New Shoes?

Since working at a running store the shoes I have run in have drastically changed.  I’ve taken time to experiment and slowly realized what shoes work better for me. I’ve even tried new brands!  Before a few months ago I had always done training runs in Newtons.  I thought I might always run in Newtons.  I really thought I was (hashtag) a #newtonwearerforlife

Similar to your first boyfriend (or girlfriend) when you think they are perfect for you because you don’t know anything else.  Now I am sitting here after trying several brands and I realize…I do like other things!  Newtons will always remain in my shoe rotation but I have currently added a couple of new shoes.

First, I’ve often said but I am a maximum support, heavy shoe person.  I don’t like to train in light shoes.  I’ve tried to run in sketchers, in light kinvaras, in minimilist shoes and they don’t work for me.  I find the bottoms of my feet sore and I find running less enjoyable.  Unless it’s a race, I’m probably running in heavy, high cushion shoes.

Newtons Distance and Gravity

Before donating last year.
Before donating last year.

These have always been staples in my running shoe rotation.  I probably won’t ever remove them.  They are both great shoes and both have enough support in the forefront for my running style.

The distance are a lighter weight version of the gravities.  I am often asked if I would recommend Newtons to others.  The answer is YES but you cannot just begin running in them.  You must slowly progress into them.  (A post for another day)

The first new pair of shoes I’ve fallen in love with is the Brooks Glycerin.  There is so much support and cushion in this shoe.  I’ve already put roughly 400 miles on my first pair and have not looked back.  Normally when trying new running shoes after 100 miles I’ve determined I don’t like them.  That is not the case here.  I love them.  It’s like you are running, skipping and prancing on a pillow.  I cannot sing Brooks Glyercins enough songs.  They are currently my favorite shoe and that is saying a lot for me because I’ve worn the same shoe for a solid 4 years of running prior.


The second pair I’ve started to try is the Asics Nimbus.  As far as support goes, they are another maximum support shoe.  I know a lot of people don’t like the heavy weights but I do.   I’ve run about 100 miles in these shoes.  So I guess we will see what happens in the next 100!


So there you have it.  I guess I’m onto college boyfriends in my shoe staples.  I’m not breaking up with my first love of Newtons but I have found some very solid (and possibly better for me) shoe choices in the Brooks and maybe even the asics.

(And no, no one paid me for writing this post.  These are my thoughts and personal discoveries.  I wish someone would have paid me for some of the boyfriends I dated to get to this point).

Questions for you:

Favorite training shoe?

Tell me a story about your first boyfriend or girlfriend.  (Bonus points if it brings the LOLZ)

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  1. I like how blogging has become so over-sponsored and commercialized that you now have to add a disclaimer when you pay for your own stuff.

    1. I don’t mind sponsored posts as much if it’s something that makes sense. Like you if you talked about tri but wen there is random sponsorships that aren’t relevant (for instance if I talked about a bike…or whatever) it’s obnoxious.

  2. I can’t really be picky about shoes because I have huge bunions. So I have limited shoe options to begin with.
    My first boyfriend GOT KICKED OUT OF COLLEGE for writing an anti-administration underground school newspaper! Hilarity! I (straight-A, volunteering, tutor for the English department student that I was) could not believe he’s do something so stupid with such consequences over something so trivial. I mean, it wasn’t an anti-war paper. It was complaining about the cafeteria catering contract.

  3. I have gotten to try a lot of shoes working at my job as well and I am still a mizuno lover, but I think that’s because they’re so different from any other shoe. They bother me when I’m running around at work for 10 hours though so I usually throw on a purecadence or a glycerin for some extra cushioning. And sometimes, newtons because why not. I don’t love the feel of cushioning when I’m running but they are super comfortable to talk around in!

  4. I love my Mizuno shoes, but since they discontinued all the ones I wear (except the Wave Inspires, which are still around), I’m definitely open to trying new brands. I know Newtons are WAY different though! I’ve heard the same thing about Altra shoes. I’m not loyal to a particular brand or anything, just that my first real running shoes were Mizuno so I guess I have a special place for them. I’ve had the Brooks Ravenna and Brooks PureFlow as well, and I wear the PureFlow for the gym and casual wear and really love those.

