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I’ve hit the point where it’s not cute or fun that I’m injured. I’m annoyed and I’ve pretty much made up my mind that racing a full marathon this fall is out of the question. I won’t get the build up I want. Trying to cram in the miles will make me injured with something else.

I go back for a second doctors appointment on Thursday. After believing that a cortisone shot would help me (it completely cleared up my previous issues). It doesn’t seem to be now. 12 days should be plenty of time for cortisone to react. It’s clear this didn’t do what it should (which is really upsetting). That is just me bring whiney. I’m not a doctor and who knows? The only thing I know is I’m excited for my next doctors appointment. Hopefully we can explore other options and put more pieces to my injury puzzle together.

I’m not here to whine or complain, I know staying positive is the key but it doesn’t make it any easier. It stinks. I can walk and cross train with no pain. Running (in any shoe) does not feel like it should.

I’m very close to pulling the plug on a fall marathon. Could I do one long run in September, and probably finish the Wineglass full marathon?

Yes, but it isn’t worth it to me to just finish a race. I want to do well. The amount of stress that a marathon takes on your body isn’t worth it for me to go run it just because I could.

If I do end up pulling the plug, I’ll probably wait another year to run a marathon. I’m getting married next April so I don’t want to worry about running a Spring Full. Although March (Shamrock) is a potential full as well I guess. I would much rather wait until next fall.

Right now while I do have a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis, I’m not 100% convinced. Since the diagnosis my calves have loosed up and I don’t feel pain in them. I do still feel my arch.

My “recovery plan” day to day looks like this:
1. Actively stretching a few times daily.
2. Foam rolling and using a golf ball each night to dig at my arch.
3. Cortisone shot (on 7/10) but it seemed to have no effect. My foot is still in pain. I’ve honestly never heard of anyone not having any effect at all. Maybe it’s just reacting how I react at life…always late.

I have another doctors appointment this Thursday to hopefully discuss more possibilities and ideas. I’m upset…but honestly there isn’t much that complaining will do. I’m mentally in a rough spot but there is a marathon every weekend somewhere…I’ll find one when the time is right.

I’m still cross training most days and finding other things to focus on. If I spent hours being sad or whining, it really wouldn’t do much else. There is more life to running and I’ve been enjoying it.

Questions for you?
If you’ve had experience with a cortisone shot, did you experience short term pain relief? Did it work completely?

For my cyst it worked completely and I’ve never looked back.


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  1. I’ve had plantar fasciitis and went to a fantastic doctor, Dr. Midas, here in Chesapeake. He tried a shot which didn’t work and then put me in a boot. I was in it for a loooooong time but finally, no pain. A few years later, I felt a similar pain in my other foot and went to the boot. After about a week, the pain was gone. Since then, no return of the pain but I still have my boot if I need it.

    • That is great to hear! I’ve actually heard great things about Dr, Mida’s! For me, the boot didn’t have any effect and made my calves tighter. So now I have a boot in my storage closet LOL,

  2. I’m in the same boat. I was running a half a week ago and felt like I had been punched in the knee. I was a race pacer Sunday so I ran another half. The MRI result said I have a torn meniscus and bruised bone. Now I’m flipping coins for the wineglass full myself. I had the shot for my patella. It worked but obviously it did not solve the issue. I had to stop running for three months and wear tape. I went two years without another problem until now. If you want to have fun run the fall marathon but if you want to bq and will push it don’t. You are younger and don’t wanna re injure yourself. Good luck!

  3. I have no experience with cortisone shots but just wanted to offer my support by saying -this totally blows. I’m sorry the shot hasn’t helped. Wishing you answers soon!

  4. I am sorry it didn’t work. Being injured sucks! If you have doubt about the marathon I think you can defer still. Then you can win it next year. I am getting a shot tomorrow and I hope it does something!!! Keep doing the roller !!!

