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As far as my own personal life I have headed back down to VA this weekend.  Tim was lucky enough to be off as well and we are actually looking at wedding venues.  Then on Sunday doing the Run for the Dream half marathon.  It’s a short weekend trip but I cannot wait to (hopefully) have some wedding stuff crossed off my list!  Here are some random articles I’ve been enjoying or have interested me throughout the week.



The Uncomfortable Truth About Recovery 

This article really interested me.  I’m honestly not sure how I feel about it.  Obviously every person’s body is different.  While you might not see the damage of not recovering now, you will later.  For instance over excising in your teens and early 20s can result in having a very hard time getting pregnant when you are older.

So maybe when he is older, he won’t even be walking…who knows.  My point is every one is different and to umbrella term that your body does not need recovery is (for lack of a better term) dumb.

Dean is a team of people that help him recover and do what he needs to do.  His job is to run.  He isn’t on his feet or managing children or doing other things…so for him, yes maybe he doesn’t need more time for recovery.  That is not the case with 99% of people.

I would love to hear your thoughts about that.


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Questions for you:

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