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When I do something exciting in “real life” I feel the need to blog about it immediately.  Since my life isn’t normally that exciting, I don’t have daily updates…they tend to get lumped into a weekly exciting blog post (and that’s really pushing it). Yesterday I had a great and funfilled day.  I don’t think my day has been that packed in a very long time.

I woke up early to run with my neighbor and friend Jamal.  I haven’t run with anyone in a while (minus my race but even then I was running alone).  This was a nice change to the routine. I always have a great time chatting with Jamal and the miles actually flew by so quickly.  By 7am, I found myself done with an 11 mile run.


I met Alexa at the Silver Diner for lunch.  I love the Silver Diner and the plethora of options they give.  I went with an omelette and a side of roasted vegetables.  They were lacking on the brussel sprouts but still so good.  I think I devoured the food in about one second (no really).


After a couple of appointments including a hair appointment I finally decided to get my curls back.  I had been back and forth with getting my hair done for the last 6 months.

I have been avoiding getting my hair cut (yes cut) for the last year because it’s expensive.  Yes, I could get a cheap trim but I just didn’t make time for that either.  Then when the said they could squeeze me in today I just went for it.  I cannot say it was cheap but I haven’t bought anything for myself unrunning related in ages.

Does this air conditioner make me look like a super model?

Does this air conditioner make me look like a super model?

All in all, it was a great day and one of the best I’ve had in a while.  Honestly, this week has been really rough for me.  I’m trying to stay postive and not whine but I’ve been struggling a lot with Tim being away.

On another note, I’ve had quite a few new bloglovin subscribers lately so please say hello.  (I get an email everytime someone makes me feel like I have friends).

Questions for you:

What was the last thing you treated yourself too?

Speaking of budgeting, what is your biggest advice?


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  1. Your hair looks great! I stopped getting my hair done, cut and color (used to have my hair dyed bright red) to save money….All though I haven’t exactly been saving money, I’ve been buying more running shoes and race entries instead! Sorry you’ve been having a rough time with Tim being gone. I can relate – my boyfriend travels for work too and has a 4 month trip coming up soon that I’m dreading! I’m trying to plan plenty of things to keep myself busy while he’s away.

  2. Your hair looks great! By getting your curls back do you mean that it gets curlier when you cut it short? Or did you do something else to make it curly? I am a bit obsessed with hair since I have been “blessed” (um, right 🙂 ) with curly, frizzy hair. I got Keratin a few times but it made it too straight and looked weird. I can blow dry it straight pretty easily but any humidity or water causes it to frizz out completely. I’m always looking for the next product (rather than a full-on chemical treatment) to help with the frizz. Any suggestions are welcome!

    Running with people is the best! I’ve been in my solo-running-in-the- morning routine but I think my runner friends and I are going to meet up this weekend for a run. Glad you had fun on a run with Jamal. Just keep surrounding yourself with people and it will get better. Hopefully 🙂

  3. I also avoid getting my hair cut because of the cost. I’ll get a cheap trim every 5-6 months and then a good haircut and sometimes highlights every couple of years. I am so jealous that guys dont have to worry about that stuff!

  4. I also avoid getting haircuts due to the cost… but one thing you can do to save and budget is go to a beauty school. I’ve done that before, you have to be careful and I guess if I were getting my hair done for something very important (like my wedding), I would probably go somewhere else but otherwise a beauty school is great for trims, eyebrow waxes, etc. It’s a lot cheaper and the students are monitored, they ask questions and the instructors have to look over and approve your hair.

    Looks like you and Jamal had a great time running. I love doing longer runs with friends or people and just chatting because it goes by very quickly and you get to know the person. That’s actually why I signed up for a training program for my 2nd half, just to go on long runs and meet people, and it worked!

  5. I have been rescheduling a hair appointment since late February, mostly because I’m cheap, but also because it takes so long! And really, who has time to sit there for an hour? You can see how low I prioritize beauty in my life. Your hair looks great!

  6. I keep telling myself to subscribe. Does it count that like clockwork I make my kids breakfast and then get my coffee and sit at the desk in the kitchen and read your blog? :). Last time I treated myself? I bought the new mizuno wave paradox AND new sanuk yoga mat sandals all this month! Doesn’t sound like much to some, but I have three kids and I stay at home so I have a hard time justifying buying anything for myself. Enjoy your day!

  7. i have zero advice on budgeting. i need to budget myself. im worse than bad at it. im moving to hoboken(expensive) june 2nd and i need to save money. any suggestions- send them my way. lol

    awesome that you got 11 miles in before 7 am. that feels soo good to get a nice workout in early in am

    last thing i treated myself too… was pots/pans for my new apartment haha exciting.

  8. Love the curls!
    I had a really hard weekend and Monday as well… it was so hard not knowing if J was safe overseas or anything. When I finally got a call yesterday evening I was in happy tears. 29 minutes of bliss on the phone. even though he sounded sad and exhausted. It’s the little things we wait for.
    Hang in there ❤

  9. New running shoes are my treat.
    As far as budget advice – make your own coffee at home and invest in a travel mug. Also – bring your lunch to work every day. One lunch at a restaurant costs as much as a weeks worth of lunches bought at the grocery store.

  10. I used to be so good about getting my hair cut regularly, and then I fell off the wagon and went something like 8 or 9 months without a hair cut. It got to the point where my hair was basically begging for one after what the winter did to it, so I went a few weeks ago and it felt amazing. That being said… time will tell if I’m actually able to make it back into that chair before another year passes 😆

  11. I treated myself to an entire new apartment filled with goods : ) The couches, table, utensils, flatware, and glassware cost me a pretty penny but I’m in love with my apartment now so it’s all gravy. Oh and I hired a personal trainer, I suppose that is an investment too!

    Budgeting – I use its fantastic.

  12. The last thing I treated myself too was some new nutbutter! It was a great decision, although it is already gone 😦

  13. Have you ever done things in real life just to have something to blog about? Or is that just me… lolz 😉 I’m loving the new hair!!

  14. Air con = instant supermodel. It’s a fact. Love the girls! I recently treated myself to a haircut too… it had been, oh, a year? I nearly cried when the girl insisted chopping off more than 2 inches. I’m sorry I have no tips on budgeting. Whether I track my spending, limit what I can spend… it all just comes down to – spend less! And I suck at it… so yeah, may be I need advice too!

  15. So jealous of your curl hair! It looks great!
    In terms of budgeting, I delegate a specific amount of money to come out of each pay check and straight into savings. I never miss it by never seeing it, and have a safe nest egg as a result!

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