    I love the color of the Brooks glycerin. Brooks has really come out with more colorful shoes in the last few years. My first pair of Ravenna’s back in 2011 looked so plain!

    1. I”ve heard a lot of people complaining about the new mizunos. I like the pureflow but they do not have enough support and cushion for me. I agree that Brooks has really upped their shoes!

  5. Firstly, I love the conversation between you and Victoria further up in the comments. I could just listen to both of you all day because you crack me up like nobody else does.

    I am an Asics girl for life, but it’s more by default than anything else: no other shoes will fit my small ankles and short, wide feet. I used to run in New Balance shoes way back when I first started running, but I could never put in high mileage wearing them. I had an amazing pair of Nikes once that were my favourite running shoe ever (I don’t know what they were called! Just shows that I never used to have to think about shoes much before all of my injuries). I ran my half marathon PR in them in 2010, but my feet have spread out since then (just like the rest of me :P) so they’re too narrow for me now.

    Never had a boyfriend, likely never will. Cat lady for life. Yes, it is as sad as it sounds.


    1. If only we could all hang out. That would be fun.
      Asics are very narrow shoes so I guess that makes sense. New Balance has really changed their shoe in the last few years. I personally haven’t run in them (yet) so I cannot vouch for it.

  6. My Asics are my life. I actually just keep buying the new models because other runners I’ve tried just don’t do it for me.

  7. I’m currently a Saucony girl, but I could possibly be persuaded else where if I found another shoe that worked for me.

    My first boyfriend was from South Norfolk. I was young and dumb. ‘Nuff said.

      1. Saucony Guide 6. I like/need the stability, and for a stability shoe, its actually pretty light. However, I have tiny feet, and I think the toe box is too wide for me. Additionally I think the stability has led to bad habits regarding heel striking. I’ve tried other shoes, but I’m tired of making expensive mistakes!

        And I don’t think we knew each other then. That was pre-swim team days.

  8. I’ve only just started running and have the Saucony Triumph 10s. They are supposed to be good for those who under-pronate, like me. They seem pretty good so far but in all honesty, I have little else to compare them to at the moment.

  9. haha, I’m going through a similar testing out of new shoes. I’ve been an Asics lover for YEARS but each time they come out with a new model of my favorite shoes (my trainers and my racers) I get more and more disappointed! 🙁 So far I’ve tried Newtons – which I love but are kind of expensive and Mizuno – which were not my faves. Next up on the to-test list is Saucony… I’m crossing my fingers!

  10. I’ve been in mizuno’s for the past 3 years but just recently went to try the wave rider 17’s for this marathon cycle and they convinced me to try some other training shoes when I mentioned a lighter weight for shorter/tempo/speed work runs (currently in mizuno sayonara’s) and the 4th shoe I put on was the Kinvara and I’m in love. It’s been a nice addition to my rotation.

  11. I’ve been wearing Kinvaras for a year and have loved them, but I’m getting to the point where some things are starting to disenchant me about them (hello lack of durability), so I might be going on a shoe adventure soon too. I tend to like less supportive shoes and Matt has some “minimal” Adidas that he really likes, so I might try something like that next.

  12. I have written about shoes a ton because I am training for my first marathon right now and I have an issue with my feet going numb and shin splints. And they are directly related to each other. So, I started with Brooks Adrenalines, those were ok, but not helping. Then I went to Saucony Omni 12, no luck. Then I tried the Mizuno Paradox, which I hated because they were really “hard”. And now I am back to my first boyfriend, the Asics Gel-Kayano 20. They have been the best thing so far, but the numb feet and shin splints still happen. I love when people try to tell me they think my laces are too tight….thanks for the advice, I totally hadn’t thought about that! It’s going to be a process, similar to finding the perfect pair of jeans. The saga continues….

  13. I’m a light shoe person. LOVE the first edition Brooks Pure Cadence. I have six pairs sitting in my basement. Second edition were just awful. I’ve been running in Mizuno Wave Sayonara for half marathons, but I just changed to the Wave Rider 17. They are the closest thing I have found to my beloved Pure Cadence. Glad you can experiment with new shoes! It’s always fun to find a new one!

    No funny first boyfriend story, I was really trying to think of one for you!

