Adding a Triple 0 Size

Yesterday I was listening to Good Morning America.  I like to wake up and watch GMA.  It’s always been part of my routine.  I like to find out current events, interesting fun facts and whatever else is going on.  Yesterday, I heard that the company J. Crew was adding a 000 size.  Yes, triple 0.

An Overview Here

 At first I thought is that a childs size?  Why not go to a childrens store?

Then I realized  in J. Crew sizing, I am a size 0.  I’m not built like a size 0 but in J. Crew I wear a size 0. J. Crew’s size 000 will be fit for a 23 inch waist.  At first thought it baffles me but then I thought about size 5’0 females that have problems buying professional clothing.  This would be so beneficial for them.  When I worked in Oswego, I often found it hard to find professional clothing and I’m not petite built.   Of course taller woman might be a smaller waist as well but there are many woman that are 5 feet tall and will never have larget than a size 23 waist while being at a healthy weight.  Similarly, there are many 6’0+ woman that will have a large bone structure despite being thing.

After more research, I came across the sizing methods.  J. Crew (as well as othercompanies) use vanity sizing.  They purposely make their sizes bigger so customers may fit into a smaller size.  For instance I’m around a size 4 in most brands such as Target or BCBG.

They want you to feel like you are wearing a smaller size so you purchase more of their clothing.  They want you to feel good.  Since the majority of the US is average size or larger, going down a size or two feels great. Of course there is a minority of people that are underweight that this has such a negative effect on.

Adding a triple 000 size does not fix any problems. It would be a lot easier if woman’s sizes were like men’s (by waist size) or  Europen sizes.  Why add a third 0?  Why not just go into negatives at this point?

These are just various points and concepts I’m sure have thought about.  I propose instead of adding a 000 to J. Crew (or other brands who also use vanity sizing), they change their sizing to be more true to size.  Why don’t all companies go by waist size?  Is anyone truly looking at the inside of your pants tag to see?

Unfortantely it’s not up to me.  I won’t say I’m against the 000 idea, because there are woman that need such sizing.  I will say that it’s frustrating that picking out clothing is so difficult when you have vanity sizing, true sizing and just different brand sizing.

What are your thoughts?


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  1. As someone who is 5’2″ and has a hell of a time buying professional clothes I can see their point. I wear a 00 in petites at most stores. However, at a store like American Eagle, I have to buy a size 2 in shorts because of my thighs and wear a belt to keep my shorts from falling down.

    With that being said, I can also wear an XL (14-16) in children’s clothes, lol.

  2. I have always found that J Crew runs large in clothing.
    I am 5’5″ and weigh 100 lbs. I am naturally petite and am one of those people who are discriminated against because of it.
    When I was 15 and trying to obtain a physical to run cross country the doctor started checking my teeth. Come to find out she was checking for evidence of an eating disorder – I was mortified. Now 15 years later I am 30 and not much has changed from others’ perceptions of me. I take the jokes and snide comments in stride because I have learned that my size doesn’t define me and I wish it wouldn’t define any woman.
    Just remember stereotypes run both ways.

  3. That is ridiculous!!!! Oh my gosh! I already pick up the 00 and stand there with my mouth open. I am lean, I am a fit runner, yet there is no way in hell my monster quads are fitting in a 00….or even a 0! I am sure there are exceptions (like Nattie above), but that makes me sad they are going to that extreme, especially to make you purchase more of their clothes! That just shows you how deceptive marketers can be!

    I agree with you that the European style is better. We use our own number system in England, and now the 000 would be a 2 in English sizes, so at least we are still positive, but European is much easier to understand, and makes more sense. Thanks for the post Hollie! Would have had no idea otherwise.

    • Honestly I do think there are certain females that do need a smaller size. The sizing is off where a size 000 might equate to a 0 in regular sizing. The US woman’s sizing system has seen inflation in the last few years.

  4. I saw this story too.

    I am 5’0 and have a crazy hard time finding professional clothes! I went to look for some dress pants the other day at Tanger, and even the 00 short would not fit. They were literally falling off of me. I ended up going to Kohls and buying a size 0 in juniors, which is probably equivalent to a 000 in J.Crew. I guess if I shopped at J.Crew, I could be happy that I wore a 000 instead of a 0, but I really don’t care. After 4 stores, I was just glad to find pants that fit, regardless of what the tag says.

