot due to trying to run through the pain (yay, D1 college running philosophy!) combined with intense muscle spasms muscle spasms, and a ruptured plantar fascia later…we decided to look into nerve issues, and that was my problem. If you are having any other weird sensations in your foot ask about nerve issues – I had a fair amount of problems with my foot when I was at rest, sharp pains/tingling, etc. Might be worth a look!

    Good luck! Sounds like you’re doing everything right 🙂

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