Taking a Risk

It seems perfect to do a Throwback Thursday post today.  I admit I do participate on instagram several weeks and occasionally facebook

One year ago I left Oswego, NY.  I didn’t really have a plan.  I left my friends, my job, my comfort zone and my life.  I knew I wanted to follow my heart but past that I didn’t really know. 

Celebrating one last meal with Laura A.
Celebrating one last meal with Laura A.


I knew eventually I would want to live with Tim.  I knew I would want to work doing something I enjoyed and I knew I wanted to be independent.  I cannot say I haven’t had my ups and downs since leaving.  I can’t say that about any aspect of my life though.

Did I expect to be living in NJ, not doing anything related to the public health major?  No.  Of course not.

In a perfect world I would have left my job in Oswego, to have found a job several days later in VA Beach.  The plethora of jobs would come flocking to me.  People would want to hire me.  I had a college degree after all!  (isn’t that what they teach you in college?) I would blog about how well life went.  I wouldn’t have blogged about how lucky I was my parents took me in during a time I needed to really find myself.

But they did and for that I can never be more grateful.

Post graduation 2 years ago.  My parents are the best.
Post graduation 2 years ago. My parents are the best.

Then we Tim graduated flight school, we would live together in Texas and it would be fun! Beautiful sun, lots of fun Texas things to do and cheap steak.  I wouldn’t move to the middle of Texas, where it was 100 degrees and 150 miles to the nearest big town.  (jobs…lolz…).

All of this steak (1.1 lbs) for 4 dollars!
All of this steak (1.1 lbs) for 4 dollars!  I miss you Texas Steak. 

Anyways I wouldn’t move  in early September only to find out we would be moving to NJ, 6 weeks later.  I love driving 1800 miles…twice…right before my first marathon!


YAY marathon...
YAY marathon…

All of that being said I enjoyed everything.  It gave me an opportunity to see friends I normally wouldn’t. 

I miss you Stephanie!
I miss you Stephanie!
Like Laura S
Like Laura S


Over the past year I’ve been to 20 states, I’ve ran in 14 and I have been to dozens of new towns and cities.  I’ve learned more about myself this year then ever before.  It’s been a journey but a journey I’m proud of.  While I miss my friends in NY, I don’t regret leaving.  I love where I am in life now and I’m not as far away.

Out of all 23 years of my life, I’ve learned the most about myself this past year. Some of which I probably wouldn’t have learned if I had not taken a risk not knowing the outcome.


Questions for you:

What was the last risk you took?

Where were you this time last year?


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  1. Awww Hollie this is wonderful! Everything happens for a reason right….when one door closes, another, better door opens, and you are so good at appreciating all life has to offer 🙂 You have had a lot of exciting stuff this year, and more is to come I am sure!

    I am about to take a risk with my next move to trust that everything will work out, but I am excited to become more dedicated to my running without having as many things in my life. I am even looking at an athlete visa! How cool would that be 🙂

  2. I love this post! It couldn’t come at a more perfect time for me, as I am starting my journey on trying to find myself and where I fit in, what I want to do career wise and what risks I need to just buckle down and take on! Recently I guess you can say I took a risk and traveled 8 hours to another area for an interview, but after sitting in on the daily life of the type of job I would have I realized that it was not something I wanted, yea a waste of time and money but so valuable for me in finding where I fit in!

  3. I love this! Much like you, I have wonderful parents whose support allows me to take risks, knowing they’re there for me if it doesn’t work out as planned. 10 years ago, I packed up my life in NY and moved to VA…no job, only a rental on the bay to share with two people I’d met only a handful of times. A month later, I started dating the man I would marry, making the reward a million times greater than the risk. Sometimes we need to do things that scare us…like sign up for marathons! Glad to hear things are working out better than planned for you too 🙂

  4. Love this. I moved for grad school twice (one for MA, one for PhD) and now that I’m transferring, I’m moving home while I see where I end up finishing up my degree. I definitely owe my parents so much for taking in my whole little family while we sort this out but like you, I hope and feel like everything will work out and I’ll have success wherever we end up…I just don’t know where that might be at the moment!

  5. Justin posted a picture yesterday about taking the road less traveled and then not knowing where the hell you are. It seems appropriate for this post, because you ended up taking a path you didn’t expect, and yet you’ve ended up doing a-ok. I feel like when I was planning out my life, this is not at ALL where I would be right now. And yet, it is exactly where I should be (mostly, let’s pretend career crap doesn’t exist). Taking chances, blind leaps of faith, are never easy, but you’ve done it with great success!

  6. My risk was at 18, packing up and moving out.
    You are such a brave lady though. To move to NJ blind (job wise) and before a race when stress levels are highest… I don’t think I have it in me to do that.

  7. what a journey you have had.

    this time last year…I was still living in manayunk going to school at PCOM for Physician Assitant.

    the last risk I took? Well after PA school I took a job up in north jersey. I moved to morristown alone. i had college friends in hoboken and nyc but in morristown, no one. so that was kinda lonely. i bought a dog for company even after my parents told me not to. they were wrong. she is the best thing that ever happened to me haha she literally is my best friend.she makes me so happy! anyway… the job- although i enjoyed the people..the doctor himself…well, lets just say there were very immoral, unethical, perhaps illegal things going on. his reputation was…not good around the area. I enjoyed the girls I worked with and after 7-8 months working there…. i quit. without a plan. I too was lucky that my parents took me in and are so supportive of me. they kept telling me to push it out a year at my job but i didnt want to. I dunno i guess i always think to myself…life is short. if you are unhappy, if you are in a situation that doesnt suit you…get the hell out of it and make yourself happy. so here i am 3 months without a job and now im moving BACK up to north jersey. and livng in hoboken where i know alot of people i wont be as lonely. im nervous though. as i should be. i just hope it all works out this time around.

