Personal Beauty.

You might have seen this going around facebook.  People tag each other to post 5 beautiful photos of themselves.  I don’t normally ever get involved with chain tags, chain emails or chain link fences but this was such a great idea, I had too!

I think finding 5 beautiful photos that you are confident is actually a great idea for a facebook post or a blog post.  I won’t create it into a blogger award and I’ll let you do it on your facebook, blog, instagram or twitter.

Anyways on facebook if you are “tagged” the instructions say to find 5 photos of yourself that you feel beautiful.

Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder.  In a society where we are constantly told to look like this, or that or change ourselves…it’s important to remember that every person is beautiful.  As cliché as that sounds, it’s true.  Each and every person has five photos they feel beautiful in.

If that is five selfies for you…great.

If that is five photos of you working out…great.

If that is five photos of you drunk at a bar…great.

Everyone has five photos.  Here are mine:




Left: My housemates 21st birthday.  Yes, I wear glasses and I love them.

Right: Swim team formal my junior year.  I had just dyed my hair black.


Left: The Nike Women’s half marathon last year.  I think that is my best race photo.

Middle: When I was on homecoming court in high school.

Right: Last year post college graduation.

So I challenge you to post five photos that you find beautiful of yourself.  I’d love to see some! 

Top 10 Fitness Items

Last week the famous Janae posted about her top ten fitness related things.  Some items we share, some we don’t.  I always enjoy reading about what other people enjoy using for their workouts so I thought I would share.  All thoughts and opinion’s are mine.  I’ll start from ten and work myself to one.

  1. Garmin 10

For me I use the Garmin 10.  I don’t need to buy a fancier watch because I don’t even use all of the Garmin 10 features.  It does exactly what I want (track mileage and pace when I choose).  I don’t necessarily need one (mapmyrun works too) and when my Garmin dies it really isn’t a big deal for me.  That being said the Garmin 10 is a nice tool.

  1. Body glide

I get serious thigh chaffing.  Without body glide, it’s painful.

  1. Foam Roller and Golf Balls

Right now I use them both twice a day to work out knots, kinks and whatever else are in my muscles.  I’ve always been an avid foam roller user, trying to keep my calves calm.

  1. Nalgene

My nalgene is full of water at all times.  I think I must drink 6-7 daily.  It’s that swimmer past I guess.

  1. Newton Gravities

These in reality should be number 1 but since I’m currently injured they aren’t at the top of the list.  I’ve gone through 21 pairs of Newton Gravities throughout my running career and they’ve always worked for me.  To me running shoes are the most important expense.  If you can’t afford anything else, you need quality running shoes before beginning to up miles.

Before donating last year.
Before donating last year.
  1. Injinji socks

My feet get pretty sweaty and end up causing blisters.  For me, my worst blisters used to come from between my toes. Having a toe sock allows it to protect my toes from blisters. I haven’t gotten a blister since using these socks using injinji.  (Bonus: I can wear them with flip flops too).


  1. My iphone

I like music when I run.  All of my music is on pandora which is on my iphone.  It’s always really nice to listen to music.  I don’t normally run with friends so music is nice.

  1. A Gym Membership:

Some people don’t feel they need a gym membership.  It’s really important to me.  I’m a fair weathered runner.  I don’t like running in the pouring rain, ice, hail and wind.  I would prefer to run on a treadmill.  I also like to cross train (or I’ll get injured).  I also like meeting new people at the gym (like my friend Jamal).

Post running with Jamal
Post running with Jamal
  1. Compression sleeves

My calves get really tight.  Without compression sleeves (combined with other things to loosen up my calves) I would be injured.  I know that.


  1. Runderwear…

It wouldn’t be LOLZ blog without runderwear would it?  Seriously though, if you’ve never raced in briefs you should try it.  It’s the most liberating experience behind streaking.  Oiselle does a good job making briefs that cover my butt completely.  (TMI but I have not had good luck with asics or saucony briefs).

As seen here
As seen here
and 26.2 miles of runderwearing here
and 26.2 miles of runderwearing here
And here
And here
Also here
Also here
Even in college here (Flashback...Monday...)
Even in college here (Flashback…Monday…)

Questions for you:

What are some of your top fitness items?

