There have been a lot of searches on my blog about what my daily food and nutrition intake is.  I don’t often participate in WIAW or post a lot about food.  Is that still a thing, talking about what you normally eat on Wednesdays?

Honestly if I posted more than once every few months it would be boring.  I eat relatively similar meals each day, I’m a simple “Walmart purchasing chef”.  I don’t care for fancy foods or recipes.  Tim and I are rather simple but since there have been so many searches on my blog for it, I thought I might as well write a post about my nutrition (And by so many searches I mean 5).

Right now I’m currently not running.  I’m not as hungry as if I was running 70 miles.  I hope this doesn’t last too much longer.


I’ve been back into a waffle mode.  Over a year ago, my blog was best known for eating lots of waffles. I would post weird recipes including a smoked salmon waffle, etc.  (Now my weird weekly post includes what diner I’ve gone too). I’m currently just enjoying plain homemade waffles topped with syrup and Greek yogurt.  It normally takes all over 15 minutes to make and I can eat and enjoy reading blogs.  I eat breakfast around 6am.

A homemade waffle.

A homemade waffle.

I tend to get hungry again on my way to work.  Around 10am I have a snack which is generally just a power bar.  My favorite power bars are the cookies and cream and also the vanilla.  I think I buy 50 at a time and just put them into the fridge until needed.  I know I could make my own but these taste good and I like them.  I also know there are also much healthier or nutrient dense bars…but these are what I like and they are relatively inexpensive.

Lunch is normally around noon.  It is usually pretty boring and it ends up being whatever I have leftover in my house.  Is it a piece of salmon?  Is it a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?  Is it a salad?  Today it was a roast beef sandwich with spinach, provolone cheese and balsamic vinaigrette.  It was good.

A roast beef sandwich.

A roast beef sandwich.

I normally pack another sandwich that I eat around 3pm at work too.  Staring at people’s feet is hard work…it makes me hungry.

Dinner is a hit or miss.  If I get done with work at 7, I’ll wait until I get home until around 8 to eat.  If I get done at 8, I’ll bring dinner to work (or go to the street to the Italian restaurant) and eat. I like being off at 7 so I can enjoy dinner with Tim but being off at 8 makes more money too.

Tim and I are very meat+potatoes+green type of dinner people.  We either have a piece of meat (baked, grilled, sauteed…whatever), some sort of bread/potato and a salad.  This happens probably 5/7 nights for us.  The other two nights we will either go out to eat or have breakfast for dinner (normally when we need to get to the grocery store).

Some of my favorite dinners:

Scallop Salad


Steak Salad


Steak or fish in general


steak and sweet potato.  Or sour cream with sweet potato...)

steak and sweet potato. Or sour cream with sweet potato…)

My evenings are normally spent relaxing and hanging out with Tim.  We watch reality TV (anything from Restaurant Impossible to Catfish to Awkward…really whatever the DVR has picked up).  Occasionally I’ll browse the internet, chat to friends.  It’s a relaxing period for both of us.

Sometimes I’ll have a nighttime snack and sometimes I won’t.  For some reason I have been craving apples at night (I think because they are sweet and crunchy).  Other nighttime snacks include smoothies, pretzels and realistically whatever is in the pantry.  Last night I finished our last ice cream sandwich.

Anyways then I go relax in bed around 9-9:30 and fall asleep before 10  (Generally).

Questions for you:

What is one of your favorite foods?

What time do you generally eat lunch and dinner?  


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  1. “breakfast #1” is usually at 5:30am is coffee and PBJ toast. Then I go run. And then I get hungry on my way to work so I usually have either a VegaOne shake or Picky Bar.

    Lunch is anywhere from 11am-1pm depending on how ravenous I am. I usually pack leftovers or a salad made from leftovers. I also pack a PBJ or yogurt with muesli for an afternoon snack.

    I’m pretty sure I eat the same 10 foods all week. I’m boring, but my stomach is picky so I stick with what sits well.

  2. nothing wrong with simple and nutritious! as delicious as those fancy recipes are–aint nobody got time for dat 😉
    because i get up at 0430 everyday i usually want lunch by 10 but try to hold off until 11. i just realized today i forgot to bring an afternoon snack which is never good as I end up raiding the pantry when i’m home from work!

  3. I have the same breakfast and dinner pretty much every day. My mid-morning snack and lunch are different. Mid morning snack is at ~11. Lunch is at 1:00. Dinner is at ~7:30.

    My favorite food – I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – is some kind of nut butter (peanut, almond, you name it) and jelly sandwich.

    Fwiw – I like that you don’t always post what you are eating, Hollie. Although I love your instagram coffee pics! I’d rather read about your thoughts and outlook on interesting, relevant topics, like you do. There are plenty of blogs all about eating but I go to yours to think about different stuff. My two cents 🙂

  4. haha another WIAW convert! IDK, there’s just something weirdly fun about taking pictures of your food one day a week 😉

    One of my favorite foods? Gosh, that’s a tough one…I really like waffles as well (GF and vegan), and I usually top them with a “smoothie sauce” of sorts, since I really like smoothies too and I just can’t choose between the two when I’m deciding on breakfast. I also have a sliiiiigggghhhhttttt obsession with roasted sweet potatoes. They’re just so good!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery with your foot! I’m struggling with a back injury AND some mysterious calf pain at the moment, so I know just how hard it is. Hang in there!


  5. I say thank you for not always posting food pics! I like that you are simple. I’d like to think we are too at my house. Lots of spinach salad with whatever meat is in the house. We also eat a lot of homemade bread with meals only because I enjoy making bread. Sometimes I see food posts on blogs and I think, really, come on, you are not eating like that daily! Especially if you have kids!!! I value your honesty and that is why I continue to read your blog! Take care of that foot!

  6. I have no set times for my meals! Here I eat breakfast/lunch at noon and then I eat dinner around 7 and that’s usually all I eat because of my work schedule! At home, Jon and I would eat dinner anywhere from 6-10pm if we were both home. My meal times are always really strange unless I’m working a 7a-3p shift, which never happens now!

  7. I have a few blogger friends who do WIAW. I think I did it once but honestly, my food is so boring. I typically have a smoothie for breakfast bc I work out in the morning, so it’s almond milk + protein powder + frozen banana + greens if I have em. I usually eat this around 8-9. For lunches I eat things like sandwiches, fruit, Nature Valley bar, nuts… I’m just a simple eater and I don’t really cook. Typically we eat dinner while watching reality TV that we DVRed or either Family Feud, haha.

    BTW, one of our local newspapers is now on the WIAW bandwagon. They feature Charleston citizens talking about what they eat during a day. Really.

  8. I have staples that I eat all. the. time. Once you find what works, then stick with it! I’m an apple-at-lunch girl too. I *need* to have an apple at lunch.

  9. As a hardcore morning person, I am a waste of space after 3pm. I like eating a later lunch around 1 because I am so much more productive in the morning! It certainly doesn’t hurt that it makes the day seem like it goes by faster 🙂

  10. This was fun to read! I’m a lot like you… I eat a lot of the same foods all the time, so me posting about it would be boring and repetitive, haha. Yay for waffles!!

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