  5. When I had plantar fasciitis I went to a podiatrist who specialized in sport’s medicine (she treated players for the Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, and even the folks at Joffrey Ballet). In addition to the foam roller, golf balls, and cortisone, and rolliong my foot on a bottle of frozen water to reduce the swelling, she also sent me to a massage therapist twice a week to loosen up my calves (when they are tight it impacts the plantar fascia). In addition, I bought an ultrasound unit to speed up the healing on the bottom of my foot (the deep warmth actually felt pretty good). Get well soon!

  6. I had plantar fasciitis once really badly and I had to take about four months totally off. It wasn’t until I started wearing a boot at night did I get relief. Last fall it started to creep up again so I went straight to the night boot idea and bought a Strassburg sock which worked incredibly well.

    • I’m really glad that worked for you! I’ve have not had the same luck with the boot and it actually hasn’t helped me at all.

  7. Hang in there, Hollie! I hope you’re able to figure out what’s going on during your appointment on Thursday. And I know just how you feel about dropping out of a marathon–I had been training for my first full (to take place June 21st), and I had to drop out because of a lingering back injury. I STILL am not running, and I really can’t cross-train either (EVERY type of XT uses your back…grrrr). It’s okay, it’s just a bump in the road. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  8. That completely stinks Hollie. I can definitely relate. I had to pull out of a marathon in May because of an impinged nerve in my hip, which never healed.( Now, I have a stress fracture, so that’s awesome.) But I could have run it, however, I wanted to run well, not just finish. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get some answers at your next appointment.

  9. This stinks. Whine away. Everyone i am sure has given advice … One of my random foot/lower leg injuries turned out to be related to a pinched nerve in my butt. I had gone to massage and focused so much on my foot. Then one therapist started out in my lower back and went to my butt and i immediately felt the pain ‘refer’ to my foot. So maybe start rolling (i used a baseball. Ow) on your butt and hips? Just an idea. Good luck.

  10. I’ve never had a cortisone shot and I’ve heard mixed things, but that’s all from different people, so I try not to ever listen to the opinions so much just because everyone’s injury, running, doctor, treatment, etc is so different, a cortisone shot could be a bad idea for someone and a great idea for another. PF is a pretty difficult injury though- my friend had it toward the end of his marathon and he managed to run the marathon (he trained, but his goal was completion). But everyone’s “case” is completely different.

    I do hope your appointment goes well… and they may have some other ideas about treatments, I dunno. If you don’t want to just “run” a marathon… I 100% don’t blame you to defer it. I know you’re not the type of runner who goes into a race to “just finish” (especially your second marathon). It’s a lot of training, wear and tear on your body, and recovery time. You are still an amazing and inspirational runner regardless of what you do.

    Oh, and marathon training just before getting married? Totally don’t blame you not to do that either! That was a totally stressful time of life and I would hate to throw training for any kind of race in there… I was just so glad when it was over and I was married :).

  11. I’m sorry you’re still in pain, and I’m also sorry to say that last year at this time, when I had a raging case of PF in both feet, I felt immediate relief in both feet the second I stepped off the doctor’s table. Once I got custom orthotics made I haven’t had any problems with it since. I wish that I had some sort of answer for you, as this can be so. darn. frustrating. 😦

  12. What I should have said was, “I got cortisone shots in both feet and felt immediate relief the second I stepped off the doctor’s table.” Post-long-run space out.

  13. ” … it isn’t worth it to me to just finish a race. I want to do well.” <– BINGO! I'm right there with you. If you're going to target a race and train for it, then *really* do it and give 150 percent.

  14. Hang in there 😦 Alex had planter fasciitis and it sounds like no fun 😦 I hope they figure out what it is and how to fix it so you can get back on the pavement!

  15. Wait – I know I was away on vacation, but did I miss the part where your injury was “cute or fun”? haha … seriously I know it sucks, and while it might seem to you that you have been whiny … you haven’t. Really. The majority of people reading your blog are bloggers, runners and people who have been hurt (ok, I’m still lucky on that front). We were with you throughout everything before … and we are still with you.

