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The last few days I was a MIA from the internet. On Wednesday evening, Tim and I drove down to my parents house. We spent Thursday taking engagement photos and then drove to Tim’s grandparents house in Charlottesville on Friday morning.

I’ve seen a few of our engagement photos and I absolutely love them.  I posted one of my instagram.  They don’t call me fueledby LOLZ for nothing I guess.

Painting some props

Painting some props

Tim’s grandfather was celebrating his 90th birthday so we had a huge get together. Everyone from Florida to Colorado to Canada traveled to get there. We had a lot of fun.  His grandparents live on a lake so we were able to just enjoy relaxing in the sun.  We were lucky the weather was nice as well.

Water front bowling

Water front bowling

They live on Lake Monticello so it was nice to go out on the boat and relax. I don’t ski but I enjoyed watching Tim, his cousin and dad ski.

The lake life

The lake life

I also got to go to my favorite sandwich shop: Which Wich.  One thing I miss a lot from Texas is this little fast food sandwich place.  It’s similar to a subway but they have a lot more options and the sandwiches are customizable.   The closest one to my parents house (and actually too us in NJ too I think) is in Richmond. Since we were in Charlottesville and it was close we had to go.

The Which Wich Life

The Which Wich Life

That’s all I really have for weekend life.  I had a lot of fun this weekend enjoying the outside world with family.  I suppose it’s time to get back into the routine.

Questions for you:

Do you have family gatherings?

Have you ever gone skiing?

Tim Nordic Skiied in college and water skiis in the summer. I’m not coordinated to do it…maybe one day I’ll get out there.  You are never too old!


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  1. Used to ski years ago in New Hampshire but spent more time on my butt than the ski’s…Every 4th of July our family gathers at our lake house in Pennsylvania.

  2. FUN TIMES! I can’t wait to see more engagement photos, gorgeous!

    Both of Harry’s parents have seven or eight siblings. Needless to say, family gatherings happen often…in large quantities…

    I used to water ski often when I lived in Austin (childhood – 20 years old, or so). I haven’t been in a long while.

  3. Matt is ALWAYS trying to get me to go water skiing whenever we go up to his grandparents’ cabin. I will tube, but that’s it.

    Happy birthday to Tim’s grandpa! 90 is incredible.

  4. The greatest thing about growing up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming was living 4 blocks from the ski hill in town and basically learning to ski before I could walk. 🙂 In the summer, I spent most of my free time with the family or friends up on Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park. The ice broke sometime in May, usually, and it wasn’t uncommon for us knuckleheads to be in the water (with drysuits) until the water temp got into the 50’s and beyond. I was never much of a waterskier, but I raced all the way until I graduated on the high school ski team. Even though I live in Colorado now, I don’t get to do much of either anymore, but I do still ski whenever I can (snow, not water).

    My family is spread pretty far and wide so gatherings are difficult. That said, I’m headed to Wyoming in a couple of days to see some of my family that is still there.

  5. LOVED your ‘lolz’ pic on Instagram! 🙂 Sounds like you guys had a great long weekend and loads of fun.

    We haven’t really had a family reunion in a number of years, at least not everyone – it is more partials here and there. For me it is mostly just myself and my brother (the one in Princeton).

    I did water skiing as a kid and very occasional snow skiing. We did that a couple of times after moving to western NY as well, and our younger son was a total natural, immediately taking to it (and FAST) and ended up on the ski team for the last few years.

  6. I’m bad at family gatherings – most of my family lives at least four hours away and I hate driving.

    I love water skiing but there is a 0% chance you will ever see me on snow skis! Running in the snow, that’s another story 🙂

  7. Omg that picture of you and Tim is gorgeous and absolutely perfect for you two 🙂 My family doesn’t have a lot of gatherings since we’re pretty small, but Joe’s family does a bunch, and we typically go to a few. It’s fun but also really overwhelming for someone like me who is shy at first and not used to such things!

  8. Loved the engagement pic you posted on instagram 🙂

    We have family gatherings from time to time, usually around holidays/birthdays or other big events.

    Never been skiing, and I never really desired to!

  9. The Instagrammed picture of you and Tim made me so happy. You guys are so cute!

    Even though there’s a lake in my hometown, I’ve never been water skiing. Tubing, yes. Downhill skiing, yes. But I’ve never taken it to the water for some reason.

  10. Weddings and funerals are pretty much the only time we get everyone together. Life is busy and hectic and not many live around each other so it makes it hard. I am glad that you had a great time with Tim’s family unwinding and I cant wait to see ALL of the engagement photos! 🙂

    I love water skiing, growing up only a few minutes from a lake (and with lots of friends who lived on the lake) I spent my summers completely water logged.

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