Real Wedding Updates

I guess I can finally update the wedding news.  Tim and I now have a date!  We will be getting married April 12, 2015 in Norfolk, VA.

When one of my best friends, Theresa, sent me photos of an absolute stunning venue down there….I just knew that was the venue for me.  Unfotatenly after multiple emails and a phone call or two, I was unable to get into contact with anyone.  I thought maybe they were closed for good.

So two weeks ago Tim and I decided to look at other venues.  They were okay but as I said previously said they weren’t for me.  I wanted something big and open and they were closed and dark.  Not dark in a bad way but darker than I wanted.  Since one of the venues was close to my dream venue I walked over and looked from the outside in.  My dream venue was closed but I knew just looking at the venue it was the one for me.

The only good thing about that wedding venue tour day (aside from knowing the previous two were not for me) was that I met and loved our wedding planner Hannah.  She is down to earth, casual, relaxed and was already willing to help.

And help she did.  She was able to get more information about the venue I wanted as well as other comprable and most similar options. 

So last week I (Tim was away) went and toured the venue of my dreams.  I loved it.  I loved everything about it and there was nothing I didn’t like.  After finding a date in our range we committed to it.  So we do have a venue and a date.

So now we currently have:

Date: April 12, 2015

A venue in Norfolk, VA

Photographer: Justice Photography (They took some photos of me last January and I loved them).

A Wedding Planner: Hannah Hildabrandt Events

A Rough Outline of a Guest List (100-130 guests)

I guess you could say it’s coming along quite nicely and I’m actually excited to keep planning.   I’m not excited to try on wedding dress…maybe I’ll just wear runderwear.

Questions for you:

If you are married, how many people did you have at your wedding?

In one sentence tell your dream wedding.

Mine is in a big open facility facing the water.