Direct Ads

First, thank you for your feedback and changing the design of FueledbyLOLZ.  I had wanted something cleaner and more easy to navigate for a while but I’m about as good with web design as I am with grammar and spelling. Anyways-

I’ve always wanted to stay transparent with readers and viewers.  As my blog grows, something I’ve considered for a while is the placement of direct ads.  I’ve never wanted to join an ad network and do affiliate links.  They aren’t really my style.  I don’t prefer to get payed to review something because I want the freedom to write an open, honest review.  (obviously I don’t get paid to go to Diners, I just like too). Most companies prefer you don’t post openly that their product sucks…

I have however, considered direct ad hosting.  Direct ad hosting is seeking out companies, bloggers, or people who would like to run an ad monthly on FueledbyLOLZ.  There will be two options (on the right hand side bar where the netrition ad is) and at the bottom in the footers.

Blogging does not take up my entire day or pay any bills for my house.  Currently  I don’t make money off my blog but I do pay for a few costs associated with it.  So I’m hoping running some ads will help to keep me breaking even.

Not to say that your hobbies shouldn’t ever cost money but this would be a great way for me to offset that.

So why did I decide to go the Direct Ad route?

Direct Ads allow me to choose companies, bloggers, ideas that I truly believe in.  I’m not linking up to amazon and I have control over the content placed on my side bar.  Are you ever going to see a dishwasher ad on the side of my blog?  No because I would rather have no ads then that.  Will you see an ad of an app that I like or blog that I enjoy?  Maybe and I hope so.

It also allows companies or products to be seen by people who are interested in them.

For instance, right now you see I have an ad for the website “netrition”.

I’ve been using netrition since freshman year of college.  Going to school in Northern NY, I was about 3 hours away from some of the food products that I wanted.  For swim team (wow that was a while ago) I ordered protein powder from that site.  Needless to say I have invoices from 6 years back.  For netrition it just works that for every person that clicks and purchases something I get 20% off my next purchase.  So nothing over the top or big.

So with that if you are interested in running an ad on FueledbyLOLZ please send me an email ( and I’ll send you the details. 

Questions for you:

Do you use an ad service?  Direct ads?  An ad network?

How much time you spend blogging weekly?