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I find that blog readers are like boyfriends.  As you grow you change the type of blogs you read.  As you grow older, you may or may not date around…If you liked my blog once and now you hate it…well that is what happens.  Or if you are newer reader to LOLZ blog… that is always awesome too.  That is why when I first start reading a blog I love to introduce myself to the author.  They might not care at all (in that case I wonder why am I even reading) or they might comment back.  I always think it is interesting as an author to hear and see who is reading.  I love putting a voice or name with people that read.

So anyways instead of rambling away about training or whatever else, I’ll tell you random fun facts about me that you may or may not already know…Then you can tell me a random fun fact or ten about yourself.

My parents own a donkey.  They bought a second house on the Eastern Shore of VA and the previous owner never took the donkey with him.  There were also chickens, goats and a pig but all since have passed away…the donkey lives strong.

Donkey selfie

Donkey selfie


I didn’t start drinking coffee reguarly until freshman year of college.  When I went to school in upstate NY, I found the winters to be very cold (-30 degrees at some points).  I wanted something warm in my hands so I altnerated between coffee in the morning and hot cocoa or decaf coffee in the evening.

Back in the colds of coffee life.

Back in the colds of coffee life.

DadLOLZ was in the Navy and I grew up partially in the UK, 2 years in Japan and then finally moved to Virginia.  I was born in San Diego, CA though.  I loved moving and traveling as a child.  I saw so many places overseas when I was younger, I hope to see more again.

It’s odd for me to think a lot of people didn’t realize I used to swim.  I swam for 15 years before beginning to run 4 years ago.  I swam the 500/1000/mile in college and quit my senior year.  I had a great time with great friends but my life had moved on.  I did what was best for me and I don’t regret it.  Swimming was a huge part of my life growing up and it will always be memories that last forever.

Swimming the Mile, Can you tell?

Swimming the Mile, Can you tell?

No questions today but tell me a fun fact about you and if you never have introduced yourself…don’t be shy!   


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  1. Baby LOLZ pics! Love the blast from the past. I started drinking coffee as a wee little 7th grader. Honestly, it was more flavored creamer with a splash of coffee, but I’ve developed refined taste since then. My grandma used to have the most delicious creamer; like I’d look forward to waking up so I could have coffee. I guess some things never change. 😉

  2. I can’t think of a random fact any more fun than owning a donkey – that is amazing! 😀

    Fact about me: in junior high I was into skateboarding, and really publicly hated running. Then in senior years I changed my mind and ran for the track & field team

  3. I didn’t start drinking coffee until my first year of college either, and it was mostly to keep myself away after some of the crazy nights I started getting into. Back then it was always either a flavoured latte or frappuccinos, though. Now it’s always black. And I don’t know if you’ve ever mentioned it, but what’s the donkey’s name?

  4. Cool and fun facts – been following your blog off and on for a few months (based on comments at one of the sites we both follow), and your ‘lolz’ approach to things makes it fun 🙂

    Random fact – I was actively on the internet for many years before there was a ‘Web’ or even AOL … and as such I was thrilled when modems were 2400bps and ‘blazing fast’ (I had several years on a 300bps, which is about as fast as I type … ).

  5. I freaking love that your parents own a donkey.

    random fact about me: I owned a series of goldfish as a child all named Goldy (so there was Goldy I, Goldy II, Goldy III…you get the idea). Also I didn’t start distance running until I moved to Colorado last year..I ran the 400 & 800 in track all through school.

  6. Okay, I knew you liked coffee…DUH. I knew you used to swim…but how did I not know mom and papa H have a Donkey? Awesome. Random fact: It’s been too long since I have seen you, is it July yet.

  7. I love the facts!

    As a life long swimmer who just started running a year and a half ago, I am amazed at how awesome you are as a runner from just four years! Keep it up!

  8. I’ve been reading here for a while, but I don’t think I’ve ever introduced myself or commented. I’m Andy, a 43 year old Mom who started running last year. My random fact is that I’m running my first 10k tomorrow!

  9. Yeah, I didn’t start dabbling in the coffee realm until college either. I used to get cappuccinos at Wawa during high school, but… those aren’t exactly coffee. lolz Uhm, I am obsessed with Kingdom Hearts (video game) and secretly count down the days until the new one comes out this year! Also, I’m trying to save up for a PS4 because that’s the only platform for the game. Whomp. I’m kind of a nerd :o)

  10. I know what you mean about wanting to know the author. I originally started my blog because I read a lot of running blogs and wanted other people to be able to see my training and races and stuff if they wanted 🙂 And I also started drinking coffee freshman year of college. I only ever knew the coffee my mom made at home, which was really weak decaf Folger’s, so I couldn’t imagine how anyone could like it. Once I tried some real coffee I was hooked 😉

    Fun fact… I tried just about every sport when I was younger: soccer, swimming, ballet and tap, tennis, cheerleading, and softball (which I played for 7 YEARS) and was horrible at all of them. Thank god for running 😉

    • I feel you on trying various sports. I was so god awful at soccer and tennis…I didn’t do anything until I swam. I think I’m more of an individual sport doer so no one has rely on me. 😉

  11. I’ve never introduced myself before. I’m Georgie and I am also a coffee a day addict. No fun fact about me can compare to the donkey- what a random pet to have! I started running when I studied abroad in Spain as a way to tan and exercise at once and have been hooked ever since, even in our cold, wet, English winters. Loved the randomness of your post today.

