The B Word

The B word

And no, it’s not the one you are thinking about because autocorrect (on LOLZ phone) changes that B word to witch.  My autocorrect really likes ducks as well…

Another B word:


I am going to fully admit this week was not what I wanted as far as running.  I’m mentally exhausted from running.  I don’t know what I was thinking but I wasn’t thinking.  I needed MORE time off this week. 

This week I had been consistently running every other day after Broad Street.  On Thursday, I found myself tired and not wanting to be out there.  So I cut my run short and headed home.  I was more tired than ever before and more miserable.  I asked myself, what is the point of logging junk miles that I felt like garbage and I wasn’t enjoying myself?  What on Earth was so pressing that I had to be out there and train?

The answer was nothing so I went home.

What happened last week was something along the following lines.  I had a good race at Broad Street last Sunday.  I got pretty excited to start marathon training even though I told myself “I have one more week until marathon training” and I pushed through the early part of the week instead of resting more.

My body is now thanking me for that.

Since Thursday, I have taken it much easier and truly listened to myself.  A lesson I should have learned a while ago but didn’t.  We all get ovrezealous in our training sometimes.

*I’m not injured or thinking I’m injured, I am just tired.  I believe the humidity, needing more rest and not getting enough sleep have played a role.  I think if I had continued to “run through the tired legs and fatigue” I would find myself with an injury.

So today marks 20 weeks until my next full marathon and I’m beginning my week far better then last week.  The month of May and part of June is about building my base.  I will be doing some shorter 5ks (hopefully).

There isn’t a need (as hard as it is to tell myself and trust myself) to do 90 mile weeks right now.  I’m not in that part of my training.  When I get closer to my full marathon I will be, but I have to make it there first.  I have to make it to not burning out.

I feel much more confident starting my training this week.  I feel ready and I’m happy I relaxed and enjoyed my final week (and final Sunday post for a while) that isn’t marked with Wineglass Week 1.

Questions for you:

What do you do to avoid burnout?

What is the more sore you have been from a  race?