And 300 miles Later…

Last night I drove back to Virginia.  Didn’t I just leave that place a week and a half ago?

My brother is graduating high school this week.  My two other brothers (Matt and Doug) are also able to come.  It’s kind of crazy to think about the entire family is going to be in one spot.  That hasn’t happened since Matt’s graduation in 2011!  That being said, we will of course miss Doug’s wife and their child (whom I visited in Seattle) as well as Tim.

Doug, Dad and I at a race before my graduation,

Doug, Dad and I at a race before my college graduation,

Anyways also on my to do list is to look at more wedding venues.  I said in another post that I really didn’t want to settle on anything.  The first few we looked at were nice but they weren’t for me.  (I’m not a bridezilla diva I swear…I just don’t want to get married in something dark).

I also signed up for the CHKD 8k.   I ran it last year (after being sick).  I seem to get sick around mid June every year.  Maybe with the change of temperature?  I never realized that until reading my race recap from last year that I do tend to get sick in the early summer.  Anyways I ran the race in 31:48 last year and I would like to be faster then that this year.  (My best 8k was 30:45 last year).

Finally, of course I’ll be celebrating Father’s Day with my dad.  It’s nice to be home for it this year!


So young.

So yeah it’s going to be a fun filled and packed few days.  I am excited though and I think it will be a lot of fun.

Questions for you:

Do you have any exciting plans this weekend?

How long was your high school graduation?

Mine was exactly 1 hour.  They graduated and had speeches for 499 students in an hour.  Since the space was being rented out to multuple high schools in the area, they really kept to a strict schedule.


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  1. Um, let’s see: that was so long ago that I can’t remember! Enjoy the weekend with family and good luck finding the right venue.

  2. So exciting that your bro is graduating! I know he’s been through a lot :)That’s awesome that the whole family will be together!

    My high school graduation was like 25 minutes because it started pouring so we seriously ran to get our diplomas, no speeches were given, and no songs were sung haha

  3. Aw that’s fantastic, missy! Good luck at the race…NO SICKIES!

    We get Sophs (Harry’s seven year-old daughter) this weekend, so we’ll be doing Daddy Day stuff, including our neighborhood’s BBQ Fest! Lots of stuff going on, for sure. 🙂

  4. 1 hour is awesome. My daugher graduated last week. 328 students, about 2 hours, not bad. My graduation was about 500 and it seemed to go on for hours.
    I’ll be running a marathon on Father’s Day. I guess it’s a gift to my self.

  5. Aww that’s awesome that your whole family will be together.
    I don’t have any set plans yet. I am sure Father’s Day will be spent laying poolside with my parents 🙂

  6. Our graduation lasted forever and I was sweating bullets. SO HOTTTTTT. That was high school. I’m not sure how long my college graduation lasted but I do know it wasn’t that hot so I was okay sitting there.

  7. So fun that your whole family will be together! I always cherish the time when my entire family is together — the older we get, the less it happens. My in-laws are in town this weekend so we will have both of our parents over for dinner to celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday. My husband is grilling some steaks for all of us – yum!

  8. My high school graduation was a little over an hour. Most of that was speeches because we only had 90 people so it went by quickly once they handed out diplomas. College graduation was longer and worse because 75% of us were hung over and others were still drunk and everyone had to pee.

    Good luck finding a venue. Don’t be afraid to look at multiple places and consider them, it’s your wedding and you want it to be the best even if you’re not a bridezilla (trust me: you’re not). Also multiple ones is helpful in case one is booked when you need it, the more options the better… they do book quickly!

    • Half of the venues we have looked at are already booked for next spring! So crazy…but we aren’t settling on something we aren’t happy with. I don’t want to look back and think…I was just too lazy to look at other venues.

  9. This weekend I’m going to my family’s camp in Maine and running a 5k with my Mom!
    My high school graduation was at least two hours, for 33 students, and that was after another 2 hour awards ceremony earlier that day. UGH!

  10. Were we supposed to take note of how long our high school grad was? ‘Cause I seriously can’t remember! But it was waaaay too long ago, so I guess I kind of have an excuse 😉 And I was hoping to go hiking up in the mountains this weekend, but apparently the weather is going to be really bad so I have no idea what I’ll end up doing…

  11. Have fun! My high school graduation was short, too, because the entire district rented out one building for all the high schools. My brother is “graduating” from middle school on Friday and my brother in law is graduating high school on Saturday. Lots of graduations.

  12. I hope you have a great time this weekend! As for me, my boyfriend is heading up north and he invited me along, but I’m not going because I really don’t enjoy the 4-hour drive and doing it twice in two days (he’s driving up Saturday morning and leaving to come home Sunday morning) is too much for me. So I will find something fun to do at home. 🙂

  13. I dont even want to think about graduation, that thing was 9 years ago. OOF. I’m getting old. Anyways. I hope you have an awesome weekend at home! My plans, work and run…oh wait that is nothing new 🙂

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