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I haven’t posted articles I have been enjoying reading the last couple of weeks.  I actually have quite a few different articles that I’ve found fascinating.  A random fun fact about me is that I love reading nonfiction books and biographies.  I love just learning the most random things.  Maybe that is so I can blog about it or tweet about it, or maybe I just like to be filled with fun facts.  Who knows.


9 Things you should not have to give up to be happy: 

33 Useful Website you never knew existed 

Facebook s dead 

Woman dies after updating facebook


Why I love the Marathon

Why are these teens so fast?


10 Healthy Cheap Foods (I think half of my diet lately has been eggs)

10 Benefits of Milk

From LOLZ:


Finding the Perfect Shoe

I don’t have a lot to update you with in my own life.  I’ve been staying busy with work and hanging out with friends.  On Wednesday, I went up to Le Peep and hung out with Danielle and Amelia.  It was nice to go up on a little adventure.  I ordered a smoked salmon omelette which was good.



Questions for you:

What is an article you have enjoyed this week?

What are your plans this weekend? 


9 responses

  1. I enjoyed reading Run4yourLife 🙂 Have Nationals for Mountain running I am currently procrastinating packing and found myself on here… gesh I have so much catching up, yet lucky for me I see your updates on facie and instagram 🙂 Btw my fav omie is smoked salmon with capers = so yum! Hope you have an awesome weekend!!!!!

  2. I read the why are these teens so fast article and enjoyed it. I also read one on a runner who lost her husband and now rents house in Flagstaff for people training up there. Her story was inspirational on how it helped her cope with her loss. I think her last name was Shay? Good read.

    Hoping to catch up on house work, spend time in the garden with the family, and log some miles with a friend on Mothers Day.

  3. I loved that article on the fast teens! So fascinating, and awesome how HS training is evolving! I’m pretty sure I go on the Running Times and Run Competitor websites every day to read their articles haha!

    This weekend for me is working, running, and watching every video on Flotrack. So, the usual 😉

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