June Recap

I already have a sneaking suspicion that hitting 300 miles monthly this training cycle is going to be my Achilles tendinitis.  For the last 3 months, it’s come down to the last few days of the month. Each month I’ve felt I needed more rest.  I don’t have an obsession with 300 miles, I have just found it humorous I keep making the goal and keep hitting above 290 but below 300.  The heat has been a factor too, it has really sucked it out of me some days.

Once again I had a few more rest days than I would have liked but in reality I think it’s just I had a few more rest days.  My body probably needs them more than I really know.

Total miles: 293

Total Rest days: 6

Total races: 3  (Nicknamed “The Races I’ve Run Alone”

Run for the Dream Half Marathon (1:27.53)


CHKD 8k (32:32)


Pineland Striders 10k  (41:03) (Recap tomorrow)

Longest Run: 20.5 in VA Beach

Shortest run: 1.6 mile cooldown at Pineland Striders 10k


Range of pace: 6:11-9:57

Most proud run:

The 20 miler I did two weekends ago.  I felt strong, collected and was about to negative split it.

Thoughts about this month:

For the most part, I did what I needed to do training wise.  I would have liked to do a few more races but realistically it didn’t work out.  By the end of the month my body was rather sore/tired that I knew rest days were a lot better than running through it.  All in all, I’m happy with this month of training.  I got in 2 solid 20 milers and built up my mileage despite the heat.  I’m not going to beat myself up about missing runs or cutting runs short in this heat.  Right now, my primary goal in training is stay injury free.  When it comes to August and September, I will start fine tuning and focusing my training more.

Outside of Running:

I’ve gotten a lot done outside of running too.  I have had a lot of run relaxing, hanging out and planning my wedding.  This month Tim and I were able to get a venue, photographer and wedding planner.  Now we have the important things to plan: booze and cake.

So far in July I know I’ll be doing the following races:

July 4th: Haddon Heights Firecracker 5k (Haddon Heights, NJ)

July 13th: Boilermaker 15k (Utica, NY)

I’m traveling the weekend of July 18th and I would like to find a 5k the last weekend in July (I just haven’t looked yet).

Questions for you:

How was your month of June?

What are your plans for July?