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A common question I get is “do you listen to music while running?”

The answer is yes if I am running alone I listen to music about 90% of the time.  The other 10% is normally because my phone is not charged and so it’s sitting on the charger.  I also listen to pandora on top hits too.

I love running to music.  It makes the time go by faster and plus it gives me a great way to learn more song lyrics.  I actually used to listen to ebooks in college and got a lot of reading done that way.  Now I don’t have studying to do so as an old crusty graduate I listen to music.

I enjoy listening to current hits and top 40.  I’m not ashamed of it.  Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Kesha, Nicki Minaj…I love listening to them all.

I compiled a list of my top 25 most played songs in the last month.  Judge me if you want…(I actually just screenshoted my itunes top 25).  As you can see I really enjoy a lot of remixes.  I love the original versions of each song too but I like to relive my college bar days and listen to remixed versions while running…


It’s important to note that recently I downloaded the Iggy Azalea CD.  Although she hasn’t currently made it onto my top played, I can assure you in the last week I’v only been listening to that CD.

My two favorite songs from her CD: 

Work (Warning vulgar)

Change your life (warning also vulgar)

You should probably go download them.  After I went and found them on youtube, I listened to them another few times…

Questions for you:

Do you run with music?

What are your favorite songs?


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  1. If I am running alone I listen to music. I think I have most of those songs on my playlist.

  2. I love all your throw backs. I love 6 foot 7!! When I was training for my marathon a few years ago I listened to a tonnnn of Lil Wayne.

  3. it is funny because I haven’t commented on blogs in quite some time BUT DUH MAN this post struck me – well duh. my music love is no lie especially recently. Iggy has been my jam lately, especially on runs. I now have a playlist that I continually add to that I run with that has all my favorite running songs… a few that you may like… Sing (a little pop-y but still good), Miss Jackson, Black Betty (by Scooter), Bom Bom (weird ass song but great beat), anything B.O.B (god I love that guy – Headband, Ray Bands, Strange Clouds), 2 Reasons, Bugatti, I’m in it (oh Kanye), Girlfriend (never get me away from Avril)… add in some old school classics like 3Oh3!, Yellowcard, Diffuser, RHCP and I’m so down.

  4. I cannot run without music ever… this morning I couldn’t find my ipod and I was going to run at work when I first got here but there’s no way. So long hot shower took the cake 😉

    I need to get my hands on the iggy CD. i freak out when fancy comes on the radio.

  5. Oh my god! I LOVE Work by Iggy (and recently downloaded a bunch of her songs too). My playlist is probably pretty similar… Lil Wayne for some reason helps me get my runs done. haha

  6. I’ll usually listen to music only on long runs. Right now I have track practice for school so it’s not really the time to be listening to music haha. I like music that has a good beat and pumps me up for running! (which usually equals rap/hip hop lol)

  7. I actually don’t listen to music. I run trails and I love the serenity and peace and quiet! When I first started running, the music actually distracted me more than it helped. I was doing the c25k, and I was mentally counting the minutes in my head. “Well, if the average song is 3 minutes long, and I only listened to 1.5 songs…and I’m dying already, I’m screwed…” It messed me up. lol

  8. I listen to music on long runs and treadmill workouts Hollie. Three songs on my current.playlist are “Hall of Fame” by The Script, “Royals” by Lorde, and “Roar” by Katy Perry

  9. i don’t run with music anymore unless i’m on the treadmill but the good thing about great running playlists is that they typically double as great booty shaking playlists 🙂

  10. I don’t listen to music when I run. I do when I cross train at the gym on the elliptical or bike though. I love “The Pretender” by the Foo Fighters and “Sweet Nothing” by Calvin Harris and Florence Welch. I like a lot of techno which I know isn’t a lot of people’s style. And not pop techno that’s been coming up lately either lol. Some of it is good but I like the old school stuff

  11. I listen to music when I’m running alone or if I’m doing a tough tempo workout or something. It gives me something else to concentrate on rather than my heavy breathing. I also like listening to audiobooks when I run. I was actually thinking about writing a blogpost on this topic too!

  12. Over the past year I stopped listening to music while I run most days. I usually bring it on the weekends when I do a long it is light out so I feel safer having music than when I run in the dark in the mornings. Now that I rarely run with music I find that I don’t really miss it and I enjoy the quiet time of just running!

  13. love when ppl share their running playlists. always can use some new songs. after a while it gets a little monotonous listening to the same old thing. i like top hits too they also have a lot of good exercise stations on pandora. one of my favorites is “endurance”

    oldie but a goodie…. a praise chorus- jimmy eat world

  14. I have been running 25 years now, since I was 23 … and have *never* run with music. There is something incredible about nature and the sights and sounds of the 4AM world as things just start to wake up and get moving.

    My music tends towards ‘out there’ jazz … not really the type that works with exercise 😉

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