  12. I loved running in middle school and was actually quite fast at 800M to 3KM distances. But being only 5′-4″, I could not effectively compete against much taller competitors at the high school level. I gave up running at 15, and for almost 30 years convinced myself that I could not run (too short, to fat, bad knees). I spontaneously started running again when I was 43, and within 18 months had run two marathons (PB 3:16:16) and one Half (1:33:16). On the verge of turning 46, I am now enjoying all distances, finished 8th overall (1st in age category) in my last 5K (19:42), and am training for a 2:59:59 Marathon in October (Niagara Falls International). i honestly believe I would not be enjoying running now had I been more successful in the past. I probably would have burned out long ago. I guess my message is, it’s never too late, or early, to do what you love doing.

    • Wow that is truly incredible and thank you for sharing Charles. I am kind of the same way that I don’t think I would enjoy running as much as I do now if I had started earlier.

  13. I love it! I don’t think I’ve ever introduced myself here before…I’m Kris and I am also a huge coffee fanatic, and a runner/swimmer as well (still doing both!). Hmmmm, I always have a tough time coming up with fun facts…I was a serious ballet dancer in high school before switching to running and swimming, and my dream is to become a surgeon specializing in fetal therapy (although I’ve also tossed around the idea of being an Army surgeon). Love your blog!

      • Not a competitive swimmer, no. I was on a few teams in high school, but I was no where near good enough for collegiate swimming! I did participate on a Master’s team for my school during freshman year, but now I just do workouts on my own 🙂

        I go to Vassar College, which is in the Hudson Valley. I think I remember you saying that you used to live in Oswego? Did you go to SUNY up there? 🙂

  14. Funny, people don’t realize I was a swimmer either. It always comes out when they ask how I became a runner though. I swam competitively from age 9-18, then started triathlons at 20, and then became a runner at 23 or 24. Very backwards to most people. I still love the smell of a pool though.

      • I was a distance freestyle swimmer by the end of highschool. I swam the 200 and 500, actually preferred the 500. The distance swimming lead nicely into triathlons.

      • If I had kept swimming in college I probably would have swam longer distance. Having a swimming background is a huge advantage in triathlons. It’s most people’s weakest leg.

  15. Not first time commenting..but first time introducing myself (not something I normally do – but how do you do? Mom of 2, latecomer to running – started when I was age 43 – I love the stress that gets burned when I run). I am so addicted to running blogs and I enjoy yours, but can’t remember how I “found” your blog – I know it was through a link from someone else, but now can’t remember who! Random fact about me – I drink my hot chocolate and coffee together, if I can add whipped cream as well – that is a serious bonus every time.

  16. I would never have commented except you mentioned the donkey and it felt like a sign! A weird fact about me is that donkeys make me really sad for some reason….I think because they have sort of no use in the modern world and have lost their place in society to tractors. I realise that is probably stupid cos they doubtless didn’t love pulling carts etc but that’s how they make me feel anyway.
    I can’t remember how I found your blog. I started running about 3 years ago with no athletic background whatsoever and am now obsessed. I’m very much more enthusiasm than talent but I’m very stubborn so that helps 🙂

  17. NOT my first time commenting, but definitely a first intro. IT geek by day, running and wannabe triathlete by night, lover of sparkles, hence the blog name. Fun fact? Former lifeguard, swim coach and lover of swimming. Hopefully, the “swim” portion of the tri comes easier than I think!

  18. Hi, I’m Aly, and I’m originally from New Jersey! I’m more of a runner turned sailor and sometimes boxer, but I still love running. I’m from the Naval Academy in Annapolis, so I’m also well aware of all the moving you had to do (even though my dad was in the Army). I suppose a random fact about me is that I always seem to carry an apple – it’s always snack o’clock!

  19. Not sure if I’ve commented before, but anyhow I’ve really enjoyed your blog since discovering it earlier this year 🙂 I’m a grad student studying mechanical engineering [so lot’s of coffee for me too 😉 ] and I’m trying to get back in shape after a break from running (injuries & mono, boo…). That’s awesome you used to swim distance – the mile sounds tough! I’m super slow in the water but learned to love 2-4 mile swims when I was hurt & forced to cross-train during my undergrad running career 😛

  20. Hey 🙂 I’ve only recently started reading your blogs and I love them! I’m a newbie runner but I absolutely love it. Still at the turtle-stampeding-through-peanut-butter speed haha but it’s just so much fun and I love my running families 🙂 Random fact? I don’t sweat at all on the left side of my face/neck/chest :0 Keep being awesome little lady x

      • Nope, not all all! So much so that after a hard run, one side of my face is that super attractive tomato red and the other half pale white lol I had the sympathetic nerves from my brain to my heart severed to prevent life-threatening cardiac arrythmais 🙂 And I’ve got my awesome sidekick – my implanted cardiac defibrillator – living in my chest too. Robotic hearted runners for the win!

  21. Baseball was my love growing up. I wanted to be a Major League Baseball player. I had a tryout with the Cincinnati Reds and one with the Kansas City Royals. Neither selected me but I’ll never forget the tryouts.

  22. I don’t drink coffee too often because somehow whenever I have caffeine (besides first thing in the morning) I can’t sleep at night! But I like the taste of coffee as long as it has tons of sugar and whipped cream 🙂

  23. Seriously what a great idea! It’s so sure that you feed and end out of reading different blogs.
    I had no idea you didn’t start drinking coffee until college. I didn’t start until I moved out on my own. I think I really just like the act of drinking coffee more than the coffee itself haha

  24. I’ve been reading since the Zooma to Napa Valley contest where I was just going through and checking out people’s blogs (I voted for you!). I found out you went to SUNY Oswego and I have a few friends who just graduated from there. I actually only live about 3 hours away too.
    Fun Fact: I went to college 6 miles from Niagara Falls (American side) and probably actually only went to the park a handful of times.

      • When I tried to comment it said it couldn’t be posted… Weird!
        Sorry.. I always mix up Oswego and Potsdam. I knew you were in Oswego at one point… Very cool!
        I went to Niagara University!

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