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As far as my own personal life I have headed back down to VA this weekend.  Tim was lucky enough to be off as well and we are actually looking at wedding venues.  Then on Sunday doing the Run for the Dream half marathon.  It’s a short weekend trip but I cannot wait to (hopefully) have some wedding stuff crossed off my list!  Here are some random articles I’ve been enjoying or have interested me throughout the week.



The Uncomfortable Truth About Recovery 

This article really interested me.  I’m honestly not sure how I feel about it.  Obviously every person’s body is different.  While you might not see the damage of not recovering now, you will later.  For instance over excising in your teens and early 20s can result in having a very hard time getting pregnant when you are older.

So maybe when he is older, he won’t even be walking…who knows.  My point is every one is different and to umbrella term that your body does not need recovery is (for lack of a better term) dumb.

Dean is a team of people that help him recover and do what he needs to do.  His job is to run.  He isn’t on his feet or managing children or doing other things…so for him, yes maybe he doesn’t need more time for recovery.  That is not the case with 99% of people.

I would love to hear your thoughts about that.


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Questions for you:

What are your plans this weekend?

What is a good article you have recently read? 



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  1. I met Dean when he came to the store in Baltimore for a talk one night and I was less than impressed by him. I felt like he had very unrealistic expectations for what is normal since his number one tip for staying injury free is to “never sit down.” I don’t know, I just got a weird vibe from him and it rubbed me the wrong way when he said he prioritized his running over his kids/family and that he never takes a day off. I was excited to meet him… And then I wished I hadn’t.

  2. I agree with you and actually find that article a little irresponsible. In full disclosure though, I can barely stand Karnazes. For 99% of runners, recovery is key to both avoiding injury and reaching optimal performance. What that looks like for an individual person may vary but almost everyone should engage in some sort of recovery and since most of us do have to go to work/school/life the next day, staying in bed won’t cut it.

  3. Weird article. Hmph. I don’t have a comment. I do know that my body needs recovery. Yet I still push it. I’ve just gone through five days of running and now I’m exhausted today. I know my body can’t do that, but yet I still do it. Why? Being a mom you just go, go, go and I think that plays into my training. Training for my first marathon starts soon and I’m coming up with a plan so recovery is worked in for me. We are all different bodies and can handle different workloads. In all aspects of life I’d say that is true.

    No weekend plans and I’m thrilled. Maybe Legoland with the fam. My kids are done with school soon and I think we should celebrate! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Legoland! I remember going there as kids and loved it!

      I can 100% agree with you. Although I don’t have kids, I feel like life in general takes a toll. His job is to run and recover…not many people have that luxury and have outside lives.

  4. Wedding planning–how fun!! Can’t wait to hear more about that.
    This weekend I am going to be buried in boxes as I pack to move next weekend (and throughout June!) looking forward to a fresh start and a roommate for the difficult days of this deployment!

    This week there were two amazing articles being circulated like crazy about CrossFit; one bashing and one defending. Some great reads.

  5. As for the need to recover – just look at the grand cycling tours -Tour de France or Giro d’Italia. Hard racing (mainly) for twenty-one days with only two or three rest days. They accomplish this with great nutrition and immobile rest each day (letting the body heal itself). Of course, very few do all the races in one year and as one ages, one needs more rest between hard workouts. It’s simple – age, workout intensity and duration are the main drivers of length of recovery.

  6. I am off this weekend!! So excited about that! Andrew has two baseball games tomorrow, but then its pool time and some yard work. and that is it! I can’t wait to get to the pool finally!

  7. Yeah, I agree on the article … it is hard to decide if he is more full of himself or full of crap. Sadly there is so much of this pseudo-logic put out as ‘medical advice’ – he is more or less advocating as if his singular isolated experience proves something – in the running and healthy living blogs. It is sad and dangerous. I have been running 25 years and know I can handle loads of miles and little recovery better than most … which means I NEVER give advice (or rather suggest that no one ever follow what I do) on those sorts of things.

    Great set of articles! As for us – younger son broke his foot last weekend so he will be low-key, older son has the high school junior class trip to Hershey Park, wife has to work … and I am hoping for good weather for some runs and yard work 🙂

  8. First, it’s mAssage. Now that I got that out of the way, I got an arrogantly dismissive vibe from the article. Clearly, he knows he has accomplished something extraordinary, so his blasé attitude regarding the need for rest is unrealistic, at best.

    Or, maybe I’m just bitter and resentful because I was diagnosed with a pelvic stress fracture 2 days ago and have no choice but to rest. Ugh.

  9. I greatly disagree with Dean. Yes, maybe not recovering is working out for him (right now). There are exceptions to every rule. I know a guy who’s been on a running streak for 9 years, but that doesn’t mean it works for everyone else… in fact it doesn’t work for very many people. That’s just his experience and while he is a great runner, everyone’s different and has different needs.

    My weekend will be low key. Probably heading to the gym. Clay’s mom is visiting tomorrow so we’ll go to lunch with her before she leaves on her cruise.

  10. I think in the Dean article he is more saying that you don’t need to do anything special to recover, like ice baths or stretching, not that recovery as in rest isn’t important. I agree with what he said about it being circumstantial–people should do whatever works for them, whether that is extra recovery measures, just taking rest days, or even not taking days off at all if that’s how they respond. Personally, I know I need days off and I feel better if I stretch and foam roll, so that is what I do. 🙂

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