    1. Hi – have you tried the Brooks Pure Cadence 3’s? If there is such a thing… I loved the Pure Flow 1’s and despised the Pure Flow 2’s. (Funny that the “2’s” seem to have been bad for someone else too.) But I like the Pure Flow 3’s so maybe it’s the same thing with Cadence?

  14. Oh boy! I think I have tried close to every running shoe out there (actually except Newtons). I have been on the quest for the perfect shoe forever it seems like. For a long time I liked Mizuno…but lately I was just not liking them as much and they did not have a race shoe that worked for me and I HATE the update! So I went back to the drawing board and have come away with Saucony! I love the Guide and I am getting used to the Kinvara. I am a mid cushion person. I want to like the lightweight but I know I have to ease into them and I can’t wear them all the time. I am SO anxiously awaiting my Kinvara 5’s!!!! I have the 4’s and I like them but I have a feeling from reviews that I am really going to like the 5’s. Anything I don’t like about the 4’s seems to be changed in the 5’s. I have tried to like Brooks pure line but I just don’t.
    I would LOVE to work in a running shoe store!!!!!!!

  15. I rotate between Brooks Launch & Brooks Ghost. I love the launch! light but still give a good cushion. They are the perfect amount of cushioning for me. Although I have to say my first real pair of running shoes were the nimbus and I LOVED them, but they are heavy and the price tags was high.. Makes me want to try them again!

  16. Ohhhh be careful with those Brooks Hollie … ummm once you go Brooks you may be hooked for life lol. In recent times the Brooks Ghost has been my primary training shoe and the Green Silence my racing flat but I’m tinkering with the pure project line of late and considering switching to T5 racer’s for my flats and Transcend’s for high volume runs

  17. I wear Mizuno Wave Inspires and they kind of changed my world. I didn’t know that it was possible to run without blisters! It’s so expensive to try other shoes which is part of the reason that I stick with what works.

  18. This post is hilarious because… as I was running in my Newtons (Distance) for the second time this morning, I thought, I should email Hollie (like I know you 🙂 ) and let her know that I can understand why she loves Newtons so much! I also rotate in Brooks Pure Flows and the Brooks Transcends. I’ve always loved Brooks. This is just a very timely/coincidental post! Fun to read

  19. I am rocking the Mizuno wave riders right now. They were a new to me brand and I really like how they make my feet feel. I can’t believe I used to run in Nikes?!

  20. The Glycerin and Nimbus are SO comfortable! If my feet hurt at work, then I’ll slip ’em on like … well … slippers. I used to run in Asics, but I’m extremely partial to Saucony. The Brooks Launch is on my wish list. 🙂

  21. The Glycerin is a sexy looking shoe! I also feel the same about Brooks as you do about Newtons. Still want to try the Newtons sometime, based purely on your recommendation 😛

  22. Hopefully your Brooks will hold up better than mine did. The soles of mine peeled off on the edges super early, so I had to throw them away. I didn’t love them anyway.

    I’m surprised you like heavy shoes after wearing Newtons, plus you run on your toes, you don’t really need a heavily cushioned heel. I like lighter shoes, I need all of the help eliminating extra seconds during races that I can get. 🙂

  23. Brooks for the win! I switched to Brooks in 2012 and never looked back! I hope you enjoy your new shoes 🙂

    When I was in the OBX last year, I went to a running store and saw Newtons and thought of you, haha!

  24. I’m a Newton wearer, and I wouldn’t personally go to either the Glycerin or the Nimbus from the gravity. They are so much bigger and heavier and they have a 10mm+ greater heel to tow drop – it may completely change your running position and therefore risk injury. I ran in Asics Cumulus prior to Newtons and I now can’t run in them, it feels like blocks of brick on my feet!

    I am thinking about switching away from Newton as well though as I don’t like the look of the 2014 Newtons – I am not at all convinced about the changes they have made in their “new generation” shoes.

    I’m looking at the Saucony Kinvara as a similar heel-to-toe drop and weight – though I’m not sure whether I’d want to run significant distances in them. Or else I might look at some of the newer Nike models, although in the past I’ve had some issues with Nike shoes. I hadn’t considered the Brooks Pures but I did have a colleague who loved his so maybe on advice of the above will look at them too!

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