    BTW, it gets me when someone says “I lost 3 pants sizes in 2 weeks on _____ diet”. Sometimes all you have to do to lose pants sizes is just try on pants in different stores ;).

  5. My initial thought to this was, “bad bad and more bad,” since I can definitely see this as a trigger and/or goal for EDs, but you make a good point (more than one haha) in that some people are healthily that size and need to be able to find appropriate professional clothing. Having said that. though, I agree that going by waist size would be a lot easier and theoretically universal across stores. It’s a pain the rear shopping for pants sometimes at different stores, since I never remember which size I am where and usually have to take 2-3 different ones in with me to make sure I get the right pair. Sooo, I understand the thinking behind it (and behind the sizing thing in general….who doesn’t love thinking they’re a smaller size?) and the need for it, I don’t like the delivery at all

  6. I agree that it would be much easier if there was just a standard waist size! I also notice in some stores when they go by small, medium, large etc sometimes I will wear and xs and other times a large…there’s so much variation!

  7. As a 5’1” woman with a very petite build, I am always the smallest size in a store… and sometimes that is not even small enough. It is frustrating that sometimes the only jeans that fit me are child size, and I am not buying anything with snaps and an adjustable waist! I’ve accepted it however and just rarely buy clothes.

  8. Put it this way–when I first started wearing J. Crew in my early 20s, I was always a size 4 or 6. My weight has not changed much since then, and I am almost always a size 0. I’m 5 ft. 3, and I tend to carry weight in my waist, so I KNOW there are people who need smaller sizes than I do, but 00 and 000 seem a bit ridiculous. I always thought things should go by waist size or actually measurements.

  9. I’m totally for the idea of using waist measurements rather than arbitrary sizes for pants. It makes the most sense and would be way easier to shop for pants across brands rather than having to determine each time you go into a new store what size you wear.

    I’m not opposed to expanding the range of sizes offered by a store, but going into triple digit 0’s is silly. Eventually everyone will be wearing 00000, 0000, 000, 00, 0… it will be like binary.

  10. you hit it on the buzzer–why not use true to WAIST SIZE sizing?! that has always bothered me. and makes shopping a depressing thing for me since in some stores i’ll be a 14.. yes, a four-teen. i get that i have a large build but i’m no 14 either. just upsets me. luckily i wear my army uniform everyday otherwise i think i’d not handle it so well emotionally.

  11. I think I would die before I would be small enough to fit into 000 pants, but I am tall with a huge build…and still wear a size 4 sometimes(?). It is obvious that there need to be many smaller sizes than that, because there are a lot of women shorter/smaller than me, and they need clothes, too, because they probably shouldn’t be going to work naked.


  12. Lol! I have nothing against this sizing and I can see why they are doing it, like you said, to make women feel better about themselves and buy more. However, it really confuses me because I never seem to know my size because I can go from 00 at one store to 2-4 at another. I guess, it can be advantageous too since this definitely prevents me from shopping online, BINGO! ahaha! xoxo

  13. As the daughter of a dietician who worked with people with severe eating disorders I am 100% against this. Vanity sizing gets dangerous.

  14. I read online that this is partly due to JCrew’s push against making actual plus-size clothing. If the size 0s and 4s keep getting bigger, so do the size 16 (or whatever is at the other end of the spectrum) to accommodate more people. I do not know how true this is, but it’s something to think about.

  15. from just a simplistic standpoint, I wish all stores used the same sizing – I hate having to remember I wear a 00 at Gap, a 2 at stores like Abercrombie and 4 or 6 at Target. I’m just lazy. lol

    I think womens clothing should be measured like mens…Im insanely jealous that Jonah knows his 32×32 pants will be the same at any store.

  16. So ridiculous! Not to mention that sizing inconsistencies make it impossible to indulge in my favorite habit — online shopping — it makes me not want to shop there at all! It’s actually insulting to us women that they think a number on a pair of pants will sway us into making a purchase. Unfortunately, I think it happens more often than we’d like!