    We know this is rough, and only want the best for you. I mean seriously – I talked before about that diner in the Corning area, and I would love you to come check it out for a review when you are in for Wineglass … but it will be there next year as well. πŸ™‚

  16. This totally sucks, but I really admire you for being honest with yourself about what your goals for Wineglass are and evaluating whether it’s really worth it to do the race or not. That’s a really difficult thing to do! I’ve had to get a lot better about it since the beginning of the year, so it’s inspiring to me to see you be so willing to make a difficult choice if it turns out that that’s what you need. Also – I had cortisone shots on my back with no effect whatsoever.

    • Thanks for your support Danielle, you are the best! I figured what’s the point of not being with myself?

      If I lie to myself, the problem doesn’t magically get any better!

  17. I’m really sorry to hear that things haven’t sorted themselves out yet. I can’t imagine how frustrated you are, but I’m impressed at how mature you’re being about it all. I know when I started feeling pain while training for my last marathon, I convinced myself that it was part of the territory with marathon training. Wrong. Every run hurt, so I started hating running and ended up with a stress fracture that took me months to heal. Bah! Hoping you have better luck at your next doctor’s appointment. xo

  18. I’m seriously bummed for you. I hope get some answers at your appt on Thursday. Keep up your cross training, but it’s ok to have a pity party day and watch crappy TV if you need a mental break from the gym.

  19. Well, you know I have been sending the healing vibes your way for two reasons. One, I obviously want you to get better. Two, I want photo op with you at Wineglass!! πŸ™‚ If #2 is not in the cards, somehow I’ll survive…but seriously, getting answers and progress is the right thing to do. I don’t blame you for not wanting to run a marathon just to finish. Your next one should be a triumph not a consolation.

    I’m still hoping for a miracle, though! πŸ˜‰

    • I have actually. I am not interested in biking or at this point getting back into the pool. While I used to swim, it isn’t something that interests me at all right now. Maybe one day though, thanks for stopping by Megan!

  20. I also had PF that derailed both NYC and Philly for me last year. Went from consistent training and 50+ mile weeks to NOTHING. Sudden, sharp pain – literally hurt to do anything that was weight-bearing on my foot.

    Was in a boot for 2 months followed by 2 months of PT (3x weekly). The boot didn’t seem to help at first (and was quite a burden in NYC) BUT I wore it every damn day. Maybe you need to wear it longer? PF does take a long time to heal. The boot’s purpose wasn’t to alleviate pain, it was to protect it from getting worse and to promote healing. I also had this for nightime:
    Like the boot, it didn’t help right away, but it promoted gradual healing and allowed my foot to stretch out. Lastly my doc gave me a prescription for Voltaren which may or may not have helped, but it felt good!

    I’m still trying to regain my fitness that I lost, but at least I’m finally running pain free! Hopefully you’ll be running without pain soon enough!

  21. My friend had it for a bum shoulder. It’s ok if you do it once or twice, and it really helped her, but if you do it enough it’ll totally mess you up.
    Side note: i totally feel your pain. (literally.) Pretty sure I pulled a quad and have no idea how long I’ll be out of the running loop. Good luck healing!

  22. I’ve always admired your approach to injuries. It sucks having them and there isn’t much to be done but wait it out. Occasionally, though, the frustration boils over.

    I have no experience with the type of injury you have. I just hope it heals up soon and you can get back to doing what you love.

  23. I really hope that the doctors appointment goes well and he can offer some more insight into what is going on. I know this has to be insanely frustrating but you are handling it all really well and I’m proud of you. Marathon’s will ALWAYS be there, when it’s right it will happen.

  24. I’ve never had a cortisone shot – but I’ve read about them. I think at some point (maybe when I settle down somewhere more permanent) I need to find a place when I can find a doctor who runs who can help me with these things. How are you feeling today?

  25. Gahhhh I’m so sorry, that just sucks!

    Isn’t it weird how exciting going to the doctor is when you’re injured. Whatever it is, I hope that they are able to diagnose it. Even if the diagnosis isn’t what you want you can at least not live on injury limbo aka heck on earth!

    Good luck!!!

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