A True Inspiration

Lindsey is one of the kindest, most humble woman I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with.  I don’t really remember how we met, but that point is irrelevant.

Lindsey is a finalist for the Women’s Running Cover Contest. 


What does this mean?

She could be the next cover girl of Women’s Running. 

How do you go from being a finalist to a winner? 

You promote yourself and have people vote for you DAILY.  Every day is another vote from now until July 2nd.  You spread awareness about why you are awesome and why you should win.   Please keep in mind Lindsey did not ask me to write this post.  In fact, she actually has no idea I wrote this post (until now…so surprise…).

What makes Lindsey so awesome?(what doesn’t is the real question)

Her marathon PR is pretty rad (3:13)

Last October Lindsey got genetic testing done for the BRCA 2 mutation.  (This mutation essentially determines if you will one day have breast cancer.).  The test confirmed what she was afraid of.  She had an 86% chance to later in life develop breast cancer.

At the time she was training for her first half ironman.  Should she continue training?  (Keep in mind she does not at this point have breast cancer but will most likely develop it) or should she have a prophylatic double mastectomy?

Her prerace nerves consisted of waiting for the results of an MRI (to see if she currently had breast cancer).  Think about the biggest race in your life and the day before you are waiting to hear if you have breast cancer.

With positive results she did not, she completed her first half ironman.  She then scheduled her prophylatic double matectomy for October.


She stayed positive throughout the entire experience and has since run the Boston Marathon as well as many other races (13 marathons).  Lindsey is a beautiful woman both inside and out and I am truly lucky to have connected with her.

I could never do her justice by paraphrasing her story.  She has written many heart filled, open and honest summaries of her experiences.


New Boobs

And then I Cried Some More

BRCA Gene and my Decision 

I strongly encourage you to vote for her daily to become the next Women’s Running Cover Model.  She is such a strong, humble and courageous individual.


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  1. OH wow! Somebody in my family is currently waiting for results and will actually be operated next week, so I can only imagine how difficult it was/is for her. She must be one tough cookie. And this is so nice of you to share her story with us. I’ll definitely check her blog out. Thank you! xoxo Olena

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