WG marathon Week 8: 55 Miles (Boring)
Monday: 11 mile easy Nike Core and Arms
Tuesday: OFF  
Wednesday: 12.5 miles easy Nike Core
Thursday: 10.75 miles easy  
Friday: 11.25 miles easy  
Saturday: Pineland Striders 10k (41:03) total miles 10.2 Nike Core
Sunday: 15 miles easy. EDIT: OFF  



I’m not really sure what I think about this week of training.  I had wanted to get a tempo run in but my legs were not feeling it.  My legs have absorbed all the mileage from the last few weeks and I’ve found myself extremely tired and sore.  I was hoping to make it until the week of the 6th to take a cut back week but I’m going to cut back this week.

None of my runs except for Saturday were anything exciting.  They weren’t good or bad but nothing really sticks out from them.  They were just miles in the bank.  My race on Saturday (recap Tuesday) was about the same.  It is about 3 minutes from my PR but it was hot, my legs are tired and I don’t expect a summer 10k PR.  That being said I’m happy with my effort and I can never be upset with a tempo workout.

Sunday I had planned to run a shorter long run. I woke up not really feeling anything. Running a 15 mile run wasn’t going to do anything for me and resting was just an all around better choice. I built up to a couple of 20 milers lately and that is not something I want to maintain every single week (nor would it be smart).

That’s all I really have about this week.  I don’t have anything exciting and no wild animals attacked me.  It was just another week of hot, muggy summer training.

Training plans next week:

I want to have a cut back week.  To start off, I’m getting a deep tissue massage tonight.  I know my legs desperately need it, I just haven’t wanted to cough up 100 dollars (YAY NJ is expensive in everything) for one.   I plan to rest my legs running wise.  I think I would like to do some cross training (elliptical and weights).  I don’t really have a set mileage goal next week but my goal is to really recover.  I’m hopefully doing a 5k on July 4th.  I’m hoping a few days of TLC will really get me feeling good.

Questions for you:

Do you get deep tissue massages?

What are your best methods of recovery from hard training weeks?