  8. I love taking risks… stepping out of my comfort zone, starting over… I would say that my last time I took a risk was when I signed up for this Buffalo Marathon…

    This time last year I was just getting back into racing after having Ella.. I was terrified I would never get back into racing shape!

  9. I have always been in awe of how flexible and willing to take risks you are. I rely on routine to give me stability, and I absolutely can’t break out of a routine once I am set in one unless some kind of drastic intervention takes place…in which case I generally have a complete breakdown and have to take weeks trying to put myself back together again by building a new routine. I need to have exactly what is going to happen (short and long-term) explained to me or outlined in my head, or else I just cannot cope. I don’t think I’ve taken many risks in my life, but although I wish I could I have recently learned to accept that the way I act is simply a facet of my particular kind of condition and personality, so I need to work with it rather than against it.


  10. 2 years ago we took a similar risk moving to Charleston for Clay’s job. As hard as it was, I’m glad we did, looking back on it. We’re in a much better place here. We’re homeowners now, making more money (but still broke! always happens this way), and there are so many more opportunities for our jobs, running, and just as people. Sometimes our plans don’t work out but then sometimes something better is waiting on us.

  11. Wow, 20 states in a year?! That’s kind of amazing.
    It’s interesting that I came across your post because I’m planning on taking a risk like that pretty soon myself. I’ve always wanted to move to New England and get out of NYC and I’ve finally reached a point in my life where I can technically do it. The thought really excites me, but the idea of leaving here and starting in a new place, where I know for a fact that the job selection is much more limited, especially in my field, is still somewhat scary. But I think that ultimately, everything falls into place as it should!
    Great post!

  12. Love love love this! Can you come back so we can go to Empire again?! ALL THE ICE CREAM. I am so proud of you for the chances you have taken and how far you have come in a year. I miss you living around here but so happy that you have time and are making a semi-temporary home in NJ for a few years.

    Pretty sure we will file “Hop on a bus to go meet a handsome stranger” under last risk taken. BEST ONE EVER. hahaha.

  13. Life is crazy! I love seeing how different things actually turn out compared to what you thought! I thought my life would be so different at this age than when it is! I thought there’d be babies and all kinds of other stuff, but instead I’ve just taken a lot of awesome trips and have some cool cats.

  14. Last risk was probably moving from NJ to CA 2 years ago for my husband’s job, leaving my own job behind, and all of my family in Western NY. Or abandoning the career for which I went to grad school for a different one a year and a half ago. Scary at the time, but it has all worked out.

  15. Isn’t it so crazy looking back at life a year ago? I would have NEVER guessed that i’d be in rochester without a “normal” job haha. I wonder where I’ll be in a year!

  16. Great stuff! Congrats on your journey.
    Biggest risks in my life have been moving from Ohio to Texas. Job changes. House buying. Having kids. Ya know, the big stuff in life. 😉

  17. Those years can be hard but also really rewarding! I started following your blog in the middle of this year so it was really cool to see all the changes that you have experienced in the past year! This time last year I was finishing the final plans for my wedding and living in California. Now my husband and I are living in Massachusetts and about to celebrate our first anniversary! Its crazy how different things can be just one year later!

  18. Early-mid 20’s were definitely the biggest risk-taking time in my life. More recently (although still 4 years ago) it was putting everything (and more) that we had into moving to our first house, in a new town with 2 babies where I knew no one, and meeting friends and building a life for my now family of 5. And then getting back into running. That was hard too 🙂

  19. I love when life is exciting like that! I’m glad you are in a happy place now. Working at a running store, is way more fun than anything that has to do with healthcare these days, enjoy every minute of it! I’m only 99.9% jealous.

  20. It looks like everything has worked out for you! I’m so happy for you Hollikins! I just want you to know that I’m always around when necessary!

  21. It’s always fun to look back and see where you are now compared to where you assumed you would be. I never would have guessed NJ for us, either. A year ago we were in Texas, getting ready to move and probably just learning where it was that we were headed. We’ve taken risks with new jobs, new living situations, even having kids feels like a risk sometimes! But it’s fun to see how it comes together.

  22. It’s great that you have the courage to take these risks and at such a young age… lots more wonderful experiences are just waiting for you, I’m sure!
    The last risk I took was moving to the Netherlands as my partner got a job here. I’ve been here a couple of months now and still finding my feet but it’s definitely an unexpected twist in my story. One year ago, I was living in Seoul, South Korea, had just ended the longest relationship I’ve ever had (and met my current boyfriend soon after) and was freelancing. Amazing the way things turn out…

  23. It’s these first initial years out of college when big, big changes happen. This past year, I’ve expanded and gotten deeper into my job and training. And like you said, it’s crazy to think what I’m doing isn’t totally related to my college major–but I guess that’s pretty normal.

  24. This post is just awesome, Hollie! I have seen you grow so much, especially lately. I love that you acknowledge that your life isn’t what you thought it would be after college and that you love it nonetheless! I am so happy for you!

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