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I was hoping to recap my weekend by saying I found a wedding venue and we are set with that.  Sadly that is not the case.  We toured a few venues and while we liked all of them, we didn’t love them.  When I come back down to VA in a couple of weeks I hope we will find a venue that we like.  We did find a wedding planner (person) that we like a lot and are completely excited to be working with her.

I had to take a couple of photos since we are barely ever in fancy clothing.


Anyways even though it’s Wednesday and I’m just now getting to recaping my weekend, it doesn’t mean it didn’t exist.

We went kitchen shopping and saw these little baby utensils. It made me laugh more then it should.  Riddle me this: why are the mini blogger utensils more expensive then the normal sized ones?  And also how does anyone eat with these?


Every time I visit VA, I have a list of things I want to do.  It always involves seeing one of my best friends Theresa.  I’m glad this was not different and we were able to catch up at JoJacks.   We got to catch up after the half marathon.  Even after I showered, I don’t think I could have looked more of a mess…so please excuse that.



That is basically the long story short of my weekend.  I had a great time existing in real life last weekend.  This week I’m working a lot more then usual so I’m a bit more MIA.

Questions for you:

What is one of your favorite restaurant meals?

When was the last time you dressed up?

Did you enter my Erin Condren Planner giveaway (you can share as many times and places you want and get unlimted entries…I’m so kind)

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  1. you’ll find a venue soon, I’m sure – but good for you for not settling on just someplace you like but not necessarily love.

    one favorite restaurant meal: anything with sweet potato fries. Usually a burger. I’m easy to please.

    • I was just going to reply the same thing! I love small utensils! When I got to my parents’ for dinner, my mother always knows to put the little fork at my setting 🙂

  2. HA! It’s been awhile since I’ve dressed up. I wear “real clothes” for my toastmasters meetings and that is the death of me. I wish yoga pants and jeans were acceptable for every occasion…

  3. I haven’t been dressed up in… awhile. I guess the cruise I went on and that was over a month ago now. Oops. I did dress up for church last Sunday but I wore running shoes and it looked kinda weird, those were the only shoes I had I could wear… I know Jesus understands. Clay and i are going out tonight though so I think I will dress up for that.

    Those baby utensils are crazy… I guess only babies use them? I will admit that I use the smaller spoons and forks and also the salad plates more than the large plates.

    • Lol, I was referring to them as blogger utensils since a lot of healthy living bloggers like to use smaller utensils. Maybe they are baby utensils but they are much smaller (and more expensive!) then normal sized!

      • Hmm… I’ve been at baby showers where people would give small, expensive looking, utensils to the expecting moms. I don’t get this… why give anything nice when there’s gonna be a small child around… but anyway… LOL.

  4. my daughter hates the little utensils because she prefers the “big girl” utensils…so I am happy that I do not have to buy them anymore…I do not get why they are more expensive other than they are “cute.” It is good that you are continuing to look for a venue…you will find it and your wedding planner will help you from becoming “bridezilla.” Happy national running day. I wanted to work at a running store but it is hard to work full time and add on a part time job with a four year old!!!!!!

  5. Chicken nuggets and fries will always be a favorite of mine haha. Love that picture of you and Tim!! Hopefully you find someplace next will all work out!

  6. Ps one of the best restaurant meals I have ever had was from Alto Cincos!!!! It is on Westcott street in Syracuse. It is a must..they have the most amazing burritos and everything is organic. Their sweet potato fries are to die for and they have mango salsa!!!!

  7. I like the itty bitty spoons for eating nut butter out of the jar. That way, I don’t OD on the stuff and get sick.

    I’ll see myself out now.

  8. Love the ‘grown up’ picture of the two of you! And like everyone is saying – you WILL find a place. I can’t remember how many places we looked at … but when we looked at the Fort William Henry overlooking Lake George in upstate NY … that was it. Just like that. We were paying 95% of costs ourselves (and therefore keeping control!), so the additional expense was a matter of ‘oh heck YEAH it is worth it’! So no stress 🙂

    My wife inherited a silver set from her grandmother that her uncle brought back from WWII in Japan, and it has some amazing small pieces – forks and spoons. They make the place setting look gorgeous, and are ok as demitasse spoons and appetizer forks, etc. But your picture is hilarious 🙂

  9. I always make it a point to take pictures when I dress up as well, since it happens soooo rarely. What can I say? I choose comfortable over cute… Bonus points if I can be both 😀 And while I don’t care much for small forks, I actually prefer small spoons. Maybe I just have a small mouth?

  10. I thought maybe they were for like horderves (I totally can’t spell that and don’t care to google it). I saw those baby utensils while I was wedding shopping too and wanted to buy all mini things for some reason. I didn’t. I didn’t buy any. I feel you on the venue thing! We actually didn’t go look at anything but the one we went with and we weren’t even in love with it. I’m SO glad it worked out for us! Maybe it just all falls together for the day though. Who knows. I was the worst bride ever. I have started to really like dressing up a lot more lately and I was going to go out Sat night all dressed up, but then I got too tired. I’m so lame.

  11. Woohoo for real life! … even though it’s been kicking my butt lately. This week especially. Good for you guys in terms of not “settling” on a venue. You only get married once, so you should LOVE the location.

  12. Hahahaha I remember getting emails asking me if I used mini utensils and I was like wtf? Apparently it’s because bloggers like to make things last longer or something. U should see my utensils. It’s anti mini. Good luck with the continued search!

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