Thank goodness for Friday.  This week ended up being a lot busier than I would have thought.  Not that it is a big deal but it is a constant reminder that you cannot stick to a strict schedule.  Anyways on a random note, has anyone noticed that facebook has become infested with buzzfeed articles?  Is there something I am missing?  I find some of them interesting but I wish there was a way to hide them sometimes so I could my friends’ updates.

I am debating buying an ipad.  I have been wanting something that is portable and my laptop is starting to go.  I don’t necessarily like Mac but my iPhone is nice that I think I would like an ipad.

Random Articles I’ve stumbled upon: 

Do you need Electrolytes? 

Nailing the Negative Split 

Negative Body Image Knows No Body Type

Training in the heat

Why 20 somethings need to stop thinking like 30 somethings

9 Ways to Deal with PreRace Anxiety 

14 Female Celebrities with Positive Body Image

26 Tips for a Marathon 

50 Fierce Females

LOLZ posts:

 How I’m Staying Injury Free

Long Run Mental Block

And finally this meme has kept me amused for quite some time. 


Questions for you: 

What have you been up to this week?  What are your plans this weekend? 

Do you have an ipad?  Like it/hate it?  


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  1. Yeah, there’s tons of buzzfeed articles… and another site that’s not buzzfeed, but rather you have to click through images to read each “reason” and that’s annoying bc I’d rather just scroll. I actually read one article talking about how much Buzzfeed knows about people from filling out those surveys and how they tailor that content to you and it’s a little scary…

    My week’s been pretty busy too, but I sorta like it that way. I think an ipad is a good investment :). Very portable and versatile!

      • Oh I forgot to mention that I’ve had an iPad for a couple of years and it is really great…it’s portable, has everything you would need if you just wanted to search the Internet, do social media, blog (def get keyboard like you mentioned), etc. As long as you don’t need a lot of storage and stuff, I think it would be great for what you want it for. 🙂 I ended up getting a MacBook Air too only because that was easier for me for work purposes but I still use my iPad for just putzing around lol.

  2. You should be able to hide all buzzfeed articles from your newsfeed if you want. 🙂 If you click the little down arrow at the top right corner of a post, you can choose to “hide all from buzzfeed,” as long as it recognizes the link as being from there. I’ve done that with some of he copycat sites, like Daily Dot and Upworthy. I really don’t like this whole new Internet click-bait format. Click Hole does a good satire website of it that’s fun for a few minutes.

  3. YES! I did notice that about Facebook, I am glad someone else did too! Thanks for sharing some other links for us, I am gonna take a read right now. Have a wonderful weekend, hope the long run goes well 🙂

  4. My husband has an ipad, and at first I thought it was pointless – an extension of his phone.But we ended up using it a lot. It wouldn’t substitute for a work device, though, unless you have a keyboard.

  5. I have an iPad mini, and I LOVE it. I pretty much take it everywhere with me. I prefer the smaller size for just doing some basic internet surfing and playing games. I don’t have a keyboard for it. If I were going to use it as a laptop replacement, I’d recommend a full sized iPad with a keyboard.

    This weekend I’m going shopping for a wedding dress!!!!

  6. Yeah, loads of article shares – but the balance of sources (Buzzfeed, LinkedIn, UpWorthy, etc) will depend upon your friend group, really – and Buzzfeed is totally targeted at your age group (as opposed to mine).

    Speaking of which, that 20-something article was pretty awful … but the comments are hilarious. Obviously I read it with a long view back on both 20s and 30s, but her perspective comes across as just bizarre.

    As for the iPad – I have called it my ‘90% computer’. I am typing this on it now. I do about 75% of my blog work on it, though since I got a MacBook Air I have shifted some stuff onto that. I have had every model of iPad since the first one and now use the iPad Air with a ‘Belkin Ultimate’ keyboard case. Seriously it is very much like a laptop replacement for the most part.

    I use the iPad for email, web, and blogging obviously. I also do photo and video editing on it. For my day job I use it for note-taking in the lab, and also for light data analysis (there are decent apps but I need my desktop for more powerful stuff). I play loads of games on it – not time-wasters like ‘Candy Crush’ but real, PC like games. I am also a hobbyist musician so I have loads of recording and music-making apps.

    If you are getting a tablet – DEFINITELY get an iPad … if for no other reason than pairing up with the iPhone. I generally take pictures on my iPhone which saves them to our family Photo Stream and then I can use them on my iPad. It is actually one of the reasons I haven’t switched back to an Android phone 🙂

    If you have any iPad related questions, feel free to ask 🙂

  7. The good thing about apple products is that they all sync together so nicely! So your phone and your ipad all would work really well together. That is pretty much why most of my stuff is Mac — it is so easy to use and it all syncs up together!

  8. We have an iPad at home that never gets used (but we both have laptops now and I never took Jon’s iPad with me if I needed anything since you’re limited in capabilities for school on there). Sometimes I look at Pinterest on it. I hate all the articles too on FB! Unless they’re cat related.

  9. that meme is outstanding!
    i recommend an ipad. i love having mine, the only thing i would recommend is make sure you get the 3g/4g one and don’t just get the wireless. cause it’s a pain when you need/wanna use it and can’t cause no wifi!

  10. I’ve been thinking about for a while to build a version of a Facebook app that would be just “friend updates” on Facebook, lol. It’ll be easy enough to do with their API, I’d be surprised if it didn’t exist already actually (?).

  11. That meme is hilarious and disturbing at the same time. Yikes!

    I have an iPad and use it quite often for blogging. It’s not as functional as a laptop, but it’s way more portable and I’m more likely to write if I have a portable device. It can get glitchy, which sucks when you’ve spent a lot of time, say, writing a blog post, only to find out that the post disappears into the ether. I’ve learned to avoid that now by not writing my posts on the WordPress app and doing all my writing on the Pages app, then cutting and pasting into WordPress.

  12. I’m very excited to try out a social (I hope that means slow!) ride with a local bike store on Sunday morning! (hmm – practice for the Tri relay?? 🙂 ) Happy weekend!

  13. Thank you for including me in your roundup! I loved Laura’s article on electrolytes, too. We have an iPad but I have never used it. Is that crazy? I guess I am a computer person but not a tablet person!

    Have a great weekend!

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