Do you use a gym membership?

Marathon Training?

I wrote several posts that if I wasn’t running by August 1st, I would defer my marathon entry. With only a few days left of the month and no clear logical explanation I still haven’t made up my mind.

I have been cross training the last month. I believe I have maintained a very solid base without injuring myself and without becoming obsessed with cross training.  I’ve maintained a balance between cross training and life.

That being said, I have a run a couple of times. Each run has felt uncomfortable but there hasn’t been a sharp pain. It has been a dull ache (and it was ruled out I have broken any bones or have any fractures). The ache goes away around mile 1. Then it comes back post run and resolves itself once stretched. Whether I’m resting or doing sporadic runs I have the same pain. I hesitate to use pain because it’s not a sharp pain but a general awareness.

Some cliff notes:

1. It goes away after mile one.  

2. It’s not a sharp pain.  It’s more of a dull ache that doesn’t interfere or change my gait cycle.

3. It feels like a month long bruise. 


So where does this leave me?

Ultimately I would like to run Wineglass marathon. I have roughly 8 weeks to become marathon ready again. I’m not going to pretend I’m comfortable with this plan. I didn’t plan to take 4 weeks away from running.  Honestly I ran a couple of 20 mile runs last month.  I could very well be prepared with a couple more in the next 2 weeks.  I could PR…but I could also fall flat on my face if I take it too far.

My decision will ultimately come from my MRI results. I’m hoping to schedule that for next week.

If my pain increases I will immediately stop training.

If the MRI shows a serious issue such as a rip, tear or something not fixable…I will stop.

If my doctor says not to run, I won’t.

But I’m hoping my MRI will provide me with a clear answer and solution to fix the problem. For now I’m going to slowly integrate some runs into training and see how my body reacts.

In all honesty, I feel no pressure in running a marathon either way. I won’t be devastated if they find something that puts a stop to running (because I will also have an answer). I don’t see that happening since I don’t have any sharp pain but you never know.  I have a post about the “pressures of blogging” but my marathon decision comes from me.  I don’t feel pressure to run a race “for the blog” or because “everyone is training for a marathon”.  I run for me, with or without a blog.

Anyways I guess in cliff notes version I’m going to attempt some runs.  If it gets worse, I’ll stop (just as my doctor advised).  Until my issue goes away I’ll continue to play it by ear.  Or until my MRI tells me not to run.  (Which I doubt it would because in that case I would be in some sort of intense pain…)

On another note, I rode my bike down to my town’s “Water Festival” yesterday.  Although it was exactly 1 mile, it’s been close to 3 years since the last time I got onto a bike.  I would say that is my best workout of the month.  (and no I did not ride it in that outfit…)



I don’t have any questions today but always appreciate thoughts both positive or negative.


New Berlin Diner

New Berlin Diner (Berlin, NJ)

I was back from Virginia and found ourselves about an hour south of our house.  We could have held off and just ate at home, but we were in a new area of NJ so we thought trying a new diner would be fun.  I put “diner” into the foursquare app, and The New Berlin Diner popped up a mile away.  Perfect.

So we found ourselves at the New Berlin Diner.

New Berlin Diner Atmosphere: A

The outside of the New Berlin Diner is an old cable car-style diner could be bigger than the 15 car parking lot.

Inside: Cable car diners are my favorite.  They feel more personal and give you that diner vibe.  It’s like a throwback to the 1950s.  I’m not sure what the Berlin Diner was like (Or even if it existed) but they did an excellent job with the “New Berlin Diner.”  It feels the most like a diner versus any diner we have been too.

New Berlin Diner Coffee: B

The coffee at the New Berlin Diner was good, not great and not bad.  It was average.  The waitress brought plenty of refills, and I got more than one refill (something that isn’t common in NJ).

New Berlin Diner Food: B

I was pleasantly surprised by the menu of the New Berlin Diner.  The menu could have been more massive than the diner itself.  I don’t know if a restaurant counts as a diner if the menu isn’t big.  I expected a more greasy style diner menu (to go with the atmosphere), but they have everything from seafood to salad to breakfast to sandwiches.

I ordered the Greek salad with chicken and a side of over-easy eggs with toast.