  17. I really wish women could buy pants like men do with waist and length measurements. A lot of places don’t have long, regular and tall and I find that almost everything is long on me despite being slightly above average height.

  18. Yup, just another reason to hate clothes shopping even more and justify wearing running clothes all day for every occasion :). Besides, I know I’m not the only one with the problem of not being able to get the waist small enough AND my monster thighs fitting in pants/shorts!

    Yup, let’s just use our measurements. Sounds so simple, no?

  19. I don’t care what they call it, I just find it exciting that they’ll fit a 23″ waist because NOBODY fits a 23″ waist!!!! I wear a 24″ waist but their clothes now don’t fit, so maybe their 23″ will actually be a closer fit (even though it should fit now since it’s a measurement in inches…).I wear J Crew sweaters thought and love them. I do think that places should be more true to size though.

  20. I never understood why they use vanity sizing. I think it’s ridiculous and meaningless! I never know what size I should be in any store and it’s annoying. A triple 0 sounds stupid and it is, but I guess it’s really just a size 0 if it fits a 23 waist. I’m petite and usually a 24-25 so I get it. But I just hate all the numbers. I guess they just want the $$$ and if someone wants to buy their stuff because it makes them feel like they’re a size or two down I supposed they’re doing it right. I hate all of it really!

  21. I had to send this to my boyfriend because he is always amazed at how weird and hard to understand women’s sizing is. Vanity sizing is actually so annoying and makes things so difficult. Sometimes I am even different sizes in the same store… I went shopping at Old Navy recently and bought several pairs of shorts. One was an 8 and one was a 12! The 12s are tighter than the 8s. Wtf?

      • It really is! Shopping for him is so much easier than shopping for me. He just said it was ridiculous and that “there should be a standard set of sizes.”

  22. I’m 5’0″ and wear a 00 or 23 depending on the sizing. I also have a lot of kids clothes in my closet. I’m not skinny but since I’m 5′ and petite I fit into those sizes. I don’t think it’s a bad thing that they added a size 000. I’m not the only one who wears a size 00, whether the person is 5′ or a lot taller.

    • It makes complete sense and it’s unfair to exclude you from clothing you need. I just wish they used another method instead of adding more 0’s.

  23. I’m of the opinion of most people on here – there needs to be standardization of sizes, I don’t care what the number is. Men’s clothing is a perfect example; if you wear a 32 waist, its going to fit you in almost EVERY brand.

    I might be alone here, but they could do some vanity sizing for wedding dresses. As a normal size 10-12, I had to order a size 18 (eight-freaking-teen) for my wedding dress. Talk about depressing.

  24. “I thought about size 5’0 females that have problems buying professional clothing.” I want to agree with this so badly but I can’t :/ I recently got two size 0 dresses from jcrew and yes it fits my waist/smaller statue in general but it’s still too long! For reference, I’m 5’2″ and the dress, which is supposed to be knee length (at least it was on the mannequin) was 4 inches past my knees so I end up having to get them hemmed. This is a normal issue that I experience when I shop for “professional” clothing which is why places like H&M and Aritzia who are modelled more towards the “younger” crowd fits me better compared to J. Crew, the Gap, etc. (J. Crew’s Pixie pants which are supposed to hit your ankle are 2 inches passed my ankle and pants that are meant to go past the ankle is too long on me!) Instead of having triple 0s, they should just carry a better stocked petite section! Wow, I just typed up a novel! Sorry about that! Just needed to get that off my chest because hemming can get expensive!

  25. I wish we could just have measurement sizing like men’s jeans. Like, size 25 for a 25 inch waist, and so on and so forth. A triple 0 size is getting ridiculous, and it’s going to make another standard for women to have to feel like they have to meet.

  26. Well, to start off with, GMA was my morning show in America. Haha. I loved it. Still do.
    Anyway, there are some tiny women with a petite body shape. Maybe a triple size zero would be better. Even when I was running hardcore all the time, I would be 23 inch pants or a double zero and that would be big. Although I am 5’2. But I think if they need that size, why not? There is obviously a demand.