New Berlin Diner Salad

The Greek Salad at The New Berlin Diner came with tomatoes, eggs, feta, anchovies, lettuce, and tomato.  It was a medium-sized salad, and I liked the dressing.  This might have been one of my favorite Greek salad dressings so far.

The eggs were good.  It’s hard to have bad eggs, and I enjoyed them.   They didn’t have any pita bread, but the toast was an okay alternative.

New Berlin Diner Dessert: A

I got a milkshake which I promptly forgot to take a photo of…some food I am. The milkshake had plenty of whipped cream and cherry, which are huge bonus points for me.

New Berlin Diner Price: $

For two meals, a side of eggs, coffee, and a milkshake it was 40 dollars.

Would I come back to the New Berlin Diner?

I was pleasantly surprised by the New Berlin Diner.  If I find myself in Berlin again (which I probably will since I don’t work far from there), I would go back.

You Can See All Diner Reviews Here.

Questions for you:

Have you ever been in an only cable car-style diner?

What is your favorite way to eat eggs? 

Injury Updates

I have a running blog and have failed to talk about my personal running all week.  I even went for a (painless) run.  This is going to be a giant pile up of everything that has happened to me relating to my foot.  Maybe it will make sense, maybe not…I’m just going to ramble about what I know (and probably what I don’t).

I guess I’ll start from the beginning of the week though because it’s not sunshine and butterflies.  On Monday I got my fourth deep tissue massage.  It was painful and unenjoyable.  It was more painful than my cortisone shot.

I don’t know much about adhesions or weird things that happen in feet and muscles.  I do know how to use the internet to google things though.  I also know that the masseuse found an “adhesion” in my foot.  After poking and prodding, my foot spasmed out and then cramped worse than anything I have ever experienced.  I have a high pain tolerance but I can honestly say this was more painful than both the cortisone shots as well as a spinal tap.

It was brutal.

I took the next day off of working out and then attempted to run on Wednesday.  It felt okay.  My foot pain was not as strong as when I stopped running a few weeks ago.  A few hours later it was a bit more painful. I stretched and went away.  Honestly I was hoping all of my pain was from that adhesion my masseuse had worked out on Monday.

I just remained the same level of sore as previously.  It felt exactly the same whether I had run or not.  I can walk normally, my gait cycle wasn’t effected and after I stretched I felt fine.  There was no sharp pain.  It just felt…sore.

On Thursday I went to the doctor and we discussed everything. 

This is exactly what I told him.  

My foot doesn’t hurt more in the morning.  It doesn’t hurt really at all, it’s just a dull ache in my arch.  It hasn’t gotten any worse in the last month and only a little bit better.  I don’t think it’s plantar fasciitis.  It doesn’t hurt to walk or move.

The boot doesn’t help me and if anything it aggravated a lot more.

The cortisone shot didn’t work.

Resting didn’t make it any worse (obviously) but it didn’t magically cure it either.  Running didn’t make it worse.  For a brief period of time (think 1 hour) it felt a little more sore and then it went back to it’s usual self after I stretched.  It doesn’t alter my gait cycle and I don’t feel it while running.

Where does this leave me?

To be honest, I don’t know.  It’s becoming increasingly clear that I don’t have plantar fasciitis.  (The only reason we suspected PF was because it was in my plantar fascia and arch). I have a problem in the arch but no one can tell me what that problem is.  Is it soft tissue damage still healing from the adhesion?  Are there more adhesions waiting to be flushed out?

In reality, I think only an MRI will be able to tell me my exact problem.  After getting an X-ray from the doctors yesterday I was cleared to schedule an MRI.  My doctor told me what he has told me all along…you can run and do anything that doesn’t hurt.  When it hurts, don’t do it.  To me that is the vaguest most unhelpful advice.  Just give me a yes/no answer.

I guess the cliffnotes version to this post is I really have any really exciting news.  I don’t think it’s plantar fasciitis and my bones aren’t broken.  It’s a muscle issue and I’m fair certain it’s not plantar fasciitis…past that I don’t know.  I’m scheduling an MRI for sometime next week.

Questions for you:

Has anyone ever had an issue in the arch of their foot and plantar fascia that wasn’t plantar fasciitis?

What are you doing this weekend?

Work for me but I have no complaints.

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