    • I agree with you completely and understand that certain people need that size. I think they went about it in a completely different way. I would love to see a universal waist size measurement for woman’s sizing.

  27. One of my best friends works for a pretty popular retailer here targeted at younger females and they recently switched to vanity sizing…..dude, their sales skyrocketed. It’s ridiculous…then these said girls go to a standard store and are suddenly a healthy normal ACCURATE size. Cue dieting.

  28. If you came to Australia you’d be freaked out hehe… we have no Os! Oh wow your sizing sounds so weird… here we start at 6 then 8 etc… 6 is the smallest. Kids sizing is the same usually goes on age. At lulu there is 2 and 4s though, yet their sizing is odd!

  29. One of my best friends is OBSESSED with tag size. I used to be too, but once I got older and saw how much my tag size varied across all the clothing brands, I realized it didn’t really matter. As long as the clothes fit, and I felt good, that’s what mattered. Personally, I think going into triple 0’s sets a negative tone for body image. Size by waist seems to make sense but I could see that also going in the same direction “oh I have to be under 30, or oh I have to be under 27″… IDK I think there needs to be a big shift in society in order for clothing size to not matter, regardless of how it’s labeled or measured.

    • I completely agree. It’s hard not too notice about a size but it would make it so much easier if they were universal.

  30. I get mad about vanity sizing because I am 5’8 quite muscular, not rail thin and I have size small and 4 and 6 in my closet. Yet definitely more 8/10 in reality. I always say how the heck do people who are legitimately small find clothes that fit?! I don’t have a lot of time for shopping so do a fair amount online, and buy over and over from the same couple places since I know it should fit and what size I should be there.

  31. I cannot imagine ever being a 000. But I understand some women are built that way. Whichever company designs a line for athletes is going to strike gold. I have the hardest time finding pants/shorts that fit my legs and waist and are long enough.

  32. I have a little bit of a problem with this. But I guess on the other side, everyone is so into “what size you are” than being healthy. A size 000 could be a healthy person or have issues, just as much as a size 10 could be healthy or not.

  33. Oooh, vanity sizing. In some stores, I am the same clothing size now that I was a 15 years ago, when I was 25 pounds lighter, 4 inches shorter, and still going through puberty. I mean, really. But, I can understand why stores do it in order to maximize their profit. I think retailers need to give women the benefit of the doubt and realize that we are not fragile flowers, and are capable of having actual measurements in our clothing, same as Men’s sizing. Arbitrary numbers mean nothing, good or bad.

  34. I couldn’t agree with you more about needing more clothes with waste sizes or euro sizing. At this point, I’ve given up on the size 0, 2, 4 etc brands and pretty much only buy waste sizes because I can’t keep track of which size fits me (or doesn’t fit me) from each brand. I currently have a pair of size zero shorts that were given to me as a gift years ago that have only just now begun to fit me… and I’m in the third trimester of pregnancy! (They were cute and I didn’t have the heart to say they didn’t fit back when I got them… actually, they really ARE pretty great now!) I won’t say where those came from and I am not very big normally and not super-pregnant yet, but that’s some pretty crazy vanity sizing there! I wish the vanity sizing out there was at least sort-of close between brands!

  35. every time a brand adds a smaller size, they make their other sizes bigger. I know because no matter what sizing places use, I always go for the smallest and I have’t gained or lost weight.

    I’m 5ft tall, so finding clothes to fit is a pain.

  36. Finally catching up from vacation … this is one of my last 🙂

    ‘Vanity Sizing’ is destructive in many ways, and sends a false sense of ourselves – and does nothing to help with body image issues!

    People talk about ‘waist size’ as a solution … but the problem is that vanity sizing has happened to men’s clothes that DO use waist sizes! For example, I had size 32 waist dress pants from when we moved here (6 years ago) and from more than 20 years ago … and when I was trying them on last year along with new pants, it was clear that the sizes have changed … because if anything older stuff should be looser, but in this case I needed a 31 or 30 to get to the same size as my older 32s! And nearly all of the dress and casual dress pants in stores have these ‘stretchy waist’ things … How does THAT help anyone?!?

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